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What is the Best Bathroom Scrubber for a Restaurant?
What is the Best Bathroom Scrubber for a Restaurant?

What is the Best Bathroom Scrubber for a Restaurant?

There’s much more to running a restaurant than whipping up mouth-watering dishes and providing top-notch service. You also need to nail the presentation and customer experience. This means keeping every inch of your business spotless, including your bathrooms.

A sparking bathroom can elevate your restaurant’s reputation. When patrons see how good you take care of the bathroom, they’ll have more confidence in your overall cleanliness, too. 

But keeping your bathroom spotless is no easy task. Dozens, if not hundreds, of people tread through your restaurant bathroom every day. And old cleaning methods just don’t cut it. It’s time to upgrade your cleaning capabilities with a commercial floor scrubber.

So, what is the best bathroom scrubber for a restaurant? Let’s explore your options and unpack why it’s important to make this investment.

Why Is Finding the Best Bathroom Scrubber a Big Deal?

The bathroom scrubber you choose matters a lot. A restaurant bathroom is more than just a functional space; it’s also part of the customer experience. Here are three reasons why your scrubber selection is such an important decision.

1. First Impressions

Customers pay attention to everything, including the cleanliness of your bathroom. First-time customers might even decide to never return if your bathroom is less than spotless.

A clean bathroom sets a positive tone. It lets customers know that you take cleanliness seriously. As a result, they will have more confidence in ordering a meal and eating in your dining area. 

2. Health & Safety

A spotless bathroom emphasizes your commitment to health and safety. Patrons today are more health-conscious than ever, and they will certainly appreciate it when you are, too.

That said, old-school floor cleaning tools don’t get your bathroom clean enough. A string mop is a prime example. After that first pass, you are basically just pushing dirty water around the floor.

If you really want to ensure sanitized floors, you need a powerful scrubber. The best scrubbers put down fresh cleaning solutions with each pass, and this approach gets rid of more germs and speeds up the drying process.

3. Efficiency

When business is booming, your bathroom will need to be cleaned multiple times per day. But shutting down your bathroom for 20 minutes while the wet floors dry isn’t always an option. 

Auto floor scrubbers are way more efficient than a mop and bucket. You can clean both bathrooms in a few minutes and reduce drying time.

Factors to Think About When Choosing a Bathroom Scrubber

There are lots of floor scrubbers out there. It's great to have options, but you need a way of narrowing your search. With that in mind, here are some factors to consider when choosing a bathroom scrubber.

Size and Layout of Your Bathroom

Do you have large bathrooms in your restaurant? If so, a bigger floor scrubber will probably be the best choice. Pay particular attention to the width of the cleaning path. The wider the path, the faster you will be able to clean your floors.

If you have a cozy bathroom with tight corners, you’ll need a compact scrubber. But don’t worry; you won’t have to sacrifice cleaning power. There are a few compact scrubbers that pack a huge punch.

By accounting for the size and layout of your bathroom, you can find a do-it-all scrubber. Remember, you don’t want to have to switch tools while cleaning your floors. An all-in-one machine will save you time and money.

Floor Type

Your bathroom probably has ceramic tiles. While ceramic is a great choice for bathroom floors, you need to make sure your scrubber is rated for that surface. If you have an alternative flooring type, confirm that the scrubber can clean that material.

When looking for a scrubber for your business, you should also find a machine that can accommodate multiple brushes. Ideally, you want a daily-use pad and a tougher brush for deep cleaning. The best scrubbers will replace your entire arsenal of floor-cleaning tools.  

Cleaning Frequency 

If your restaurant stays busy from open to close, you’ll need to clean your bathroom more frequently. Make sure your scrubber can keep up. 

First, ensure the scrubber is durable. Your scrubber should also need only simple maintenance so you can avoid downtime. Most importantly, research the length of the scrubber’s battery life. It should offer at least an hour of runtime on a single charge. 

Weighing Your Options for Commercial Bathroom Floor Cleaners

There are several different categories of bathroom floor cleaning tools to consider. Let’s take a closer look at a few of them and their pros and cons.

Manual Scrub Brushes

Manual scrub brushes are affordable and easy to replace. Manual brushes can also tackle any dirt and grime that gets in the grout.

However, manual scrub brushes require a lot of elbow grease. If you have big bathrooms, your crew will be in there for a while trying to achieve a complete clean.

Steam Cleaners

Steam cleaners use steam to clean your floors and eradicate dirt. They are a great tool for sanitizing and deep cleaning floors. You can also reduce your need for chemicals with this option.

The bad news is that steam cleaners are highly expensive. And if your employees aren’t careful, they can burn themselves, which can create the risk of injury.


Autoscrubbers are the best solution for restaurants. They are battery-powered and have at least one rotating brush head, while the best machines can accommodate multiple brushes and pads.

These types of machines also offer a long run time, allowing you to clean the bathroom floors quickly without having to recharge the unit.

One option on the market stands above the rest to support your restaurant cleaning needs: the X-Scrub Mini from Intelligent Design Manufacturing (IDM).

Our The Top Choice: The X-Scrub Mini

The X-Scrub Mini operates with a rechargeable battery, offers an 11” cleaning path, and boasts a user-friendly design. It was built for small businesses, including restaurants. The X-Scrub Mini has a lightweight, foldable design, making it easy to store.

The X-Scrub Mini also boasts a swiveling brush head with replaceable brush heads and cleaning brush attachments. The design of the machine allows you to navigate tight corners and tackle hard-to-reach areas with ease. It is rated for many different floor surfaces, including:

  • Ceramic tile
  • Polished concrete
  • LVT
  • Epoxy

But that’s not all. The X-Scrub Mini also has separate solution and collection tanks. Here’s how it works:

  1. Fill up the solution tank with fresh cleaning solution.
  2. Turn on the X-Scrub Mini and let it do the work.
  3. It sprays cleaning solution ahead of the scrub brush.
  4. The powerful scrub brush breaks up dirt and grime in tough areas.
  5. The vacuum collects excess solution.

By vacuuming up excess solution, the X-Scrub Mini decreases floor drying time. It also captures dirt, debris, and germs, leaving behind more sanitary surfaces.

See the X-Scrub Mini in Action

Want to know more about what makes the X-Scrub Mini the best bathroom scrubber for your restaurant? Book a demo today to discover a better way to clean your restaurant bathroom floors.

Our capable team will walk you through the benefits of selecting this machine for your restaurant floor cleaning needs. Let us show you a better way to ensure a spotless clean that your customers will appreciate.



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