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What is the Best Tool for Polishing Concrete?

What is the Best Tool for Polishing Concrete?

Does your workspace have concrete surfaces that need constant upkeep? Or perhaps you’re a Building Service Contractor (BSC) who needs to regularly grind and smooth the floors of large spaces.

When handling vast concrete areas, what is the best tool for polishing concrete? Find out why a combination concrete floor grinder and polisher might be just the machinery you need.

Why Do You Need to Polish Concrete?

Many warehouses, labs, and industrial areas rely on a concrete floor’s sturdiness and reliability. But why go to the trouble of polishing a surface that already boasts such durability?

  • Rough concrete can abrade tires over time and wear on components that are regularly moved across its surface.
  • A smooth floor is easier to clean and resists stains and blemishes from spills and daily use.
  • Polished concrete is harder and resists heavy scratches better than epoxy or untreated flooring.

These situations call for a robust machine to restore concrete surfaces in industrial settings.

What to Look For When Polishing Concrete

If your cleaning routine regularly involves polishing concrete, adding a sturdy polishing unit to your fleet will save you time and money. But what are the primary features you need to pay attention to when considering the best tool for polishing concrete? Consider asking these questions.

1. Where Are You Working?

If your regular schedule sees a lot of polishing in an enclosed space, make sure your polisher is able to operate in an environment without much ventilation. Because of the fine particulates that can whip up during the process, a dust control system is a must in these situations.

2. Is It Easily Transportable?

Many units include weights to ensure operators maintain control of the unit while in use. This functional addition – coupled with the motor and hardware necessary for polishing – can add up quickly and make some machines hard to transport. Look for one with detachable components and sturdy wheels that make moving the unit around a breeze.

3. Are There Other Features?

Add-ons like a water tank, vacuum connection, and swappable heads can expand the usability of your polisher. Buying one machine that can polish, grind, and buff helps to streamline the process. We have you covered.

IDM Has the Best Tool for Polishing Concrete

Intelligent Design Manufacturing (IDM) offers three combination concrete grinder/polishers that boast top-of-the-line technology and are easy to use. Our Mustang product line offers usability, durability, and ease of use.

Mustang 27

With its switchable single- and three-phase grinder design and a 27-inch path, the Mustang 27 is the most powerful of the three offerings. However, just because this unit is a powerhouse doesn’t mean it’s hard to operate! Its simple control panel, adjustable handle bar, and large wheels make working with this machine easy and straightforward.

Mustang 20

The Mustang 20 boasts a 20-inch single-phase planetary grinder that works well in both open and confined spaces. Like its bigger brothers, it also works as a grinder/polisher but fits all of the functionality into a compact package.

Mustang 22

The mid-sized contender in the Mustang lineup, the Mustang 22 features a 22-inch path and marries the maneuverability of the Mustang 20 with the more robust features of the Mustang 27. With a stainless steel water tank and a floating dust shroud for wet and dry grinding, it makes short work of imperfections in its way.

Schedule a Demonstration

Do you need a reliable concrete polisher but still have a few questions? Why not schedule a demonstration? The IDM team is standing by to help you through a comparison of all three machines in the Mustang line. Get in touch today to schedule a demo. See for yourself which is the best tool for polishing concrete.



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