FAQs About Our Best Hard Floor Cleaning Machines

Find answers to your equipment questions and more in our FAQs.

I’m a consumer – how do I purchase one of your machines?

We work with consumers through floor cleaning machine distributors. We do not sell directly to consumers. However, we can help you find a local distributor who will provide you with access to one of our machines that will get the job done for you. Contact us right away to be referred to a distributor.

Why should floor cleaning equipment distributors work with IDM?

We offer complete business support for distributors. Our product line of floor scrubbers, wet dry vacuums, concrete grinders and polishers, and other concrete accessories is designed to generate revenue for independent dealers. It’s a natural way to expand your catalog and grow your business.

How do we become a dealer?

We have a simple 2-page credit application. After the initial review, the application goes to our President for approval.

Do you only work with distributors?

We work directly with distributors, who refer our products to customers that can get the job done using our machines.

Are your products in stock?

Yes, our products are always in stock. If you are tired of waiting to receive floor cleaning machines, you can count on IDM. Our equipment is ready to be shipped when you request products.

Where do your products ship from?

All of our products ship from Houston, Texas. We stock all of our machines and parts in Texas.

How large of orders can be fulfilled?

We can ship everything from one unit to large orders. Please note that if you order fewer than 3 battery units, you will be required to cover the cost of freight. ship large orders. . If you need to complete multiple orders or need to receive products for multiple customers, we can discuss special arrangements.

Do you have a prepaid freight program?

Yes. Our prepaid freight program is that if you purchase a minimum of 3 battery machines, you will not have to pay for freight.

Which facilities can use the floor cleaning machines?

Essentially, any space that has a restroom or shared floor space can use our machines. Our machines are manufactured for all spaces like industrial settings, education buildings, restaurants, bars, retail spaces, office buildings, gyms, government agencies, Veterans Affairs offices, hospitals, parks and rec offices, and more.

How can I purchase an IDM floor cleaning machine?

Although we only sell through distributors, we can help you find a distributor near you to fulfill your needs. Give us a call or email us to get started.

Where do I get my machine serviced if there is a problem?

We only sell through distribution. Our distribution partners also service our equipment.

What does the warranty cover?

The warranty covers factory defects of the machine. It does not cover wear items like wheels, squeegee blades, brushes and hoses.

Can I use a micro scrubber to strip a floor?

Technically, yes, but we don’t recommend it due to the clean up of the stripper throughout the machine. Stripper slurry sticks to everything and when dry is a mess.

Do you offer a cord electric micro scrubber?

No. At this time we don’t have a corded option for any of our scrubber solutions.

Is there a pad driver available for the X-Scrub Mini (formally the MyHousekeeper).

No, there is not a pad driver available for the X-Scrub Mini. Because of the limitations on this machine with the single pad design, we cannot put a pad driver on the machine at this time.

What is the reason for two micro scrubbers?

The X-Scrub Mini was developed for that hard-to-reach area such as the space between the commode and the stall. The X-Scrub Pro was developed for larger bathrooms/classrooms.

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