Best Floor Cleaning Machine for Schools and Community Centers

Students, staff, and community leaders need access to clean, safe spaces. Clean every inch of flooring in shared rooms and buildings with the help of our compact cleaning machines.

Inside Our Solution for Schools and Community Centers

It can be challenging to meet health and safety protocols in educational environments. Instead of spending countless hours mopping floors, cleaning crews can utilize our line of floor scrubbers, wet dry vacuums, concrete grinders and polishers, and other concrete accessories to get the job done with less effort.

Our floor cleaning machines are ideal for pre-schools, K-12 school rooms, gymnasiums, workout facilities, community buildings, veteran’s affairs facilities, parks and rec centers, government agencies, and other shared spaces.

Problems Solved in Schools and Community Centers


Slows the Spread

Bacteria and viruses hide on floor surfaces and in hard-to-reach areas. Get floors completely clean in every space, including around desks and behind toilets.


No More Mop

Instead of spreading dirty water from room to room, our floor cleaning machines continuously utilize fresh water to scrub floors while drying instantly.


Multi-Purpose Use

Our machines can service virtually any hard surface – no more switching cleaning solutions for each floor surface in classrooms, hallways, gyms, and offices.


Reduce Wear and Tear

Schools and community centers face constant budget challenges. Use our machines to increase floor longevity, reducing the need for costly replacements.

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