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What Surfaces Can Compact Floor Scrubbers Clean?
X-Scrub Mini easily cleaning small space under bathroom sink.

What Surfaces Can Compact Floor Scrubbers Clean?

Commercial and industrial spaces require top-tier maintenance to remain fully operational. Safety hazards, poor sanitation, and other maintenance issues can cause significant headaches for visitors and business owners alike – and can even be a source of financial strain.

To meet high cleanliness standards, it’s essential to invest in quality cleaning equipment that is up to the task of maintaining large commercial spaces. The best option is to seek solutions such as compact floor scrubbers designed to work effectively on a wide range of surfaces and in several different environments.

Let’s take a look at some of the surfaces that can be cleaned using an industrial floor scrubber. We’ll also introduce you to our signature compact floor scrubber – the X-Scrub Mini.

Compact Floor Scrubbers: The Basics

Floor scrubbers are an advanced cleaning solution intended to replace traditional cleaning products like mops and buckets.

A floor scrubbing machine dispenses water onto a flooring surface and uses an assortment of brushes or floor pads to scrub the floor clean. The machine then vacuums the dirty water into a recovery tank to prevent cross-contamination during the rest of the job.

That’s the typical floor scrubber. Our line of X-Scrub floor scrubbers take it up a notch. We built floor scrubbers that are compact and easy to maneuver in tight spaces, making it easier to reach spots that may have been left untouched by other cleaning apparatuses.

Our floor scrubbers are battery-powered, allowing cleaning crews to tackle messes unencumbered by unwieldy power cords. We provide cleaning crews with a high degree of control over their cleaning process, making it possible to realize a comprehensive, spot-free clean.

The X-Scrub Mini

IDM’s most compact floor-scrubbing machine is known as the X-Scrub Mini. This machine is small but mighty and gives other, much larger products a run for their money! Its folding capabilities make the X-Scrub Mini a great cleaning solution for spaces of all shapes and sizes.

  • Ergonomic design allows cleaning crews to effortlessly clean hard-to-reach spots.
  • Easy to store and transport, making it an ideal solution for teams that clean multiple buildings or locations on a regular basis.
  • Boasts an 11” cleaning path.
  • Can run for up to 90 minutes on a single charge.
  • Delivers unparalleled efficacy and efficiency.

- Check out this video to see the X-Scrub Mini in action!

What Kinds of Floors Can the X-Scrub Mini Clean?

The X-Scrub Mini is an ideal floor-cleaning solution for business owners and building service contractors due largely to its versatility.

In addition to being easy to maneuver in a wide range of spaces and layouts, the X-Scrub Mini is also designed to deliver a top-notch clean on several different flooring surfaces. Let’s take a look at some of the flooring surfaces the X-Scrub Mini can handle.

Ceramic Tile

The X-Scrub Mini is gentle enough to effectively clean ceramic tile without damaging the flooring surface. Its rotating brush heads can deliver a deep clean in grout lines as well as on the tiles themselves, making the X-Scrub Mini an ideal cleaning solution for restrooms, locker rooms, and more.

LVT Flooring

LVT is an increasingly popular flooring material in residential and commercial spaces due to its cost-efficiency and relative durability. LVT can be manufactured to resemble a wide range of other flooring materials in order to accommodate several different design schemes.

The X-Scrub Mini makes quick work of cleaning LVT floors without wearing down the vinyl or inadvertently jostling the tiles.

Polished Concrete

Many industrial buildings feature polished concrete floors due to their high levels of resistance and relatively minimal maintenance requirements.

The X-Scrub Mini can be used to deep-clean polished concrete floors in order to prevent potential safety hazards caused by oil spills or other periodic maintenance issues.

Epoxy Floors

Epoxy floors must be carefully maintained without the use of harsh chemicals or other cleaning products. For this reason, a machine like the X-Scrub Mini is an excellent option for preserving epoxy flooring surfaces.

The X-Scrub is capable of delivering a highly effective clean without harming a floor’s epoxy coating, even with prolonged use.

Clean Up Your Cleaning Process with IDM

Intelligent Design Manufacturing (IDM) provides industry-leading cleaning solutions for business owners and contractors looking to tackle their cleaning and maintenance projects.

When you’re looking for compact floor scrubbers that can handle your specific needs, IDM has the right solution for your team.
To learn more about our floor scrubbing products, reach out today to schedule a demo. Let us know that you would like to see the X-Scrub Mini for yourself!



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