Concrete Scraper Attachment for Coated Floors

Mr. Scraper 15

Get the accessories you need for increased floor buffering power. Find out why this tool helps improve the efficiency of their concrete clean-up jobs.

Why Mr. Scraper 15?

Mr. Scraper 15 is a scraper plate that can be added to a 17” low-speed buffer. The 15″ plate can be attached to a standard floor buffer to scrape coatings off your concrete floor and other cleanup duties.

Ideal for manufacturing and other industrial settings, cleaning crews can use this accessory to improve the condition, durability, and longevity of floors in harsh working environments.

Mr. Scraper 15: Product Features


Ideal for Industrial Settings

Gets the job done on concrete with coating for removal. Cleaning crews can be confident this tool will hold up in any environment.


Thoughtful Design

Built from durable material, Mr. Scraper 15 comes with carbide scraper blades and steel brackets to maintain continuous use.


Useful for Any Job

Grind away at grime, dirt build-up, and other floor damage to restore concrete floors to their original condition!

Mr. Scraper 15:

In the Box

  • Aluminum Plate.
  • Industrial Bolt Threads.
  • Scraper Blades.
  • Steel Brackets.

Product Specs

  • 15” aluminum back, aluminum clutch plate.
  • 1/4″-20 bolt threads.
  • 6 carbide scraper blades and steel brackets.

Maintenance Requirements

We recommend regularly replacing the blades in this scraper to ensure consistent performance. Ask us about blade replacements.

Mr. Scraper 15

See the machine in action.

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IDM Guaranteed Warranty

Backed by a standard 1-year warranty, if you don’t love Mr. Scraper 15 concrete accessory, we’ll replace it.

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