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Commercial Bathroom Cleaning Machine: Get in All the Tight Spots!
Commercial Bathroom Cleaning Machine: Get in All the Tight Spots! - Intelligent Design Manufacturing

Commercial Bathroom Cleaning Machine: Get in All the Tight Spots!

As a business owner, you know how hard it can be to attract and retain customers. You usually only get one chance to make a first impression, so paying attention to even seemingly minor details that could impact your customers’ experiences is essential.

The cleanliness of your space plays a significant role in shaping the public’s opinion of your brand. Failing to invest in your commercial cleaning efforts can cost you business in the long run.

Also, in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic, customers have high expectations for the cleanliness and hygiene of the spaces they visit. In fact, a recent study showed that 60% of consumers are more likely to spend money at a business with well-maintained restrooms.

To meet the public’s high expectations for public cleanliness, business owners and maintenance professionals should consider trading in older, inefficient cleaning equipment for more advanced, effective solutions like a commercial bathroom cleaning machine.

What is a Commercial Bathroom Cleaning Machine?

Cleaning a public restroom is often no small feat. Commercial spaces like warehouses, factories, airports, restaurants, and retail centers often feature public restrooms with several different stalls, commodes, urinals, and sinks.

Each of these restroom elements must be meticulously maintained in conjunction with one another to ensure maximum cleanliness and mitigate the spread of germs and bacteria.

Even smaller businesses that rely upon single-stall restrooms must pay careful attention to the cleanliness of their spaces to ensure customers don’t have any unsavory experiences during their visit.

Some cleaning professionals still use standard cleaning solutions like mops and buckets to tackle public restrooms – particularly smaller ones – but these methods fall short of achieving the level of cleanliness expected by patrons.

Instead, business leaders should utilize commercial cleaning machines that are specifically designed for use in large public spaces. Commercial bathroom cleaning machines can take several different shapes, but most use a combination of fresh water supply and motorization to tackle jobs of various sizes.

Intelligent Design Manufacturing (IDM) recommends using high-powered floor scrubbers to get the job done. Find out why.

Why is a Floor Scrubber the Best Commerical Bathroom Cleaning Machine?

There are many types of commercial cleaning machines on the market, but most are less effective than they ought to be due to their bulky, inflexible nature. Restrooms contain a number of nooks and crannies, and it’s important to get into even the tightest of spots in order to ensure a comprehensive clean.

IDM specializes in commercial cleaning equipment that can traverse narrow passages and tight spaces of all shapes and sizes. Our floor scrubbers are particularly effective for commercial bathroom cleaning due to their 360° swivel capabilities and ergonomic design.

Our floor scrubbers also use a continuous supply of clean water so you can actually clean your floors instead of merely moving around dirty mop water and spreading germs. Let’s look at some of the commercial floor scrubbers offered by IDM.

X-Scrub Mini

The X-Scrub Mini is one of our most popular products because of its versatility and efficiency. The X-Scrub Mini is the only single-pad, folding swivel floor scrubber on the market, and it’s fully capable of getting into those hard-to-reach spots in commercial bathrooms.

This floor scrubber works great on ceramic tile, LVT, polished concrete, and epoxy floors, so it’s well-suited for many businesses and public spaces. As the name would suggest, the X-Scrub Mini is compact, which makes it easy to transport and store.

X-Scrub Pro

The X-Scrub Pro takes all the best features of the X-Scrub Mini and kicks them up a notch. This floor scrubber uses interchangeable dual brushes to clean stubborn dirt and grime off commercial floors.

Because it is compatible with a number of different brush heads, it can be used on any hard flooring surface. It functions at 5x the capacity of the X-Scrub Mini, making it an excellent option for large-scale bathroom cleaning jobs with an endless row of stalls and urinals.

X-Scrub Max 20

The X-Scrub Max 20 is one of our most supercharged floor scrubbers. Unlike the X-Scrub Mini and X-Scrub Pro, the X-Scrub Max 20 is a self-propelled floor scrubber, meaning an employee does not need to manually push and operate the unit.

The built-in functionality of the X-Scrub Max 20 can help you significantly cut back on labor costs and allow your team to become more effective with their cleaning efforts. This scrubber can be used on any hard flooring surface, so it’s a great commercial bathroom cleaning machine for industrial spaces and places like airports and warehouses.

Schedule a Demo of Our Commercial Cleaning Solutions

If you want to level up your commercial cleaning efforts, we offer a wide range of solutions that can help keep every nook and cranny of your space in tip-top shape.

Our commercial floor cleaning equipment is designed to take the guesswork out of public hygiene by trading out ineffective, outdated cleaning methods for more efficient, environmentally-friendly approaches.

IDM’s floor scrubbers are tailor-made to meet the needs of modern businesses and can help contribute to more favorable brand experiences for customers and employees alike. To learn more about how IDM’s floor scrubbers can help streamline your commercial cleaning process, reach out today to schedule a demo.

Our team will be happy to help you determine which floor scrubber model would best suit the needs of your space and help you take your cleaning efforts to the next level. We have a commercial bathroom cleaning machine that fits your specific job!



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