Commercial Floor Care: Use Our Wet/Dry Vacuums in Education

Building service contractors (BSCs) are responsible for cleaning numerous spaces in educational settings – whether a K-12 school or an expansive higher education campus.

To effectively clean schoolrooms, offices, gyms, and other spaces, cleaning crews must invest in high-quality cleaning solutions such as wet/dry vacuums that are designed with their specific needs in mind.

With some help from our team at Intelligent Design Manufacturing (IDM), cleaning crews can take their day-to-day commercial floor care routine to the next level and achieve a more comprehensive clean. Find out how we can help conquer common challenges.

What are Some Common Commercial Floor Care Concerns?

Attempting to maintain pristine commercial flooring surfaces can pose a number of challenges for BSCs.

Educational facilities are often spacious and may consist of multiple buildings on one campus. It can be incredibly time-consuming and labor-intensive for crews using outdated, sub-par equipment.

Additionally, there is typically heavy foot traffic throughout the day, leaving only certain windows of time to perform the type of cleaning service required for each space.

Traditional cleaning practices like sweeping and mopping, for example, fall short of delivering the level of cleanliness demanded of educational facilities:

  • A damp mop merely pushes around dirt and other contaminants and can spread germs via the dirty cleaning solution.
  • Similarly, dry dust mops have the potential to kick up dust and transplant it throughout other locations in a space rather than eliminate it from the environment entirely. 

Educational buildings can pose unique challenges due to their size and the varied spaces that make up a campus. Several different types of commercial flooring surfaces may be present in one building by itself. And, cleaning practices and maintenance schedules must be specifically tailored to ensure maximum efficacy on every flooring surface.

How Can You Clean Educational Buildings More Effectively?

Many crews looking to elevate their floor care routines choose to replace wet mops with commercial floor cleaning equipment like wet/dry vacuums.

A wet/dry vacuum is a commercial flooring maintenance appliance that is designed to remove dust and dirt from practically every hard type of flooring, such as ceramic tile, polished concrete, and epoxy.

The machine can vacuum solid debris and liquid from a surface, which makes this type of machine an excellent option to thoroughly remove dirty water from hard floors.

Wet/Dry Commercial Floor Care Options From IDM

IDM offers two unique wet/dry vacuum models for BSCs looking to enhance their maintenance routines on campus. Let’s take a closer look at each of our machines to see how they can support your commercial floor care needs.

The Champ20WVC

Our Champ20WVC is a highly durable wet/dry vacuum with a toolkit designed to eliminate dirt and grime with ease. It has a 20-gallon capacity, which makes it well-suited for large-scale cleaning jobs.

The Champ20 features dual motors and can clean floors quickly and efficiently with less risk of cross-contamination. A high-power wet/dry vacuum like the Champ20 can help cleaning crews achieve a deep clean, even in high-traffic areas that may otherwise be catch-alls for dirt, grime, and other contaminants.

The Champ23DMFMS

Our other wet/dry vacuum model is the Champ23DMFMS. This vacuum features a 23-gallon capacity and a 30” cleaning range. It’s designed to help maintenance professionals tackle large-scale cleaning jobs more quickly and with less effort.

The vacuum comes with a squeegee tool, vac tool, crevice tool, and dust brush, which makes it an all-in-one solution for a wide variety of floor cleaning needs.

IDM: Cleaning Products Designed with Cleaning Pros in Mind

Outdated cleaning methods fall short of delivering a thorough cleaning for spaces that educational leaders, students, and faculty rely on. So why keep settling for less?

Our wet/dry vacuums are designed to support the unique needs of BSCs. They are intended to deliver a complete clean throughout every inch of an educational space.
Reach out today to speak with a member of the IDM team about our full range of modern cleaning solutions for professional cleaning and maintenance crews. We would be happy to help you select the best commercial floor care equipment for your cleaning needs. Schedule a demo today to see our revolutionary products.

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