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The Best Commercial Floor Cleaner Products for K-12 Schools
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The Best Commercial Floor Cleaner Products for K-12 Schools

The Best Commercial Floor Cleaner Products for K-12 Schools

Education continues to advance, and it’s time for cleaning methods to catch up. If you’re still employing outdated cleaning tools in K-12 schools, then you’re not achieving the level of clean that students, parents, and teachers have come to expect.

K-12 schools experience high volumes of foot traffic and must hold up to intense scrutiny from the public as well as regulatory bodies. To elevate your approach and achieve a more comprehensive clean in academic facilities, it’s time to upgrade your equipment. 

Intelligent Design Manufacturing (IDM) specializes in manufacturing advanced cleaning solutions for educational facilities. Let’s review our line of floor-cleaning machines to identify the best commercial floor cleaner for your needs. We’ll also discuss how these solutions can help you achieve a more reliable clean.

What is the Best Commercial Floor Cleaner?

IDM has developed a top-tier line of floor-cleaning machines that are designed to help building service contractors and on-site cleaning crews clean large areas more quickly, efficiently, and completely.

Clean floors are essential in K-12 academic facilities. If your floors are dirty, odds are your pupils and employees are spreading germs, bacteria, and other contaminants to other surfaces around your school.

Dirty floors can also contribute to an increased incidence of slip and fall accidents, so poorly maintained flooring surfaces constitute a major environmental hazard to everyone who crosses your threshold.

If you’re ready to level up your commercial floor cleaning process, IDM’s cleaning machine selection can help you get the job done. With a wide variety of automatic floor scrubber machines to choose from, IDM offers a range of cleaning options that help crews of all sizes eliminate dirt and grime from high-traffic areas with ease.

What is an Automatic Floor Scrubber?

IDM’s X-Scrub line of floor scrubbers offers cleaning and maintenance professionals a more streamlined, efficient alternative to manual floor cleaning approaches. The X-Scrub line offers a commercial floor scrubber for nearly every job so users can find the right fit for their crew. If you’re not familiar with electric floor scrubbers, here’s a quick overview: 

- Automatic floor scrubbers are machines that can be used for deep cleaning nearly any hard type of flooring. Floor scrubbing machines utilize a variety of scrub brushes that rotate at high rates of speed to remove dirt and other contaminants from hard flooring surfaces.

Most floor scrubbing machines also feature solution and recovery tanks that allow users to dispense water and cleaning solution onto their intended cleaning area and vacuum away the dirty water after scrubbing. 

Some floor scrubbers are battery-operated, while others use power cords and other power sources. IDM’s X-Scrub line is exclusively battery-powered, so crew members don’t have to worry about unwieldy extension cords while cleaning a large area.

Our floor scrubbers are also designed with efficiency in mind. They can be easily maneuvered throughout a space, and many machines offer users a number of customizable cleaning modes and features to help them achieve the right clean for each space.

Meet the X-Scrub Machines

Our floor scrubbers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so users can customize their cleaning process to fit each surface in a school environment. Each X-Scrub machine offers different functions and features to help crew members tackle jobs more efficiently and effectively.

Let’s take a closer look at the different styles of floor scrubbers offered by Intelligent Design Manufacturing.

Manual Floor Scrubbers

The X-Scrub line includes manual floor scrubbers such as the X-Scrub Mini and the X-Scrub Pro. These machines are small but mighty and are designed to be easily maneuvered throughout a job site.

Operation is simple: Users can manually push their floor scrubber throughout a space much as they would a standard vacuum cleaner. IDM’s manual scrubbers are meant to be used in smaller commercial spaces, and their ergonomic design enables crew members to easily navigate around desks, turn tight corners, and reach hard-to-clean areas. 

This style of floor scrubber is versatile and cleans a variety of hard flooring surfaces. IDM’s manual models come with three different scrub brush styles, so users can choose the right fit for their floor surface.

For example, soft brushes are well-suited for use on finished floors, while more aggressive brushes can be used for restoration projects. Users can also control the speed and water flow of their machines depending upon the specific needs of their job site of flooring material.

Walk-Behind Floor Scrubbers 

IDM also offers walk-behind floor cleaner models, such as the X-Scrub 20 and the X-Scrub Max 20. Rather than being manually operated and maneuvered throughout a job site, these machines are self-propelled and can automatically run within a given area.

Both of these walk-behind scrubbers offer a cleaning path of 20”, which allows them to make quick work of large, open cleaning areas. 

IDM’s walk-behind floor scrubbers can run for up to 5 hours on a single charge, so crew members don’t have to worry about losing power halfway through a project. Also, these machines require minimal human intervention during operation, so you can basically take a “set it and forget it” approach.

By switching to a walk-behind floor scrubber, you make it possible for crew members to avert their attention to other cleaning tasks rather than losing more manpower on tedious and repetitive floor cleaning activities.

Incorporating self-propelled scrubbers into your cleaning process can help to cut back on employee burnout, reduce the incidence of repetitive strain injuries, and create a more efficient distribution of resources across the board.

Ride-On Floor Scrubbers

Our most heavy-duty floor cleaning solution is its line of ride-on floor scrubbers. These machines are designed for use in large, open areas like cafeterias, gymnasiums, and multipurpose rooms. However, they are compact enough for use in other school facilities.

The X-Scrub Rider 28, X-Scrub Rider 28 lite, X-Scrub Rider 32, and X-Scrub Rider 36 machines can all be driven throughout a cleaning area with ease. 

Users can choose between four different styles of ride-on machines depending on their desired cleaning path and functionality. However, each ride-on machine boasts ergonomic designs and can be easily maneuvered through hallways, doorways, and elevators.

Ride-on machines are a great solution for crews that wish to cut back on the amount of manual labor associated with the floor cleaning process. While these machines require manual operation, driving these machines throughout a cleaning site is far more efficient and less taxing for individual crew members.

IDM’s ride-on models feature intuitive controls for easier operation and can run for up to 5 hours on each charge. These machines are built to last, and they require minimal ongoing maintenance to remain in good working order.

Users can choose from a variety of different pads and brushes, which makes the X-Scrub Riders highly versatile and suited for use in a variety of job locations.

Where Can I Use an X-Scrub Machine?

K-12 facilities pose a number of interesting challenges for cleaning and maintenance crews. Many school complexes are comprised of multiple buildings that may feature several different flooring surfaces.

As a result, it’s important to invest in a floor cleaning solution that is compatible with a wide variety of flooring materials and can be easily navigated in spaces of different sizes. Within K-12 academic complexes, IDM’s X-Scrub machines can be used to clean spaces like: 

  • Cafeterias
  • Hallways
  • Locker rooms 
  • Restrooms 
  • Gymnasiums 
  • Multi-purpose rooms 
  • Classrooms 
  • Offices

If your space features a hard flooring surface like polished concrete, epoxy, LVT, or tile, you can keep it safe and clean with an X-Scrub machine from Intelligent Design Manufacturing. Simply choose the machine that best suits your crew, then swap out your pads and brushes to achieve the optimal clean throughout every corner of your school facility.

Take the Next Step Toward a Next-Level Clean 

We offer a variety of advanced floor cleaning products for K-12 cleaning and maintenance crews. IDM’s machines are designed to boost efficiency and deliver a more comprehensive, dependable result.

If you’re interested in learning more about leveling up your cleaning process or need help selecting the right machine for your team, reach out today to speak to an IDM representative. You can schedule a demonstration of the equipment to learn which machine is the best commercial floor cleaner for your particular needs.

Let’s get started today on delivering a powerful clean that supports the needs of everyone in your school or educational facility.



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