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3 Problems an Industrial Wet Dry Vacuum Helps Solve
IDM’s Champ Wet/Dry Vacuum Product Line

3 Problems an Industrial Wet Dry Vacuum Helps Solve

The cleaning needs are rarely straightforward in industrial spaces such as warehouses, machine shops, and fabrication facilities. The combination of machinery, workers, and debris can make it difficult for even the most experienced cleaning crew.

Besides cleaning everyday dirt and grime, cleaning staff must contend with more prominent problems that require specialized equipment. That’s where an industrial wet dry vacuum comes into play!

Intelligent Design Manufacturing offers a pair of commercial wet dry machines that can make quick work of common problems in industrial settings. Find out more about the problems our machines can help solve for your crew.

How Can an Industrial Wet Dry Vacuum Help?

An industrial wet dry vacuum is more than just your average cleaning machine. Made for tough jobs, it boasts a powerful motor that can suck up dry particulate and liquids in equal measure.

Dealing with a mixture of materials? No problem! Need to make sure large areas stay spotless for safety and efficiency? You got it! The following three common issues are easily solved with just one high-quality machine.

1. Improve Safety and Stability

Many industrial areas rely on concrete floors or other hard surfaces to provide a stable, safe workspace for costly machines and heavy foot traffic. In manufacturing spaces that generate liquid excess, walkways and work areas can become inundated with wetness that can lead to hazardous conditions.

Trips and falls can easily take place when a concrete floor is slick from water or other materials, and skidding machinery like forklifts and trucks can lead to severe injury or serious accidents. Using a wet dry vacuum to get rid of excess moisture or quickly spreading spills can help to stop these mishaps before they occur.

2. Prevent the Negative Effects of Wet Conditions

Even when liquid runoff isn’t causing issues on the workroom floor, it can still pose a threat to the health and safety of people working in the facility. Low areas and crevices can be the home to unwelcomed guests, such as bacteria, viruses, and other germs.

Left untreated, these areas can affect the health of people working nearby and contribute to subpar air quality, unsettling smells, or even disease. A wet dry vacuum can be used to easily extract the industrial sludge so that these areas can be cleaned and properly dried out.

3. Eliminate Small Particles that Cause Big Problems

A wet dry vacuum doesn’t always have to deal with liquids! It can also take care of issues with dry materials like dust, metal filings, and other particulate matter that collects on surfaces in and around machinery and work areas.

If not taken care of, these small bits of industrial waste can cause a variety of issues, including:

  • Air quality problems
  • Machine malfunctions
  • Slips and falls
  • Potential fires started by errant sparks igniting dust and debris

Using a powerful wet dry vacuum to clean spaces regularly will help keep things safe and sanitary. This approach will also pay dividends in the long run when equipment lasts longer and employees can work in a secure environment.

Consider the CHAMP Line of Wet Dry Vacuums from IDM

IDM offers two powerful wet dry vacuum options that are sure to keep spaces clean and safe no matter the obstacles your cleaning crew faces.

The CHAMP line is built around an impressive tank capacity and best-in-class motors to offer unmatched cleaning power. Both the CHAMP20WVC and the CHAMP23DMFMS were designed to be easy on the operator while still delivering the high quality of cleanliness that has become IDM’s hallmark.


The CHAMP20WVC is a powerful alternative to wet dry vacuums found in common big box stores. It is manufactured for ease of use without sacrificing any cleaning performance.

Usable on any hard surfaces like ceramic tile, polished concrete, or epoxy floors, its 20-gallon capacity is ready for even the toughest jobs while still remaining easy to transport.

Equipped with a multi-piece toolkit and several accessories, the CHAMP20WVC can be easily customized to handle the cleaning needs of various industrial facilities.


At the top of the IDM line of wet dry vacuums, the CHAMP23DMFMS is a serious machine that gets results. More robust than other offerings on the market, it comes with a 23-gallon capacity and a dual vacuum motor that ensures your spaces get clean in a hurry.

Plus, the CHAMP23DMFMS comes standard with a front-mount squeegee attachment that makes this unit ideal for cleaning large wet areas that can cause workplace accidents. And like every IDM machine, this wet dry vacuum is made for easy transport and takes less effort to use without forfeiting sparkling results.

Discover the IDM Difference

Intelligent Design Manufacturing prides itself on making machines with the end user in mind. Not only do our products provide excellent results, but units like the CHAMP line of wet dry vacuums also make the job easier for your cleaning crew!

Why settle for clumsy cleaning systems that offer limited usability, are a pain to transport, and are difficult to adapt to a variety of projects? Get best-in-class machinery from IDM that will save you time and provide unmatched results no matter where your crew is working.

Want to know more about our top-tier wet dry vacuums? Ready to add one to your cleaning arsenal but are unsure which would fit your space? Schedule a demonstration today!

Our helpful team is ready to walk you through all the features and benefits of our machines. We are prepared to answer your questions and get you started on a powerful solution that will satisfy your need for an industrial wet dry vacuum.



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