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Why Your Hospital Needs This Wet/Dry Commercial Vacuum
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Why Your Hospital Needs This Wet/Dry Commercial Vacuum

Why Your Hospital Needs This Wet/Dry Commercial Vacuum

In 2017, the American Journal of Infection Control published a study that formally classified hospital floors as “critical” cleaning areas when seeking to control the spread of healthcare-associated diseases. To keep areas as safe and clean as possible, hospital cleaning crews must invest in top-tier cleaning equipment to help them do the job.

Intelligent Design Manufacturing (IDM) offers a wide variety of floor cleaning solutions designed to help hospital cleaning crews achieve a deeper, more dependable clean. One such solution is IDM’s line of wet/dry commercial vacuum machines.

These machines are a powerful, affordable, and effective tool for cleaning hospital floors and mitigating the spread of harmful pathogens and bacteria. Explore our line of wet/dry vacuums to see why hospital cleaning crews should incorporate these machines into their cleaning routines.

What is a Wet/Dry Commercial Vacuum?

A wet/dry vacuum is a high-capacity machine that can clean up solid dirt and debris as well as wet messes. These machines are incredibly versatile, which makes them a valuable asset for commercial cleaning environments like hospitals.

Unlike traditional vacuums that are suitable only for dry surfaces, wet/dry vacuum cleaners are specially constructed so they can effectively suction up wet messes, such as spills, leaks, or even flooded areas.

The built-in versatility of these machines is particularly valuable in healthcare settings where cleanliness and sanitation are of the utmost importance. Wet/dry vacuums tend to be highly durable but easy to transport, which makes them an excellent fit for large job sites like hospitals. 

Since wet/dry vacuums feature dual functionality, crews can cut back on the number of machines they need for a cleaning job and streamline their cleaning process overall. 

IDM’s Line of Powerful Wet/Dry Vacuums

Intelligent Design Manufacturing is a well-respected provider of top-tier commercial cleaning equipment, including wet/dry vacs. IDM’s CHAMP line of wet/dry vacuums was designed with efficiency, versatility, and affordability in mind.

Take a closer look at our wet/dry vacuum models that provide superior cleaning capabilities for cleaning crews.


The CHAMP20WVC wet/dry vacuum features a 20-gallon tank and built-in hose and wand to simplify the process of cleaning hard surfaces. Here’s why this unit is a great addition to the equipment used by modern hospital cleaning crews:

  • Boasts top-tier suction power.
  • More powerful and less bulky than big-box wet/dry vacuums.
  • Easy to maneuver throughout a job site.
  • Boosted by intuitive controls for easy use.


The CHAMP23DMFMS wet/dry vacuum model is similar to the CHAMP20 but boasts a 23-gallon tank and a built-in, front-mounted squeegee tool. The squeegee has a 30” range, so this machine can easily tackle heavy-duty liquid messes.

The CHAMP23DMFMS can deftly clean patient rooms, hallways, and more high-traffic areas, thanks to its ergonomic design and top-of-the-line suction power.

While other wet/dry vacuums feature a single vac motor, the CHAMP23DMFMS comes equipped with a dual vac motor to deliver an even more powerful clean.

Why Invest in a Wet/Dry Vacuum from IDM?

Healthcare facilities pose unique challenges to modern cleaning professionals. Hospital complexes often feature a variety of different spaces, each of which presents its own set of high-level cleaning needs.

Unfortunately, many traditional cleaning tools merely move dirt and debris around a space without fully removing unwanted substances. These sub-par methods fail to deliver the kind of clean required by healthcare facilities where health and safety are the number one priority. 

IDM’s wet/dry vacuums deliver enhanced cleanliness and can be used to tackle a wider variety of messes than standard vacuums alone.

Interested in learning more about a wet/dry commercial vacuum from IDM? Reach out today to speak with a team member about your needs. We can even schedule a demo to showcase the must-have features and functionality to enhance your hospital cleaning routine.



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