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Why Small Businesses Need This Self Propelled Floor Scrubber
IDM’s X-Scrub Max 20.

Why Small Businesses Need This Self Propelled Floor Scrubber

Is your team tired of cleaning floors the old-fashioned way with a mop and bucket? If so, it’s time to upgrade your floor cleaning equipment.

Intelligent Design Manufacturing (IDM) has the perfect solution for your business. Our innovative machine is a self propelled floor scrubber known as the X-Scrub Max 20.

The X-Scrub Max 20 can tackle small and large areas for your small business. From dining room floors to the tight aisles in a retail space, our floor scrubber is up to the task. Here is why you can benefit from utilizing one of our powerful cleaning machines.

What’s the X-Scrub Max 20?

The X-Scrub Max 20 is IDM’s most robust floor scrubber. Its core features include:

The X-Scrub Max 20 can take on any hard surface. You can use it to clean surfaces such as:

  • Laminate
  • Tile
  • Epoxy
  • Concrete
  • And more

It packs plenty of punch and can take on any mess. You can get rid of dirt, debris, and many other substances that may end up on surfaces in your business space:

  • Oil
  • Grease
  • Food waste
  • Sugary drinks

The X-Scrub Max 20’s huge cleaning path allows you to quickly sanitize small and large areas. You can maneuver around corners or between tables and address huge open spaces, all with one piece of equipment.

- Take a look at this video to see the X-Scrub Max 20 in action!

Benefits of the X-Scrub Max 20

By upgrading to our self propelled floor scrubber, you can achieve serious benefits. Just take a look.

Reduce Effort

Cleaning floors manually takes a whole lot of elbow grease. Despite your team’s best efforts, the floors may not even appear all that clean. That’s because mops just aren’t that great at cleaning up messes. They mostly just push the dirt around.

But, the X-Scrub Max 20 takes the hassle out of cleaning floors. You can achieve a superior level of cleanliness with far less effort. Sounds like a win-win.

Clean Faster

Cleaning floors with a mop and bucket takes forever. Small, electric cleaning tools found at big box stores can help pick up the pace a bit. But many of these tools aren’t designed for business use. As such, they quickly wear down.

The X-Scrub Max 20 is far superior to other available options. Our self propelled floor scrubber allows your team to clean your business with ease. All you have to do is mix up the solution, turn on the machine, and guide it along your floors. The X-Scrub Max 20 does the rest.

Now you can clean your entire space in minutes, not hours.

Eliminate the Need for Rework

Ever inspect your floors after the cleaning crew leaves, only to find that it is still filthy? Now you have to ask your team to go back and try again. This frustrating experience can create tension and waste time and money.

The X-Scrub Max 20 allows your team to clean the floors right the first time. They will no longer have to log extra hours recleaning your restaurant, bar, or store. Instead, they can quickly perform their assigned tasks and get off the clock.

Keep Your Floors Looking Like New

Customers pay attention to everything, including your floors. If your floors are filthy, it will impact customer perception of your business.

With the X-Scrub Max 20, you can keep your floors looking like new. You can eliminate stains or tough messes and extend the service life of your flooring. And, trust us, your customers will notice the difference.

Book a Demo of Our Self Propelled Floor Scrubber

Want to see IDM’s self propelled floor scrubber in action? Contact us today to schedule a demo of the X-Scrub Max 20.

Once you see this powerful machine for yourself, you’ll agree that your business needs the X-Scrub Max 20.



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