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This Compact Auto Floor Scrubber is Ideal for Small Businesses

This Compact Auto Floor Scrubber is Ideal for Small Businesses

If you want your small business to thrive, you must create and maintain a positive brand image. Many different factors influence how customers perceive your business. One such factor is the cleanliness of your floors.

If your floors are dirty and dingy, customers may hesitate to patronize your business, especially if you operate in retail or food service.

Unfortunately, keeping your floors spotless can take more work than expected. That’s because traditional household machines from big-box stores don’t cut it for business purposes.

The good news is that Intelligent Design Manufacturing (IDM) has developed the ideal floor scrubbing solution. The X-Scrub Mini, our revolutionary compact auto floor scrubber, makes floor cleaning a breeze.

What Is the X-Scrub Mini?

The X-Scrub Mini is our most compact auto floor scrubber. It’s battery-operated and lightweight, with an 11”-wide cleaning path and a 360-degree swiveling brush head. This robust scrubber provides 90 minutes of run time on a single charge. Here’s how it works:

  • As you push the scrubber forward, it sprays a premeasured amount of cleaning solution.
  • The powerful rotating brush breaks up dirt and debris.
  • The vacuum captures dirt, debris, and excess cleaning solution.
  • The result is a sparkling, sanitized floor.

The IDM scrubber doesn’t just move dirt around — it actually removes it. That’s what makes it superior to mops and other basic cleaning tools.

The Problem with Other Floor Cleaning Tools

Speaking of other cleaning tools, there are many reasons why some of the more well-known options aren’t the right fit for your small business. For instance, other cleaning options tend to suffer for the following reasons.


Pushing a mop around takes forever. If just one person is cleaning, it can take them an hour or more to mop your whole business. Talk about a waste of time.

What’s the alternative?

One option is a big, bulky floor scrubber. Sure, these devices can clean open areas much faster, but what about smaller spaces and those with lots of furniture or accessories? To clean those, you either have to move the furniture or switch back to the mop-and-bucket approach. Both options are less than efficient.


Most people wouldn’t necessarily consider mops “messy,” but if you’ve ever used one, you know they can be.

Think about it — whenever your cleaning crew uses a mop, they splash large volumes of water on the floor. They’re then pushing that water around, hoping the mop head will absorb some of the dirt. Once the mop becomes saturated, it can no longer absorb all that water.

Consequently, mopping leaves behind a lot of slick, wet residue. The more water left behind, the longer it takes your floors to drive. Drying time translates to lost productivity because your team can’t walk on wet, slippery floors.


Do mops actually remove dirt and debris? Maybe a little. But for the most part, they just push dirt and grime around. That’s why your floors look less clean than you’d like.

Dirt isn’t the only thing getting left behind, though. Your mop is also pushing around bacteria and germs, which is a significant problem for restaurants and food service establishments.

Tedious to Use

Mopping can be very laborious, especially if one team member has to mop the whole service area by themselves. The last thing your crew wants to do at the end of a long shift is pushing around a filthy mop.

You could consider hiring a full-time janitor, but that’s probably not financially viable. The simple answer is to upgrade your cleaning equipment. Providing your staff with an easy-to-use floor scrubber will take the hassle out of this important daily chore.

Why the X-Scrub Mini?

Tired of dealing with gross-looking floors? Of course you are. You take pride in your business and want it to look great day in and day out. That’s why you need the X-Scrub Mini.

The X-Scrub Mini is the ideal match for your business for the following reasons.


The X-Scrub Mini rivals residential floor scrubbers in terms of size and weight. Because it’s so compact, it can easily get into even the tightest spaces. A few areas you can clean with the X-Scrub Mini include:

  • Closets
  • Kitchens
  • Dining rooms
  • Offices
  • Hallways
  • Bathrooms

The X-Scrub Mini can maneuver around stationary furniture, between chairs, and through cramped rooms. You can clean every square inch of your business with our auto scrubber in much less time than it would take you with a traditional mop and bucket, guaranteed.

The compact design doesn’t just make the X-Scrub Mini easy to use. It also makes it easy to store. You can stash the X-Scrub Mini just about anywhere.

Simply empty the fluid reservoir and park it. Then, plug it in so it’s fully charged for the next shift. It’s that easy!


Don’t let the X-Scrub Mini’s size fool you. This is no household floor scrubber. It’s a commercial scrubber with business-grade power.

The 36-volt, 5.2-amp motor can tackle just about any mess. Some of the debris you can clean with the X-Scrub Mini includes:

  • Dirt
  • Grime
  • Grease
  • Oil
  • Mud
  • Spills
  • Stains

The X-Scrub Mini is also suitable for a wider range of surface types. A few examples include:

  • Epoxy floors
  • Sealed concrete
  • Luxury vinyl planks
  • Ceramic tile

With our floor scrubber, your team will no longer have to switch tools as they transition from one area to the next. They can clean your entire business with one tool, the X-Scrub Mini.


Many commercial floor scrubbers still rely on big, bulky extension cords. These cords aren’t just annoying to contend with — they can be dangerous. Having a 50’–100’ cord snaking across the floor of your business creates a serious trip hazard for staff.

The X-Scrub Mini remedies this headache via a cordless, battery-powered design. Its rechargeable battery offers 90 minutes of operation, giving you ample time to clean your entire business.


Toting around a bulky floor scrubber can wear down your staff. Mops aren’t much better. Even though they’re lightweight, using them to break up tough stains requires your team to apply a lot of elbow grease.

The X-Scrub Mini was designed with the end user in mind. It has a lightweight housing that makes it easy to push, as well as a swiveling brush head and high-quality commercial wheels. It’s quiet, too.

Did we mention it’s low maintenance? All your team has to do to keep the X-Scrub Mini in top shape is clean the filters, blades, and squeegees periodically.

What Businesses Would Benefit from the X-Scrub Mini?

The X-Scrub Mini is versatile enough to meet the needs of just about any small business. A few types of businesses that should consider the X-Scrub Mini include:

  • Restaurants
  • Retailers
  • Small offices
  • Banks
  • Spas

Our compact scrubber is powerful enough to handle the toughest messes but can also maneuver through tight spaces. This intelligent design allows cleaning crews to quickly clean and sanitize floors without moving furniture.

There’s no question that the X-Scrub Mini is great for small businesses, but it can also make an excellent addition to any large facility’s cleaning tools.

Try Our Compact Auto Floor Scrubber

The X-Scrub Mini is changing the way small businesses clean their floors. Our scrubber is fast, efficient, and user-friendly, and it can leave your floors looking like new. So why are you still wasting time with an old-school mop and bucket?

Are you ready to try IDM’s compact auto floor scrubber and ditch the mop? If so, we invite you to book a free demo. Once you see the X-Scrub Mini in action, you’ll be certain it’s the ideal cleaning tool for your small business.



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