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Dual Brush Floor Scrubber or Single Brush?
Dual Brush Floor Scrubber or Single Brush? - Intelligent Design Manufacturing

Dual Brush Floor Scrubber or Single Brush?

Purchasing a new floor scrubber can be a significant investment for any business, so knowing what kind of machine best fits your purposes is important.

  • Are you dealing with a large area?
  • Do you need to clean around tight corners?
  • Is your primary floor tile, laminate, or concrete?
  • Will the unit need to be easily transportable or have swappable pads?

All of the variables can get overwhelming! So, what should you focus on? An important consideration when purchasing an autoscrubber is brush design.

Deciding between a single brush floor scrubber and a dual brush floor scrubber can be challenging, but we’re here to help you make the right decision. Let’s take a closer look at a standard single brush or a dual brush setup.

Single Brush For Small Spaces

When it comes to more traditional autoscrubbers, most models utilize one large pad or brush to make quick work of your dirty floors. The circular motion provides an even, steady process that works in tandem with the cleaning fluid and wet vacuum components.

Best suited for smooth floors like polished concrete or epoxy, the single brush scrubbers can quickly clean and sanitize various areas. With new technologies allowing for miniaturization across the board, these tried-and-true units can be scaled down to fit in tight spaces where other multi-head units or older models wouldn’t fit.

A top-of-the-line single brush unit is your best bet when you need a versatile machine that can fit into every nook and cranny.

Dual Brush For More Power

The double brush system increases the scrubbing power by offering a wider cleaning path than its singular counterpart. This style of unit is ideal for companies that maintain large open spaces like warehouses, classrooms, labs, and walkways with heavy foot traffic.

But why not get a larger, more traditional walk-behind scrubber to clean these areas? The simple answer is that a dual brush machine uses its two pads or brushes working in tandem to create a swirling vortex of cleaning power. The smaller brushes rotate in opposite directions to attack stuck-on dirt and grease.

The extra scrubbing provided by this configuration exerts double the pressure on stains and grime, creating tangible benefits:

  • Improves overall efficiency and speed.
  • Transports easily because of the reduced weight.
  • Enhances the effectiveness of the cleaning path.

IDM Has Floor Scrubber Options!

Intelligent Design Manufacturing (IDM) is the leader in the micro autoscrubber category and offers unique floor scrubbers that are both easy to use and deliver unmatched cleanliness.

Our X-Scrub product line is a serious upgrade to your company’s cleaning arsenal by removing dirt instead of just moving it around. Take a look at our scrubber options.

Single Brush Option: X-Scrub Mini

The X-Scrub Mini is the most portable solution from IDM and offers several features that make it easy to use daily. Revolving around a single brush system, this autoscrubber is perfect for facilities with smaller rooms or locations populated by bulky equipment that is difficult to move out of the way.

Its powerful brush system is mounted on a 360-degree swivel, so operators can approach cleaning from any angle. A single charge can run the 11-inch brush for up to 90 minutes, so there’s no worrying about running out of juice.

Simple to maneuver around bathroom fixtures, gym equipment, desks, or any number of items, the X-Scrub Mini is small and sleek but still packs a punch.

Dual Brush Option: X-Scrub Pro

In the dual brush category, the X-Scrub Pro is a powerful but compact upgrade from its brother and utilizes twin rotary scrubbers to clean more surface area faster.

These two counter-rotating brushes create a steady flow of water and cleaning solution that sucks dirt and debris off the floor and into the vacuum at the back of the apparatus. Boasting an impressive 17-inch cleaning path, a single charge can run the unit at full power for up to 60 minutes.

Because of the way both brushes on the X-Scrub Pro meet in the middle, this unit is especially effective at cleaning out tile grout and other areas where slight indentations in the floor have collected excess grime.

Coupled with the same 360-degree pivoting head as the X-Scrub Mini, this added effectiveness ensures that your janitorial team will have an easier time operating the machinery and can clean surfaces quickly and with less effort.

What You Get From Both

Both the single brush and dual brush X-Scrub units boast the following time-saving features:

  • A single operator can easily steer each unit for quick and easy sanitation.
  • Rechargeable batteries mean no cords to trip over or get caught in the machinery.
  • Integrated washing fluid and wastewater tanks create a seamless cycle of cleanliness.
  • Each features a 360-degree rotating head, so equipment, tight spaces, and corners provide no obstacle!

Schedule a Demo of Single and Dual Brush Floor Scrubber Units

Is your team ready to see the differences between a single and dual brush floor scrubber? Want to know which of the X-Scrub line is best for you? Schedule a demonstration of one or both of the IDM floor scrubbers.

Our helpful team of representatives will be more than happy to walk you through the features of each and make sure you’re well-informed about which unit can best clean your space. Let’s get started on a better cleaning solution for your space!



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