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Our 20 Inch Floor Scrubber Gets the Job Done
Our 20 Inch Floor Scrubber Gets the Job Done - Intelligent Design Manufacturing

Our 20 Inch Floor Scrubber Gets the Job Done

Did you know that slips and trips are among the most common forms of workplace injury in the U.S.? Poorly maintained floors pose a major health and safety hazard for employees and visitors alike.

Outdated cleaning methods like traditional sweeping and mopping are often insufficient to maintain large commercial spaces. They can result in subpar results that pose safety risks and create negative brand impressions.

Rather than relying on these ineffective, labor-intensive approaches to floor cleaning, business owners and contractors can turn to advanced cleaning technology like a 20 inch floor scrubber offered by Intelligent Design Manufacturing (IDM).

IDM’s line of floor scrubbers is designed to streamline the industrial floor-cleaning process and help businesses to ensure their floors remain clean and compliant with applicable safety standards and guidelines.

What is a Floor Scrubber?

A floor scrubber is a machine that dispenses water from a solution tank to a bristle scrub brush or floor pad. These brushes and pads rotate at a high rate of speed to scrub soil and other contaminants off of a floor’s surface.

This type of machine also features a wet vacuum component that vacuums all dirty water from the floor and into a recovery tank to avoid cross-contamination.

This mechanically-driven cleaning process is far more effective and sanitary than traditional mopping, which often pushes the same dirty water all over a floor’s surface. Floor scrubbers also use less water than some other cleaning approaches, which is better for the environment and better for your bottom line.

Some floor scrubbers, known as “walk-behind” floor scrubbers, are self-propelled and do not need to be manually pushed and maneuvered around a space. This type of floor scrubber can substantially reduce the amount of manual labor required for a large-scale cleaning project and make it easier to maintain large industrial spaces more effectively.

Where Can I Use a Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber?

Walk-behind floor scrubbers are a great cleaning option for a wide range of large commercial spaces. Some locations that could benefit significantly from the use of a walk-behind floor scrubber include:

  • Airports
  • Warehouses
  • Factories
  • Retail spaces
  • Storage facilities
  • Hospitals

Ultimately, any large commercial space that wants or needs to level up its health and safety efforts would be well-served by the use of a walk-behind floor scrubber. Not only do these machines save time, but they can save businesses a substantial amount of money and other resources in the long run.

What is the Best Walk-Behind 20 Inch Floor Scrubber?

IDM offers floor cleaning solutions designed to meet a wide range of industrial cleaning needs. Our line of floor scrubbers includes a walk-behind model known as the X-Scrub Max 20.

This auto scrubber is self-propelled and capable of tackling large cleaning jobs in high-traffic areas thanks to its 20 inch cleaning path.

  • The solution and recovery tanks hold up to 15 gallons of water.
  • The machine can run for over four hours on a full charge.
  • Very little human intervention is required during operation.

The X-Scrub Max 20 can be used on practically every hard flooring surface, making it a great option for industrial spaces with multiple buildings or flooring styles. Its consistent floor scrubbing path reduces manual effort and cuts back on the need to re-visit the same areas over and over again.

The increased efficiency of our floor scrubber saves cleaning crews valuable time and allows them to focus their efforts on other areas needing attention. When faced with a large-scale project, it’s important to ensure that the job gets done right the first time to avoid wasting resources or delivering unsatisfactory results.

Are There Other Kinds of Floor Scrubbers?

If you manage or clean commercial spaces, you may wish to explore some of the other floor scrubbers offered by IDM. Here’s a quick overview of our other floor scrubbers in the X-Scrub product line.

X-Scrub Mini

This manually-operated floor scrubber packs a mighty punch in a small package. The X-Scrub Mini is the only folding, 360-degree swivel floor scrubber on the market and is a great cleaning solution for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Its compact design makes it easy to reach even the tightest of spaces in order to ensure that every nook and cranny of your business gets a good, reliable clean.

X-Scrub Pro

The X-Scrub Pro offers all of the perks of the X-Scrub Mini but offers a higher capacity in order to tackle larger industrial jobs.

This model features dual, counter-rotating scrub brushes that are great for cleaning, maintenance, and even floor restoration. The X-Scrub Pro offers variable pad speed and water control, so you can customize the machine’s operation to meet the needs of your unique space.

Everything You Need from One Product Line

Both of the above models are excellent cleaning options for industrial spaces like retail stores, gyms, schools, and more:

  • Deliver consistent, effective results with less effort vs. other traditional cleaning methods
  • Ensure a more comprehensive, sanitary clean.
  • Help mitigate common health and safety risks.

Business owners and building service contractors may wish to implement a combination of these floor scrubbers into their workflows to better serve the needs of clients, employees, and visitors.

For example, some industrial spaces may be better served by a smaller, manual floor scrubber such as the X-Scrub Mini or Pro. Meanwhile, other situations may require the power and relative ease offered by a walk-behind floor scrubber like the X-Scrub Max 20.

IDM Has a Solution for Every Business

Regardless of your project’s size, shape, or scale, IDM has a cleaning option that will help you take your efforts to the next level. Our floor scrubbers are designed to deliver unparalleled results in a wide range of industrial spaces while allowing crews and contractors to work more efficiently and safely.

If you are interested in learning more about how our 20 inch floor scrubber, the X-Scrub Max 20, can help you streamline day-to-day floor cleaning, reach out to the IDM team today. Let’s schedule a demonstration.

You have to see it to believe it, so we’d be happy to show you exactly how the X-Scrub Max 20 can help you kick your cleaning efforts up a notch. Take the next step to protect the health and safety of everyone who sets foot in your space.



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