Champ23DMFMS, Commercial Wet Dry Vac with Squeegee

Commercial Wet Dry Vac with Squeegee


Not all wet/dry vacuums and stripper vacs are made the same. Our revolutionary machine can handle your cleaning needs in numerous industrial settings – with less effort.

Why the Champ23DMFMS?

The Champ23DMFMS is a powerful wet/dry vacuum with a front-mount squeegee and a tool kit. It can clean virtually any hard surface in medical facilities, BSCs, industrial spaces, and other business settings.

More robust than wet/dry vacuums you’ll find in big-box stores, our machine comes with a 23-gallon capacity and front mount squeegee messers that provide a 30″ cleaning range. While most units on the market use a single vac motor, ours comes standard with a dual vac motor to ensure a powerful clean. Find out why you need this machine!

Champ23DMFMS: Product Features


Industrial Machine Size

A robust 30″ machine that comes with a floor squeegee tool, vac tool, crevice tool, and dust brush to take care of every aspect of the job.


Thoughtful Design

Comes ready for whatever mess needs to be addressed thanks to an adjustable front-mount squeegee system and powerful vacuum motors.


Adjustable System

Make this wet/dry vacuum work for you! Built with an adjustable front-mount squeegee system and powerful dual vacuum motors to handle any job.


In the Box

  • Wet/dry vacuum.
  • Front mount squeegee system.
  • Dry filter insert.
  • 2-piece wand.
  • 4-piece tool kit for anything else the job needs.

Product Specs

  • Volume: 23 gallons
  • Vac motor: dual 1,000W
  • Airflow: 225 cfm
  • Water lift: 92’
  • Power cord: 25′
  • Vac hose: 10′

Maintenance Requirements

We offer parts servicing to clean or replace squeegee blades to ensure continuous performance.


IDM Guaranteed Warranty

Backed by a standard 1-year warranty, if you don’t love the powerful CHAMP23DMFMS, we’ll replace it.

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