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How to Use a Gym Floor Scrubber to Maintain Clean Surfaces
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How to Use a Gym Floor Scrubber to Maintain Clean Surfaces

How to Use a Gym Floor Scrubber to Maintain Clean Surfaces

Maintaining clean surfaces in a gym environment is crucial for the health and safety of both patrons and staff. Auto scrubbers are becoming increasingly indispensable in these situations since they can simplify and streamline the cleaning process in large and small workout areas.

Having the right gym floor scrubber will help create a cleaner place to work out and prove to your customers that you take their safety and health seriously.

Intelligent Design Manufacturing (IDM) has just the ticket: our X-Scrub Mini machine is as powerful as it is user-friendly. Find out how it gets the job done every time.

What To Look For From a Gym Floor Scrubber

Knowing what you need from your gym cleaning equipment is the first step toward a more well-maintained space. Because they are hybrid spaces with a variety of surfaces, having interchangeable pads and brushes can help a cleaner be more efficient.

Oddly shaped equipment that isn’t easily moved makes maneuverability a top priority. Lastly, because many gyms are public spaces with long or overnight hours, being able to clean quietly and quickly when patrons might be around is also a concern.

A gym floor cleaner should do the following:

  • Be able to operate safely around people
  • Have the right pads with the appropriate pad pressure
  • Be easy to use and not create hazards like trips or slips
  • Clean and sanitize effectively in a variety of spaces
  • Be transportable by a single person

Having the right tools can make cleaning easier for you and your staff and get better results. Maintaining a gym environment requires a regular cleaning schedule, but you’ll also need to be adaptable depending on the amount of foot traffic and usage.

This means that weekly, daily, or hourly cleanings can be needed, so having a scrubber at hand helps you fit in a cleaning session when there’s a break in the action.

Benefits of a Gym Floor Scrubber

Why should you invest in a floor scrubbing unit to support your gym space? Let’s review these reasons why now is the time to upgrade your equipment to get the gym sparkling clean.

Efficiency & Speed

Floor scrubbers are designed to cover a significant amount of space in a short time. This not only reduces the labor required, but it also does a better job more quickly than traditional manual methods. This advantage is especially important in busy gym settings where frequent cleaning is necessary.

Deep Cleaning Capabilities

Autoscrubbers utilize mechanical scrubbing brushes or pads in combination with water and cleaning solutions to remove dirt, sweat, and grime effectively. This deep cleaning enhances the gym’s appearance and improves overall hygiene.


Providing even, consistent results is paramount within a busy gym. Floor scrubbers like the IDM X-Scrub Mini do not suffer from the pitfalls of older solutions, which can sometimes leave behind watered-down grime or have a tough time dealing with stubborn messes.

Water Recovery & Drying

Autoscrubbers equipped with water recovery systems simultaneously dispense and vacuum up the cleaning solution and moisture from the floor. This functionality results in a quicker drying time, which reduces the risk of slip and fall accidents.

The built-in composition of a floor scrubber also helps cleaning crews get the job done faster. This way, workout enthusiasts at your gym can return to their activities sooner without needing to wait for wet spots to dry.


Not all exercise spaces are created equally. Some spaces, such as boxing gyms and indoor ball courts, are large spaces that need constant cleaning of well-worn floors. Meanwhile, small fitness studios and weight rooms require a scrubber that can maneuver around equipment with ease.

Our X-Scrub Mini takes care of the unique requirements of every space in your complex. Watch this video to see the machine in action.

Operator Comfort

When a space needs cleaning every day (and sometimes more frequently), cleaning crews need a machine that is designed with them in mind. Floor scrubbers that have adjustable handles and user-friendly controls can reduce operator fatigue and help get things done faster.

Maintenance & Longevity

Regular maintenance is essential to keep autoscrubbers in top working condition. This includes cleaning and maintaining the machine’s brushes, batteries, and other components. Proper maintenance ensures that the unit will have a longer lifespan and continue to perform effectively.

The X-Scrub Mini: Ideal for Cleaning Your Gym

The X-Scrub Mini is powerful yet compact. It boasts a lightweight body and an integrated water dispenser and vacuum. Plus, it comes with a powerful battery (no more tripping on cords!) and interchangeable brushes and pads for every single mess on a variety of surfaces.

Finally, you can get in those tight spots around machines and equipment to give your gym the deep clean it needs. Your patrons will thank you.

Schedule a Demo of our Gym Floor Scrubber

Want to learn more about the X-Scrub Mini for your gym? Get in touch with our helpful customer service team today. We’ll walk you through the benefits of this micro marvel and why your gym needs a cleaning machine upgrade.

It’s time to utilize a gym floor scrubber that truly gets the job done every time.



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