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5 Uses for a Walk Behind Grinder
5 Uses for a Walk Behind Grinder - Intelligent Design Manufacturing

5 Uses for a Walk Behind Grinder

If your company deals with warehouses, lab work, or heavy foot traffic, chances are you’ve witnessed the time-tested advantages of concrete floors. Many workspaces have opted for these smoothed or polished surfaces due to their practicality and resilience. But they’re not indestructible!

Over the years, contaminants build up, cracks can form, and areas of high traffic might become uneven. If any of these things are happening to your floors, a walk behind grinder is precisely the tool you need!

5 Top Tasks for a Walk Behind Grinder

Concrete floor grinders are multi-use pieces of machinery. Because of their swappable components, one unit can do several tasks. But what are the top five uses of a walk behind grinder? Check out our list.

1. Removal

Industrial warehouses, BSCs, and other large buildings that rely on the efficiency of concrete floors often cover the top layer with a finish of epoxy, paint, or other coatings. When it comes time to renew this surface or remove an unwanted incursion like graffiti or a spill, a concrete grinder can quickly cut through and clean up.

2. Leveling

Over time, repeated actions wear down the concrete and need to be dealt with. Continued use or a settling foundation can sometimes result in divots or waves, and adding new layers can produce joints and seams.

All of these issues can be solved with a concrete grinder! Relying on an adjustable weight and a set of specially-designed abrasive pads, a walk-behind unit can profile a slab back to its original even surface.

3. Cleaning

Dirt, stains, and other contaminants can be tricky to remove if they’ve been ground into the floor by heavy traffic or machinery. By skimming off the top coat of concrete, a grinder can reveal fresh flooring and prepare the surface for a new protective layer.

4. Preparing

If your company is getting ready to refinish its floors, a concrete grinder can help! By adding texture with rough abrasive plates, a single operator can prepare large areas for new concrete, epoxy, or other finishing products.

5. Polishing

Switch out the grinder plates for polishing heads, and buff your stone and concrete floors to a shine. Using the same orbital motors, a concrete grinding machine can quickly smooth and sand hard surfaces for a clean and even look.

A concrete grinder is a truly versatile piece of machinery! Easily maneuverable and simple to maintain, having one at the ready makes restoration and cleanup a quick task instead of a long, laborious process.

Consider the IDM Mustang Line of Concrete Grinders

Intelligent Design Manufacturing (IDM) offers a trio of walk behind grinders suitable for concrete, terrazzo, and polishable stone flooring. With three different path sizes available, your company will find a unit that suits your needs.

Mustang 20

Offering a 220V single-phase grinder, the Mustang 20 is the smallest of IDM’s units and is easy to operate and transport. Suitable for both open and confined spaces, it features a 20-inch path and integrated vacuum system to reduce dust and mess.

Mustang 22

The Mustang 22 is the middle product in the Mustang line. It upgrades the grinding path to 22 inches. With the same triple-head planetary design as its brethren, it can make short work of small and large areas.

Mustang 27

As the most robust machine in this product line, the Mustang 27 boasts a 27-inch path with the same functionality as each preceding unit. It also has a bonus option of switching between single and three-phase operations.

Want to know what else is great about the Mustang 27? It comes with a USB port for easy charging.

Our Machines are Packed with Features

Take a look at these added features that come standard in our Mustang product line.

  • All three Mustang grinders offer adjustable handlebars, iron weights, and a floating dust shroud, making operation easy and intuitive.
  • A compact operation panel ensures that all settings are correct and straightforward.
  • The vacuum and water hose connectors allow for wet or dry grinding at a moment’s notice.
  • Transport is a breeze for all of our units thanks to a detachable head design and bigger wheels.

Schedule a Demonstration!

We invite you to see how a walk behind grinder can benefit your team. Get in touch with IDM and schedule a demonstration!

Our team will be more than happy to help you decide which model can best serve the purposes of your business. Mobile and efficient, an IDM concrete grinder takes the guesswork out of keeping your floors smooth, safe, and stable.



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