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Cleaning Pocket Trowel with LED Light

eTROWELw (LED light)

The eTrowel is a patented pocket-style trowel with a flexible back and rechargeable black or LED white light. It has interchangeable color-coded grips and a scraper for hard-to-remove pieces of debris. Its ergonomically sound design makes it easy to clean horizontal and vertical surfaces while allowing the pocket-style pad to remain securely on the frame.

The eTrowel eatures include:

  • A 99.9% bacteria removal rate with no chemicals.

  • A flexible base allows for cleaning curved surfaces.

  • Outfitted with a powerful LED light, the rechargeable battery provides 30 hours of run time. Recharges in 4 hours. (Also available in Blacklight)

  • Color-code - Trowel pads and grips to help prevent cross-contamination.

  • A variety of trowel pads - Effectively clean different surfaces and soil levels.

    eTrowel pad - eScrub pad - eGlass pad - eSnow pad

  • A unique pocket system - Change the microfiber pads without touching the soiled pad.

GBAC Star Registered1,000 Laundry Process GauranteePatented Product
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