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The Best Way to Diamond Grind Concrete
The Best Way to Diamond Grind Concrete - Intelligent Design Manufacturing

The Best Way to Diamond Grind Concrete

If heavy traffic has ruined the surface texture of concrete floors at your place of business, then it may be time to consider a floor restoration project. Your best option for this project is to diamond grind concrete.

Let’s take a closer look at the process, the best way to execute the project, and the concrete grinder machines you need to do the job.

How Does it Work to Diamond Grind Concrete?

Concrete restoration is the process of removing divots, pits, and staining by grinding away the top layer of concrete. There are two main methods that you can use, which include scratch coat grinding and diamond grinding. Scratch coat grinding is tedious, labor-intensive, and time-consuming, so most people choose to diamond grind concrete instead.

Diamond grinding is more efficient and produces a surface texture that contains fine diamond scratches. Diamond grinders use diamond heads, which are hard enough to grind concrete away, and they get rid of contaminants and remove old mil coatings as well.

Diamond grinding concrete also opens up the pores of the concrete, which helps the epoxy to attach to the surface.

Note that several grits of diamonds may be required depending on the final desired gloss level or if your objective is just to prepare for epoxy.

If you want to diamond grind concrete the right way, here is how to do it.

Diamond Grinding Concrete Surfaces Like a Pro

The first step to diamond grinding concrete is to clear out your workspace. This step includes removing furniture, machinery, and anything else that might get in the way.

Once your workspace is clear, it is time to apply some elbow grease. You need to get the concrete surface as clean as possible. The most straightforward approach is to bring in a pressure washer to eliminate oil, grease, and grime. A power scrubber is a great alternative if you cannot use a pressure washer due to site conditions.

Once your surface is dry, you will need to run the diamond grinder over the entirety of the concrete surface. Ensure that you thoroughly grind the edges of the surface, as any missed areas will not receive the epoxy as effectively.

The final step (besides applying your epoxy, of course) is to vacuum up the debris. The diamond grinder will leave behind a trail of powdered concrete. Make sure that all of that is gone before applying your epoxy. Otherwise, it will become trapped underneath your bonds and ruin the look of your concrete surface.

That is all it takes to diamond grind concrete like a pro. Take your time, be thorough, and, most importantly, invest in quality equipment.

You will have to handle the diamond grinding yourself, but Intelligent Design Manufacturing (IDM) can help with that last part, thanks to our lineup of diamond grinders.

Streamline Your Concrete Pavement Restoration with IDM

IDM offers a premium line of concrete grinders and polishers in our “Mustang” series. The three machines in our diamond tooling lineup are as follows:

These machines feature a 20”, 22”, and 27” concrete grinding path, respectively. The compact Mustang 20 is ideal for small to medium-sized areas. The Mustang 22 is great for mid-sized to large surfaces, and the Mustang 27 is the perfect option for resurfacing vast areas.

All three devices can efficiently grind away the top layer of a concrete slab, leaving behind a polished, pristine surface.

Our Mustang line offers the ideal solution if you need to diamond grind concrete. Once you have restored your concrete, you can apply a sealant or coating to improve its appearance and preserve its newly polished surface.

Explore the Mustang lineup on our website to learn more about our machines. Have questions about the products? Contact us to discuss incorporating these machines into your company’s floor restoration process.



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