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Is your floor cleaning crew worn down from walking and cleaning? Try our rider floor scrubber that makes it easier to clean a variety of floor surfaces in commercial and industrial settings. 


The X-Scrub® Rider 28 is a BIG BROTHER to the Rider 28 lite. This version has a larger water retention capacity and more battery power and options than the lite. It's is still the same compact size and also designed for medium-sized spaces. The powerful floor cleaner fits through a 36″ door opening, making it great for hallway cleaning. Plus, it can fit in elevators for easy transport to each floor in a building.

The X-Scrub Rider 28 lite can be used in government buildings, educational facilities in K-12 schools and universities, and in industrial spaces such as warehouses. Find out why Building Service Contractors (BSCs) need this rider floor scrubber in their cleaning arsenal.

X-Scrub Rider 28 spec sheet PDF
Download the X-Scrub 28 spec sheet

Model: Machine; No batteries; Charger; Standard brushes; Pad holders INCLUDED
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