Commercial Floor Cleaning Machines for Your Janitorial Business

Get more done with less effort get by using our revolutionary floor cleaning equipment in virtually every facility space.

Inside Our Solution for Janitorial Services

Janitorial companies need access to the latest floor cleaning equipment. Service providers can reduce overtime, increase productivity, and keep their employees happy using our product line of floor scrubbers, wet dry vacuums, concrete grinders and polishers, and other concrete accessories.

Our floor cleaning machines are ideal for industrial spaces, corporate offices, educational settings, healthcare facilities, and customer-driven spaces like restaurants, bars, and retail locations.

Problems Solved in Corporate Office Settings


Slows the Spread

Cleaning crews can do their part to protect individuals that use each space. Our machines take care of harmful germs, bacteria, and viruses.


No More Mop

Instead of dragging a mop and bucket around, cleaning crews can use fresh water in our cleaning machines to efficiently clean and dry floors instantly.


Multi-Purpose Use

Our machines can service virtually any hard surface – no more switching cleaning solutions for each floor surface that needs to be cleaned.


Reduce Wear and Tear

Cleaning crews will be able to get more done with less effort, reducing the risk of callouts, sick days, and workers’ comp claims.

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Want to Become a Distributor?

Your clients will love our machines, and you can count on us to have them in stock and ready to ship when you need them.

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