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5 Common Floor Scrubber Problems You Can Solve
5 Common Floor Scrubber Problems You Can Solve - Intelligent Design Manufacturing

5 Common Floor Scrubber Problems You Can Solve

Business owners know that a dirty floor can be a deal-killer. Dirty floors aren’t just unsightly – they’re unsafe. Customers and staff demand that the places where they spend their time are adequately maintained to remain free of health and safety hazards.

Traditional floor cleaning methods like sweeping and mopping only begin to scratch the surface of your floor’s maintenance needs. Teams that clean floors with a mop and bucket alone often succeed only in moving around dirty water and further contaminating the surface of their business’s floor.

That’s why many business owners have turned to floor scrubbers to clean their commercial spaces better. While floor scrubbing machines are a much better cleaning solution for industrial spaces, not all products are created equal.

Let’s explore five common floor scrubber problems users often encounter when working with ordinary floor scrubbers on the market. We’ll also provide information about our company’s alternatives that are fit for purpose.

Are You Experiencing These Floor Scrubber Problems?

A floor scrubber is a machine that dispenses water from a solution tank to a bristle scrub brush or floor pad. These brushes and pads rotate at a high rate of speed to scrub soil and other contaminants off of a floor’s surface.

This type of machine also features a wet vacuum component that vacuums any and all dirty water from the floor and into a recovery tank in order to avoid cross-contamination.

Automatic floor scrubbers are self-propelled and do not need to be manually pushed and maneuvered around a space. Other floor scrubbers are manually operated and pushed by the user around a space. These manual floor scrubbers can often reach tight spots and get floors clean without leaving any sections untouched.

There are many different varieties of floor scrubbers on the market today, but some models pose more problems than solutions. Consider the common problems users encounter when working with some machine-operated floor scrubbers.

1. Inconsistent Results

Low-quality floor scrubbers often require a high degree of ongoing maintenance in order to remain fully operational. When not properly cleaned and maintained, a floor scrubbing machine is prone to delivering sub-par results.

For example, the machine may fail to sufficiently pick up water after cleaning, which can leave streaks and other unsightly stains behind.

2. Incompatible with All Flooring Types

Industrial spaces like medical facilities and large retail complexes may feature multiple flooring materials in one building. Some floor scrubbing machines are not compatible with a wide enough range of flooring materials in order for them to be effective throughout an entire industrial space.

As a result, a building owner or building service contractor would need to invest in multiple floor scrubbing machines to clean an entire space, thus essentially doubling the cost of their floor cleaning equipment.

3. Hard to Use

Some floor scrubbers are large and unyielding, making it difficult to clean in tight corners and other hard-to-reach spots. These machines are subsequently unable to deliver the comprehensive cleaning required to satisfy the needs of the public. They may also fall short of meeting cleanliness and hygiene standards set by local government agencies.

These large floor scrubbers may also be difficult to transport, so contractors who are responsible for maintaining multiple buildings or locations would likely need to purchase multiple machines in order to service all of their locations.

4. Unsanitary

Low-quality floor scrubbers often deliver unsatisfactory results. For example, they may release dirty water or fail to maintain an appropriate water level, thus rendering cleaning largely ineffective.

Cleaning with dirty, contaminated water poses major health risks to employees and visitors in any given space and should be avoided at all costs.

5. Expensive

Many industrial floor scrubbers come at a substantial cost. Not only do these machines require a hefty up-front investment, but they often require ongoing expenditures for maintenance and repairs.

In some cases, minor issues that should require a simple fix can turn into major headaches and can seriously compromise your bottom line. Furthermore, many of these machines are not designed for energy efficiency and can waste large amounts of water during the cleaning process, thus costing you even more money.

Invest in a Better Solution from IDM

Intelligent Design Manufacturing (IDM) offers a range of floor scrubbers that are designed to mitigate some of the issues we have discussed. IDM’s X-Scrub floor scrubbers are easy to use, easy on your wallet, and designed to deliver consistently impressive results:

  • X-Scrub Mini: the only single-pad, folding, 360-degree swivel floor scrubber on the market that gets into all the tight spaces.
  • X-Scrub Pro: a dual brush, folding, 360-degree swivel micro floor scrubber that can be used on any hard surface.
  • X-Scrub Max 20: a self-propelled, walk behind floor scrubber with a 20” cleaning path that can run for 4 1/2 hours on a single charge.

Our machines require minimal preventative maintenance and offer increased energy and water efficiency compared to other floor scrubbers on the market. The X-Scrub line is also compatible with a wide range of flooring materials like stone, tile, concrete, and more, so you can take some of the guesswork out of your large-scale cleaning projects.

If you’re interested in learning more about achieving a deeper clean with IDM’s floor scrubbing solutions, reach out today to schedule a demo of our products.
We would love to show you why our floor scrubbers clean circles around our competitors and allow our clients to invest more time and resources into the things and people they care about most. It’s time to solve your floor scrubber problems by switching to IDM!



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