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The Only Walk Behind Floor Grinder You Need
The Only Walk Behind Floor Grinder You Need - Intelligent Design Manufacturing

The Only Walk Behind Floor Grinder You Need

Does your warehouse floor have divots and uneven coverage? Perhaps your lab’s epoxy coating needs an overhaul.

Or, are you a BSC needing a robust grinding machine to address the condition of various industrial and commercial surfaces?

Sealed or polished, concrete floors can withstand wear and tear from heavy equipment, foot traffic, drops and spills, and various other routine actions. But they’re not indestructible!

Years of use can take a toll on formerly pristine flooring. Even the most robust coverings start to show their age. So what can you do when concrete needs a refresh? A walk behind floor grinder is your key to renewed spaces.

What Can A Walk Behind Floor Grinder Accomplish?

Using a concrete grinder and polisher, technicians can:

  • Level out divots and humps that develop through repeated use.
  • Rough up areas in preparation for new coatings or to create traction.
  • Smoothly polish large areas where high traffic demands decreased friction and increased ease of movement.
  • Easily remove paint, stains, or coatings like epoxy from concrete so that a new surface can be applied.

With a variety of different grinding heads to choose from, one grinder unit can serve a multitude of purposes. It can be tailored to each job so that the results are precise and the machine operates as you expect.

How Do They Work?

The results might speak for themselves, but what is happening underneath the hood? How do we go from rough and scuffed to shiny and new?

Floor grinders operate by quickly rotating a set of abrasive pads in a circular motion while the operator pushes the entire unit forward. Each pad spins on its own while the trio rotates around a central axis. This process is called planetary rotation, like the solar system revolving around the sun.

As it moves, the machine’s grinding elements come into contact with the concrete surface and modify it in an even, decisive manner. Depending on the types of pads used, a walk behind floor grinder can roughen, smooth, level, or polish a hard floor quickly and easily.

By employing three smaller pads, the unit can triple the grinding power while also making maintenance uncomplicated. Switch out more abrasive components for polishers and get that floor buffed to a sheen.

Best Uses for a Walk Behind Floor Grinder

So why would your company need to purchase a concrete grinder and polisher? Several different scenarios could warrant this new acquisition:

  • Is your old floor littered with paint, markings, and stains?
  • Does your epoxy topcoat need replacement due to years of routine wear?
  • Are you looking to even out a large area of concrete that exhibits many different surface textures?
  • Do you constantly need to patch and buff small areas of concrete?

All of these situations can be solved with just one machine!

The IDM Mustang Series

Intelligent Design Manufacturing has a range of concrete grinders and polishers that prioritize efficiency and maneuverability. The Mustang 27 from IDM is our company’s most robust walk behind floor grinder and boasts an impressive 27-inch path.

1. As the machine passes along the concrete, its three 9-inch counter-rotating heads effortlessly smooth, polish, and burnish any impurities from the floor.

2. The attached dust shroud and vacuum hose connection keeps annoying particulates to a minimum, making sure that clean-up is quick and less material settles on the surrounding areas.

3. An optional water tank attachment means that you can use the Mustang 27 for wet or dry grinding. The interchangeable multi-function heads ensure the machine is up for whatever task your company might need.

4. The Mustang 27 is usable as a straightforward grinder or as a polisher for concrete, terrazzo, or polishable stone floors.

User-Friendly Equipment

Worried that such a heavy-duty piece of equipment will be hard to maneuver or store? The Mustang 27 was built with usability and practicality in mind.

The Mustang 27 has a compact control panel and adjustable handle that makes operation simple and straightforward. When the job is done, this machine also boasts a removable head and larger wheels, so transport is a breeze.

By making it easy to use and maneuverable by a single operator, IDM ensures that jobs get done without additional equipment or tedious steps.

Schedule a Demonstration of the Mustang 27

The Mustang 27 could be just the machine your company needs. If concrete floors are in need of some rejuvenation, get in touch with IDM to schedule a demonstration.

The Mustang 27 is available for an evaluation immediately, and our representatives will be more than happy to walk your team through pricing, maintenance, and performance questions.

Whether prepping a new area or refreshing a well-used space, a walk behind floor grinder from IDM is the ideal solution for your concrete grinding needs.



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