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X-Scrub Pro


The X-Scrub® Pro industrial floor scrubber is a dual brush swivel micro-cleaning machine that gets into tight spaces and works for all hard surfaces. Find out more.


The X-Scrub® Pro can clean virtually any hard surface found in industrial settings. No matter the mess, dirt, or grime, this powerful floor cleaner can handle demanding situations that mops can only dream of addressing.

Our dual brush, folding, Multi-directional swivel design micro floor scrubber is ideal for manufacturing, education, commercial buildings, BSCs, airports, restaurants, and other industrial settings. It deposits clean water every time and can be used with various interchangeable brushes:

  • Soft brushes for finished floors.
  • Aggressive brushes for restorations.
  • Daily brushes for everyday clean-up jobs.

X-Scrub PRO catalog page
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X-Scrub PRO specsheet PDF
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