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The Best Concrete Grinder for Your Floors
The Best Concrete Grinder for Your Floors - Intelligent Design Manufacturing

The Best Concrete Grinder for Your Floors

If your daily routine includes maintaining concrete, terrazzo, or stone floors in an industrial setting, having a dedicated machine is a must. A concrete grinder and polisher can be invaluable for Building Service Contractors (BSCs) who deal with various spaces and need predictable, top-quality results every time.

Discover the best uses for this type of machine and how to identify the best concrete grinder to restore floors for continued use.

Where Can Grinders Be A Benefit?

A concrete grinder and polisher machine harnesses the cleaning power of spinning pads that come in various grit levels depending on the job. Operated by a single person, these precise walk-behind machines can help to clean, polish, and even out floors for aesthetic and safety purposes.

Manufacturing Facilities

When delicate equipment is in use at high speed, it’s important that the ground is level and free from rough spots. By sanding down trip hazards or smoothing out areas of high traffic, a heavy-duty grinder can prevent slowdowns or accidents.

Machine Shops

Are grease or chemical stains creating unsafe work environments? Using a polisher can get your concrete floors back to looking like new and increase productivity. Sanding removes residue better than surface wipes and keeps the area clean longer.


Repeated traffic from trucks and forklifts can wear down even the toughest floors. Regularly polishing concrete will increase its durability and lifespan, helping your clients save money and reduce safety risks during daily operations.

What to Look For in a New Machine

When it comes to finding the right concrete grinder, there are a few things you need to consider. Whether you’re responsible for one large area or multiple locations that need regular cleaning, it’s good to know what to look for.


How much consistent power does the unit have? If your day-to-day includes grinding and polishing concrete, you’ll want to make sure that one pass is enough.


How easy is the grinder to move from place to place? Does it offer removable parts for easier transport? Will it take more than one person to move around?


Can the pads on your grinder be swapped out for finer grit? Getting a machine with interchangeable parts lets you get more for your money and simplifies the cleaning process.

Grind and Polish Capabilities

Why buy two machines when you can purchase a multipurpose tool? Detachable pads make switching between heavy grinding and more delicate polishing a simple task. Instead of carting around two units, an easy switch allows for double the productivity!

IDM Offers Multiple Concrete Grinder Options

Intelligent Design Manufacturing (IDM) has a trio of concrete grinders and polishers that offer top-of-the-line build quality, extra features, and performance that you can be confident in. Our Mustang line is specifically designed to be used in a variety of spaces and is sure to fit into your workflow.

Mustang 22

The Mustang 22 is a versatile machine designed to be used in both open and more confined spaces. Boasting a 22-inch path thanks to its 3 planetary heads, it can easily take care of stains, spots, and uneven surfaces.

Adding a poly water tank helps cut down weight while also allowing switching between wet and dry grinding.

Mustang 27

As the most powerful grinder on the list, the Mustang 27 is meant for extended use in large areas. Take care of vast expanses of concrete floor in labs, warehouses, and industrial sites by leveraging its switchable motor that operates at 15hp in three-phase mode and 13hp in single-phase.

Clearing an impressive 27-inch path, you’ll make short work of any grinding or polishing job. An adjustable iron weight and floating dust shroud make the Mustang 27 easy to operate, and the vacuum hose connection helps alleviate dust and debris in more confined spaces.

Mustang 20

Combining the power of its bigger brother with some of the portability of the Mustang 22, the Mustang 20 is the perfect unit for mid-sized jobs that require a little more heft but still need increased maneuverability.

With its 20-inch path, it clears up stains and rough spots with ease, while the larger wheels and removable head make it easy to transport when the job is done.

Schedule a Demonstration!

Are you a Building Service Contractor in need of a dedicated concrete grinder and polisher? Not sure which IDM machine is right for your jobs? Get in touch with our team today!

We’ll be more than happy to schedule a demonstration so you can see hands-on how our line of machines performs at the top of their class. It’s time to discover the best concrete grinder for the job.



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