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How to Clean Warehouse Floor Surfaces With Less Effort

How to Clean Warehouse Floor Surfaces With Less Effort

Is your warehouse constantly in need of a deep clean? Do your floors get dirty as soon as your team finishes sanitizing?

If you’re looking for information about how to clean warehouse floor surfaces daily with less effort, then one of the X-Scrub line of auto scrubbers from Intelligent Design Manufacturing (IDM) could be just the ticket!

Find out why floor scrubbers from IDM are the best option to achieve a thorough cleaning inside the warehouse.

Our Floor Scrubbers Offer Best-in-Class Cleaning Power

When your floors need cleaning, it’s best to utilize the most efficient product on the market. A floor scrubber outshines the old mop and bucket technique and does things a buffer simply cannot. With a number of extra features, floor scrubbing machines quickly sweep by the competition.

Wet and Dry

Using a dispensing tank, an auto scrubber can put down and vacuum up soapy water as the operator passes over the floor.

By combining the scrubbing and wastewater pickup in one motion, you not only save time by negating multiple passes, but the dry time is cut down significantly as well. Less waiting and more productivity!

Multipurpose Heads

Whereas a buffer just polishes the existing surface and can sometimes lock in offending particles in the new layer, a scrubber is focused on cleaning deep rather than glossing over.

With swappable heads that allow for different levels of scrubbing and polishing, these powerful machines take the place of multiple units. IDM scrubbers can use soft brushes for finished floors, aggressive brushes for restorations, daily brushes for routine cleaning, and pads for buffing and polishing.


Out with the old! A traditional mop and bucket solution won’t cut it in today’s warehouses. Not only does it take a lot more time, it’s just not sanitary!

Pushing dirty water over a wide area is a recipe for disaster that an auto scrubber happily fixes. Plus, utilizing better technology lets your team work smarter by reducing physical labor while increasing efficiency.

How to Clean Warehouse Floor Spaces in an Expansive Facility

Warehouses offer a unique problem when it comes to keeping floors clean. They combine diverse architecture with immense square footage that results in a need for specific equipment that can tackle big and small jobs.

Making sure these spaces are cleaned effectively on a daily basis requires a knowledge of the different areas that exist under one roof. Here are the key areas where you can achieve a deeper clean using floor scrubbers.


Machinery and office equipment are often placed in close proximity, which creates crevices and small areas that collect dust and debris. Cleaning these regularly will help maintain your investment and keep things running smoothly.

Transport Terminals

Shipping and receiving areas get a lot of traffic! Day in and day out, trucks, forklifts, and work boots can scuff, dirty, and stain the floors. This busy area definitely needs daily cleaning to look its best and boost efficiency.

Storage and Loading

Large areas like aisles and loading bays must be open and ready for shipments and storage at a moment’s notice. Making sure these big empty spaces remain clean is a priority.

A Trio of Powerful Cleaners for the Warehouse

The X-Scrub line from IDM offers three distinct auto scrubbers that can be used in various settings. They all benefit from IDM’s top-of-the-line technology while being geared toward different aspects of the cleaning process.

With a focus on maneuverability, ease of use, and effective cleaning power in a well-built machine, the X-Scrubs are perfect for all aspects of warehouse sanitation!

X-Scrub Mini

The X-Scrub Mini is the smallest and most versatile of the IDM auto scrubbers. Its 360-degree pivoting head makes it easy to get in the tight spaces between machinery, around fragile equipment, and in confined office spaces.

It’s the only single-pad, folding, swivel floor scrubber on the market and is perfect for ceramic tile, LVT, polished concrete, or epoxy floors.

See the X-Scrub Mini in action!

X-Scrub Pro

The X-Scrub Pro is a dual brush, folding micro floor scrubber that can tackle any hard surface. Its 360-degree pivoting head allows for easy operation, similar to the X-Scrub Mini.

However, the X-Scrub Pro boasts a more industrial finish with a cast housing and counter-rotating brushes for extra cleaning power. Plus, its tank has over 5 times the capacity of its little brother!

Check out this video to see it in action.

X-Scrub Max 20

When it comes to warehouses with a lot of square footage, the X-Scrub Max 20 is the right choice. A self-propelled walk behind floor scrubber with a 20-inch cleaning path, this machine can clean warehouse aisles and loading docks in a fraction of the time traditional methods would take.

With twin 15-gallon solution and recovery tanks and a 4.5-hour battery life on a single charge, this scrubber can seriously up your janitorial team’s productivity and efficiency.

See our Floor Scrubbers in Action

Want to know more about the X-Scrub line of floor scrubbers from IDM? Schedule a demonstration today.

Our team will be happy to walk you through the various benefits of each model and find the unit or units that can most effectively clean your space. Learn more about how to clean warehouse floor surfaces with ease using our machines!



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