Floor Scrubber Manufacturers and Innovators

We are a team of floor cleaning professionals who deeply care about improving the quality of hard floor surfaces. With years of experience under our belt, our cleaning machines are manufactured to provide the most thorough cleaning in all settings.

What Makes IDM Unique in the Market

Intelligent Design Manufacturing (IDM) was started by Guy Cordell, Jr. in 2020 to launch a series of compact, robust, and lightweight floor cleaning machines to get the job done in numerous industries.

Guy knows the floor cleaning industry. He grew up in his family business of providing janitorial supplies and equipment to the market. After 20+ years in the industry, Guy decided there was a better way to place high-powered floor scrubbers and other cleaning equipment into the hands of hard-working floor cleaning professionals.

Led by Guy’s expertise, IDM is focused on increasing the quality of floor cleaning offerings to clients. We offer a unique product line of floor scrubbers, wet dry vacuums, concrete grinders and polishers, and other concrete accessories professionals need across multiple industries.


We listen to your needs.


We focus on collaboration.


We look for opportunities to support you.

Ultimately, our goal is to help businesses everywhere get cleaner floors without the hassle! Get in touch with the IDM team to schedule a demo of our products and find a floor cleaning solution that fits your need.

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