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Why Use a Rotary Brush Floor Scrubber?
Why Use a Rotary Brush Floor Scrubber? - Intelligent Design Manufacturing

Why Use a Rotary Brush Floor Scrubber?

Is your business still cleaning floors with a big, bulky machine? Sure, these machines might be able to get the job done, but they are clumsy and cannot navigate all the areas of your facility.

As a result, your cleaning team must tackle tight spaces with a filthy mop and bucket. Not only is that process not practical, but it does not inspire cleanliness either.

The good news is there is a better way to deep clean your floors. You can replace your large floor cleaner and the old mop with a rotary brush floor scrubber that can wash surfaces quickly and reach all the tight spaces.

Let’s take a closer look at what these machines can do.

Benefits of a Rotary Brush Floor Scrubber

This type of floor scrubber is the best way to clean your floors for the following reasons.

Have Powerful Rotating Brushes

Mops don’t offer the cleaning power needed to break up tough stains, and ride-on machines can only tackle set-in messes if they can reach them. A rotary brush floor scrubber can easily reach messes and eliminate them.

The top scrubbers have dual counter-rotating brushes that can handle dirt, grime, grease, and more, leaving your floors looking cleaner than ever. They encourage sanitation and help you put forth a positive image to customers.

Provide Better Water Control

When your crew mops, they are basically just pushing dirty water across the floor. Not only is that unsanitary, but it’s also careless. Not to mention, once finished mopping, you have to waste time waiting on the floors to dry.

A rotary floor scrubber offers better water control over mopping. First, it applies just enough water and solution to clean your floors. Then, its rotating brushes go to work. After that, the machine’s powerful vacuum draws in leftover water.

Floor scrubbers cut down on water waste and reduce drying time, meaning your team can return to work sooner without dirtying your freshly cleaned floors.

Exhibit Exceptional Efficiency

You likely bought your ride-on floor scrubber to cut down on cleaning time, but a machine like that will not reach all corners of your facility, meaning your team still has to break out the mop and bucket to finish cleaning, erasing any time savings you may have thought you gained.

On the other hand, a rotary floor scrubber can really improve cleaning efficiency. Your team can clean every inch of your business with a floor scrubber and quickly power through huge hallways. They can then make their way to more crowded areas without changing machines.

Accommodate Different Brushes

Chances are that you have several types of flooring throughout your business, all of which need a different level of care.

Many ride-on machines use a one-size-fits-all approach with soft brushes that are safe for finished floors, but these brushes are not suitable for restorations, and some units can’t properly clean industrial floors either.

A rotary brush scrubber can adjust to all sorts of brush heads, which lets you clean just about any hard floor. The best equipment has soft brushes for finished floors and aggressive ones for repair projects. They even feature extra gentle cleaning pads and daily-use brushes.

Feature a Unique Swivel Action

Ride-on floor cleaning machines don’t turn on a dime. If your team misses a spot, going back can be a tedious process. Even if they are experts at running the machine, they won’t be able to clean your entire floor in one shot.

This type of scrubber features 360-degree swivel action so that they can get anywhere. Your crew can clean under tables, around chairs, and behind doors with ease.

The swivel action boosts cleaning efficiency as well because your team won’t have to stop what they are doing to move furniture or equipment. Instead, they can efficiently work around obstacles and move on to the next area.

The X-Scrub Pro: The Best Scrubber on the Market

Rotary brush floor scrubbers sound great, but not all are created equal. If you want the best rotary scrubber on the market, you need the X-Scrub Pro, one of Intelligent Design Manufacturing’s (IDM’s) most popular scrubbers.

Our floor scrubber is big enough to handle large areas while also tight enough to navigate tight corners.

The X-Scrub Pro also features the following:

  • A 17” cleaning path
  • 60 minutes of wireless runtime
  • Dual counter-rotating brushes
  • 360-degree swivel
  • Multiple brushes
  • Variable pad speed
  • Adjustable water control
  • Rugged housing

These features make the X-Scrub Pro well-suited for a wide range of industrial applications alongside restaurants, gyms, and offices. If you need a powerful scrubber that can reach anywhere, the X-Scrub Pro is up to the task.

Use Cases for the X-Scrub Pro

The X-Scrub Pro is incredibly versatile. On that note, let’s discuss some industry and surface-specific uses for IDM’s powerful machine.

1. Use Case by Industry

The X-Scrub Pro is a great fit for the following industrial settings.

Industrial Facilities

Industrial facilities stand to benefit most from the X-Scrub Pro. It has the power to clean up oil, tough stains, and grease, and powerful brushes can be used for resurfacing. Keeping floors clean encourages worker safety and helps prevent accidents.

Office Buildings

Office buildings (or any space with lots of foot traffic) would benefit from the X-Scrub Pro as well. It can easily clean tiles or other hard surfaces without disrupting employees. Keeping floors spotless with the X-Scrub Pro will help businesses maintain a positive brand image.


Sanitation is a top priority for restaurants, but mopping floors the old-fashioned way is rarely sanitary. Enter the X-Scrub Pro, which can leave restaurant floors looking like new.


Hospital floors are exposed to a wide range of substances and waste, and the X-Scrub Pro is strong enough to handle them all. With our scrubber, staff can maintain a clean, safe environment for patients.

Use Case by Surface

The X-Scrub Pro can be used to clean the following surfaces.

Finished Floors

The X-Scrub Pro’s soft bristled brushes can help clean finished floors, like basketball courts. Its brushes are gentle enough to clean any finished floor without leaving a scratch.


If you’re tired of struggling to keep your tiles clean, the X-Scrub Pro can do it for you and leave the grout looking great too. Its dual counter-rotating brushes can reach even the tightest spaces for a deeper, more complete clean.


The X-Scrub Pro can even be used on concrete, too, by swapping out its normal brush for our resurfacing head. The X-Scrub Pro’s resurfacing brushes can prep your concrete for resealing and get rid of oil stains.

Schedule a Demo to Learn More

If you have been searching for the best rotary brush floor scrubber on the market, look no further than the X-Scrub Pro. Our solution is fast, efficient, and powerful enough for every job.

To learn more about the X-Scrub Pro and our other floor scrubbing machines, book a demo and see them in action for yourself. Once you do, you’ll never want to clean your floors without them again.



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