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Why You Need a Small Battery Powered Floor Scrubber for Your Business
Why You Need a Small Battery Powered Floor Scrubber for Your Business - Intelligent Design Manufacturing

Why You Need a Small Battery Powered Floor Scrubber for Your Business

A small battery powered floor scrubber is a powerful tool for companies across various industries. Whether you do business out of an industrial shop, an office building, or a retail location, you can use this type of floor scrubber to maintain cleanliness.

We recommend using a compact floor scrubber to get the job done for many reasons. Let’s review the most important reasons you should invest in this product.

Top Reasons to Use a Small Battery Powered Floor Scrubber

Whether you’re looking to save time and effort or need a convenient solution to clean hard surfaces, there are a few great reasons to use a small floor scrubber that fits your needs.

1. Saves Effort

One of the primary benefits of using a battery-powered floor scrubber is that you don’t need a cord! This advantage will save tremendous effort by allowing you to maneuver the scrubber to where cleaning needs to take place.

Many scrubbers on the market require electrical power, making it difficult to efficiently clean business spaces. But, with a floor scrubber that uses battery power, you can focus on getting the job done instead of trying to find the nearest wall plug.

2. Gets into Hard-to-Reach Places

A compact floor scrubber allows you to reach places that a bulky floor scrubber simply cannot get to:

  • Around toilets and sinks in company restrooms.
  • Behind large pieces of office furniture in an office building.
  • Near machinery in a machine shop or other industrial setting.
  • Other hard-to-reach areas in your place of business.

Reaching difficult places and no more cord is a great combination. A small battery powered floor scrubber can make a huge difference in maintaining cleanliness throughout every critical area of your facility.

3. Supports Health and Well-Being

Bacteria and viruses like to hide. And they like to hide on uncleaned floors. If you’re not thoroughly scrubbing your facility floors, you could expose customers, employees, and other personnel to harmful germs.

We understand that it’s difficult to clean every square inch of your floor surfaces every day. You may even try using a mop to clean floors quickly. But mops just move dirt and germs around instead of actually cleaning surfaces.

We recommend having a compact floor scrubber handy to create a clean, sanitary, and disinfected floor surface. Get ready to replace your mop so that you can truly protect the people that use your space.

Where to Find a Small Battery Powered Floor Scrubber

If you’re ready to elevate your cleaning power for your business, we recommend finding out more about our revolutionary product that fits what you are searching for.

The X-Scrub Mini (formerly MyHouseKeeper) is the only single-pad, folding, 360-degree swivel floor scrubber on the market. It’s battery-powered and compact:

  • Single scrubber, 11″ machine.
  • Works on a 90-minute run time.
  • Includes a rechargeable 36-volt 5.2 amp battery pack.
  • Ideal for ceramic tile, LVT, polished concrete, and epoxy floors.

The team at Intelligent Design Manufacturing (IDM) built this floor scrubber with your business in mind. Instead of spreading dirty water around your floor using a mop, you can use our product to use fresh water and maintain clean surfaces. The X-Scrub Mini removes dirt and other contaminants to bring floor surfaces back to their natural state.

Whether you need to save time and effort, want to reach crevices, or are looking for better ways to support health in the COVID era, the X-Scrub Mini will get the job done by creating clean surfaces.

If you’d like to learn more about using our small battery powered floor scrubber at your place of business, contact us to schedule a demo. We’ll show you how our product will completely transform how you maintain cleanliness at your facility.



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