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A Battery Powered Walk Behind Floor Scrubber for Churches
IDM’s X-Scrub Max 20 with a church floor in the background.

A Battery Powered Walk Behind Floor Scrubber for Churches

Did you know that the average church building in the United States is designed to seat roughly 200 people per service? When you consider the fact that many host multiple services every Sunday, as well as additional programming throughout the week, it suddenly becomes evident just how much foot traffic the average church building sees on a regular basis.

Many church complexes consist of multiple buildings and a wide variety of spaces. Structures like classrooms, gymnasiums, and multi-purpose rooms all pose specific challenges when it comes to cleaning and maintenance and require ongoing attention to remain in good working order.

Churches are unique because they attract members and visitors of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities. Subsequently, it’s essential to ensure that church buildings and related spaces remain clean and accessible.

The best way to safeguard against health and safety hazards in high-traffic areas is to invest in high-quality cleaning equipment such as a battery powered walk behind floor scrubber that is tailor-made for these unique spaces.

Intelligent Design Manufacturing (IDM) specializes in creating advanced cleaning equipment that enables building service contractors and other maintenance professionals to effectively tackle their church cleaning tasks.

Let’s take a look at IDM’s floor scrubber cleaning solutions and discuss how these products can be used to meet the maintenance needs of churches of all shapes and sizes.

What is a Battery Powered Walk Behind Floor Scrubber?

A floor-scrubbing machine is a kind of cleaning technology that dispenses water from a solution tank to a bristle scrub brush or floor pad. These brushes and pads rotate at a high rate of speed to scrub soil and other contaminants off numerous types of floor surfaces.

There are several different models of floor scrubbers on the market today, so cleaning professionals must carefully consider which variety of floor scrubbers is right for them.

Many floor scrubbers are manually-operated and need to be pushed throughout a space by a member of the maintenance crew. These manual floor scrubbers are often a great fit for small spaces with tight corners or hard-to-reach areas because these machines are designed to fit into tight spots with ease.

Spaces like those in many church complexes often require higher-capacity cleaning equipment. In these situations, professionals may wish to consider upgrading to a battery powered walk behind floor scrubber.

Walk-behind scrubbers function more or less in the same way as their manual counterparts. However, these machines are self-propelled and can move freely throughout a space with only minimal human intervention.

Which Church Spaces Benefit from Floor Scrubbers?

There are a wide variety of spaces that can be cleaned using a walk-behind floor scrubber. Here are some elements of church complexes that can be effectively cleaned with a walk-behind floor scrubber:

  • Sanctuaries with hard flooring surfaces
  • Gymnasium
  • Multi-Purpose rooms
  • Fellowship halls
  • Classrooms
  • Restrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Carports
  • Hallways
  • Offices

Essentially, any place within a church building that features a hard flooring surface can be cleaned by a floor scrubbing machine. A walk behind floor scrubber functions best in large, open spaces where the machine can remain largely unencumbered by furniture or other obstacles.

Addressing Common Cleaning Challenges Faced by Churches

Many church complexes consist of many different buildings and types of spaces, which makes them uniquely challenging to clean effectively.

Outdated cleaning methods like traditional sweeping and mopping are hardly capable of delivering a consistent clean across all church structures. They may actually contribute to the increased spread of germs and other bacteria. Other common challenges include the following.

Average Age of Members

Research suggests that 42% of church congregations consist primarily of members ages 65 and older. Due to the prevalence of attendees of advanced ages and those with limited mobility, churches must take additional steps to ensure their facilities are free of potential health and safety hazards.

Dirty floors pose safety risks for members of advanced ages, so it is particularly important to invest in high-quality floor-cleaning equipment.

Size of Cleaning Crews

Many churches operate on a relatively low budget and commonly depend upon volunteers to keep operations running smoothly. Subsequently, some churches may be unable to afford the labor costs associated with hiring large cleaning and maintenance crews.

In these situations, a walk behind floor scrubber would help support small and even single-person cleaning operations due to the fact that the machine does not require the undiverted attention of a crew member.

The machine can be hard at work scrubbing the church floors while the cleaning crew focuses on other cleaning and maintenance tasks.

High Standards for Cleanliness

In addition to supporting the needs of elderly members, churches also need to consider their youngest visitors. Many churches have on-site children’s facilities, and some even have fully functional preschools on the premises.

Preschools are subject to highly stringent health and safety requirements from local, state, and federal agencies such as the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHS). It’s critical that all facilities are thoroughly maintained to support compliance with rules and regulations.

What is the Best Walk Behind Floor Scrubber for Your Church?

Intelligent Design Manufacturing offers a wide range of floor-scrubbing machines that deliver on both efficacy and efficiency. One of IDM’s most advanced machines is the X-Scrub Max 20 – a battery powered walk behind floor scrubber designed with your space in mind.

  • Features a 20” cleaning path.
  • Can run for up to 4.5 hours on a single charge.
  • Supported by a battery-powered design, ensuring you don’t have to worry about unwieldy power cords.
  • Delivers water and energy efficiency to help cut back on operating costs.
  • Creates a more sustainable clean!

Interested in learning more about incorporating IDM’s cleaning technology into your church's maintenance protocols? We’d love to share more about how our products support congregations across the country.

Reach out today to speak with a member of our team about scheduling a demo of the X-Scrub Max 20 in your space. Now is the time to take the next step towards a more comprehensive clean for your church!



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