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Heavy Duty Industrial Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner Options
Heavy Duty Industrial Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner Options - Intelligent Design Manufacturing

Heavy Duty Industrial Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner Options

Does your staff need a quality, easy-to-use option when it comes to wet and dry vacuum cleaners? Is your current solution just not cutting it, or have you recently relocated or expanded into a larger space that requires more cleaning power?

If you’re a Building Service Contractor that needs a heavy duty machine to clean a variety of industrial areas, then Intelligent Design Manufacturing’s wet dry vacuums are exactly what you’re looking for! Learn more about our heavy duty industrial wet and dry vacuum cleaner options.

What is a Heavy Duty Industrial Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner?

At its core, a vacuum is a simple device that uses reverse air pressure to suck up debris and dirt into a bag for later dumping. Dry vacuums are easy enough, but when you’re working in an environment that deals with both wet and dry conditions, you’ll need to step up your equipment to meet the challenge. What does a wet and dry vacuum offer?

  • Debris and liquids go into a bucket, not a bag, which reduces mess and makes sure your machinery stays dry and safe.
  • Some models feature squeegee attachments that push liquid waste around before sucking it up into the unit.
  • They are truly multipurpose and can be used in a more traditional manner or to deal with tough industrial messes.

Is This Machine Right for My Team?

In an industrial environment like a warehouse, manufacturing facility, or machine shop, messes can quickly get out of hand if not dealt with properly.

Furthermore, because many of these venues use concrete floors, the smooth surfaces can get slick, stained, or sticky fast if not cleaned with some regularity. Add to this the fact that wet messes can be a serious safety hazard, and you’re ready to use an industrial wet and dry vacuum!

These vacuums are specially built to handle anything from dry particles and small shrapnel to sludge and standing water. Instead of waiting for things to dry out so you can scoop and scrape the leftovers, a wet and dry vacuum gets the problem off of the floor and lets work continue immediately.

A wet and dry industrial vacuum is essential in the following settings.


In manufacturing plants, dust, debris, and oil can cause slick conditions or build up around the machinery. Ensuring the areas around these types of equipment is clean will help prevent slippage and any decreases in productivity.


In a warehouse where goods are stored, wet conditions can cause spoilage, mildew, or safety hazards. By getting rid of spills, standing water, and messes under and around storage areas, a wet and dry vacuum assists any cleaner in keeping the entire space spotless and safe.

Other Industrial Settings

In an industrial setting where many types of materials are being used, mixtures of dust, dirt, filings, and liquids can result in hard-to-clean messes that get tracked around and cause more problems the longer they exist.

By thoroughly vacuuming these areas, your team can prevent accidents, ensure work is proceeding at the maximum pace, and double-check that other equipment is not adversely affected.

IDM Has Options

Intelligent Design Manufacturing (IDM) is well-known for its top-quality machines that make cleaning a breeze. We offer two heavy duty wet and dry vacuum cleaner options that can make light work of even the largest messes.

The CHAMP23DMFMS and the CHAMP20WVC each offer superior suction and cleaning power for all manner of situations and are backed by IDM’s excellent customer service and a one-year warranty.


Perfect for use on any hard surface, the CHAMP23DMFMS has a 23-gallon capacity and features a front-mounted, 30-inch squeegee attachment. This unit is adjustable to fit your needs and helps the powerful 1000W dual vacuum motors make quick work of anything in front of it.

This model also comes with the following to make cleaning quick and precise:

  • A dry filter insert for jobs that don’t require wet cleanup.
  • A 25 ft. power cord so you’ll be able to reach a wide area without constantly moving the plug.
  • Two-piece wand for easy transport, assembly, and storage.
  • A four-piece toolkit that can work in tandem with the 10ft vacuum hose to tackle any job. This package includes a floor squeegee, vac tool, crevice tool, and dust brush.


The CHAMP20WVC is the smaller of the two units from IDM, but it still boasts the same dual 1000W motors and is full of the power you need to finish any task. In addition to this selling point, this machine also includes:

  • A super durable poly tank that is built to last but is easy to transport.
  • A cloth vacuum filter controls dust in the air and protects the motor. It’s also easy to remove and wash after particularly dirty jobs.
  • A 50 ft. power cord so you can work with an extended reach for a longer period of time.
  • A four-piece toolkit that includes a dust brush, squeegee tool, scalloped bristle floor brush, and a crevice tool.

No matter which unit you select from IDM, you’ll be purchasing a top-of-the-line machine to help your cleaning staff deal with anything the job throws their way.

Connect With Us!

Ready to talk to IDM about our heavy duty industrial wet and dry vacuum cleaner options? Still have questions about the difference between our two models? Get in touch with a member of our customer service team today!

We will be happy to walk you through all of the features our units boast and help you schedule a demonstration so you can see them in action. When it comes to cleaning industrial spaces, IDM is the best choice around.



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