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Batteries for Floor Scrubber: When to Change and How Long Do They Last?
Batteries for Floor Scrubber: When to Change and How Long Do They Last? - Intelligent Design Manufacturing

Batteries for Floor Scrubber: When to Change and How Long Do They Last?

Is your company looking for an updated cleaning solution? Tired of tripping over cords and dealing with musty mop buckets? Intelligent Design Manufacturing (IDM) offers a range of battery-powered autoscrubbers that leave traditional methods in the dust.

Easy to handle and able to operate in hard-to-reach places that other corded machines on the market can’t handle, the IDM X-Scrub line promises sparkling results. It presents a more effective cleaning solution for schools, warehouses, BSCs, and any other commercial or industrial space where clean floors are a must!

You might ask: can I really trust the batteries for floor scrubber machines? Doesn’t that mean they will have less power and capability than a corded version? Not at all!

With new battery technologies, the IDM series of floor scrubbers operate with the same zip and intensity as their older counterparts while untethering your janitorial staff from the wall outlet and offering results far beyond traditional methods.

Battery Powered Floor Scrubbers from IDM

We offer a trio of floor scrubbers that fit a variety of needs. Whether you need to quickly and efficiently clean a large warehouse or just a small restroom, a member of the X-Scrub family is sure to do the trick.

X-Scrub Mini

The X-Scrub Mini is a compact, durable machine and can easily be maneuvered by one person. Its 11-inch brush makes short work of dirt and grime on tile or concrete floors, and its form factor is perfect for places like gyms, restrooms, and areas where machinery or equipment might get in the way of larger traditional scrubbers.

X-Scrub Pro

The X-Scrub Pro is a true powerhouse and boasts five times the capacity of its smaller cousin. Added to that upgrade are dual counter-rotating brushes and a full 360-degree swivel that makes getting into tight spaces a breeze.

IDM also offers a variety of brushes – from soft to hard. So, whether you’re buffing, polishing, or giving the floor a restorative scouring, your X-Scrub Pro will be up to the task.

X-Scrub Max 20

The X-Scrub Max 20 is the largest floor scrubber in the lineup and can clean a 20-inch path in one pass. Its companion 15-gallon solution and recovery tanks ensure you’ll have plenty of cleaning power for vast expanses of even flooring in airports, warehouses, or laboratory environments.

All three of the X-Scrub floor scrubbers from IDM are cordless, and their high-capacity batteries put them leagues ahead of the competition.

How Long Does a Battery Last?

But how long can batteries really last in an industrial machine? Are you worried about running out of juice in the middle of your cleaning process? Fear not! Each X-Scrub series floor scrubber features long-lasting batteries that deliver constant power throughout your wash cycle.

  • The X-Scrub Pro delivers 60 minutes of run time with its twin brushes.
  • The spritely X-Scrub Mini clocks in at 90 minutes with its single head.

Both run on a 36-volt cell that offers plenty of scrubbing power to deal with the dirtiest of surfaces.

If you’re facing a lot of floor area to cover, then your team might benefit from the X-Scrub Max 20. This walk-behind floor scrubber is ready for wide open spaces and can run for an impressive 4.5 hrs on a single charge. That’s plenty of time to clean a large warehouse or the long hallways of an airport terminal.

When the floors are clean, it’s time to recharge! All X-Scrub machines operate without cords, so one only needs to plug in the unit at the end of a cleaning cycle to energize the onboard battery. That way it will be ready and waiting for the next time you need to make your space employee- and customer-ready.

Our Batteries for Floor Scrubber Machines Supported by 1-Year Warranty

Is your team constantly cleaning? Are you scrubbing the floors daily to make them spotless for the next day’s customers? Then you might replace your battery more frequently to ensure you’re getting the most out of your investment.

It’s a known fact that all rechargeable batteries lose some power and capacity as they age. The daily exhaustion and renewal of your autoscrubber’s battery will lead to a slight decrease in usability as the years progress.

However, the specialists at IDM are aware of these limitations and want to ensure a well-used battery doesn’t stop your X-Scub machine from being as efficient as the day of purchase.

The battery is built to last because of the thoughtful design:

  • Includes a dedicated battery charger port.
  • No battery removal is necessary.
  • The battery in each floor scrubbing machine is backed by a 1-year warranty.
  • The life of each battery is manufactured to last .

When it’s time to replace the battery, get in contact with an IDM representative about obtaining a replacement for your well-used power cell. Refresh the battery, and your X-Scrub unit will clean like new in no time!

What Does a Battery-Powered Floor Scrubber Offer?

But how exactly does a floor scrubber operate? As you steer the machine across the floor, multiple actions are taking place in rapid succession to ensure a clean, dry surface is left behind:

1. First, the autoscrubber dispenses water and a liquid cleaner onto the ground.

2. Then, a brush head (or sometimes multiple) quickly rotates in a circle to scrub up grime, dust, stains, and other offending materials.

3. As this process completes, the unit’s squeegee and vacuum system picks up the dirty grey water and deposits it into a holding tank for later disposal.

This all happens without a second thought by the operator, and the floor is left clean and spotless!

Out With the Old, In With the Clean

Most cleaning solutions on the market rely on old technology for less-than-satisfactory results. Why continue using machines that make more work for your janitorial staff and fail to clean the floors in an effective manner?

No More Mop and Bucket

The mop and bucket method is as inefficient as it is outdated. The setup is tried and true, but it requires more time and physical exertion while offering subpar cleaning in industrial or public areas where dust and stains can build up quickly.

Couple the long dry time and the unfortunate fact that mops spread dirt and deposits if the water bucket isn’t renewed consistently, and you’ll see how limited this method can be when cleanliness is desired.

Better than a Buffer

Think a buffer will solve your problems? While they can polish hard surfaces to a sheen, electric buffing machines still rely on a mop and bucket to clean the floor before they can be effective. This method requires workers to cover the same ground twice! Add to this that both rounds require dry time, and you’re looking at a serious time commitment.

Choose an Autoscrubber!

To most effectively clean both large and small spaces, a floor scrubber from IDM is the most logical choice. Corded floor scrubbers are a step above the traditional methods and offer a better clean with less effort.

However, the range of corded autoscrubbers is severely limited by the length of extension cords and the location of power outlets throughout the space.

Snaking behind the operator, cords can quickly become hazards for the person cleaning or anyone in the vicinity. They get caught on corners and furniture while tracking dust and dirt along with them.

There’s also a chance that someone could trip over the cable or accidentally run it over with the scrubber, where it can become entangled and wreak havoc on the cleaning mechanisms.

What you really need is a battery-powered floor scrubber! Why risk subpar results, injury, or damage to property when such a simple solution exists? Now you can clean anywhere and everywhere quickly and efficiently without the hassle of buckets or cords.

Schedule a Demonstration Today

Want to see the X-Scrub product line for yourself? Seeing how well these battery-powered machines handle industrial jobs in person will surely convince you of their cleaning power.

If you’re interested in witnessing one of the X-Scrub floor scrubbers in action, get in touch with IDM to schedule a demonstration! Our staff will be more than happy to walk you through the strengths of each model and find the one that fits your needs.

Whether you’re looking for maneuverability or the ultimate in cleaning power, these easy-to-use products will level up your team’s ability to offer a safe, clean workspace. Plus, our batteries for floor scrubber machines are sure to hold up under any working condition.

By increasing mobility and decreasing physical labor, the X-Scrub line will make tedious floor cleaning a thing of the past.



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