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Cleaning Pocket Trowel with Black Light and eWAVE Pad

Limited Time - "Howie Clean" eTROWEL® & eWAVE® Trowel Pad COMBO!
CPI's premium patented microfiber eTROWEL®  works exclusively with our microfiber pocket cleaning pads. The patented pocket backing keeps it snug on the frame and allows it to be a no-touch system.
These premium microfiber pocket trowel pad and eTROWEL®  COMBO features:
~ For the eTROWEL®  Pad
  • A 99.9% bacteria removal rate with no chemicals.
  • Flow Through Mesh Backing - Allowing for quicker 4D Cleaning   System treatment and a better wash-out in the laundering process. Wash-out is critical to remove all pathogens from a soiled mop, pad, or cloth.
  • Trio-Split Intelligent Technology‚  - CPI splits the microfiber strand three times enabling it to pick up more dirt, dust, and bacteria and hold more solution.
  • No "Ballooning" - eTrowel®  pads will NOT balloon. A secret trade process during manufacturing allows the fibers to maintain structural integrity and stay wound together.
  • Debris Channels‚  - These channels in between the rows of looped microfiber, found on the e-Trowel ® pads, hold more debris, soil and bacteria.
  • Color Coded - Assists in the prevention of cross-contamination.
  • 1,000 laundry process guarantee!
~ For the eTROWEL® 
  • The eTROWEL®  flexible base allows for cleaning curved surfaces.
  • The eTROWEL®  is outfitted with a powerful black light.
  • The eTROWEL®  rechargeable battery boasts a powerful 10-hour run time.
  • It has interchangeable color-coded grips as well as a scraper for hard-to-remove pieces of debris.
GBAC Star Registered1,000 Laundry Process GauranteePatented Product