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A Walk Behind Floor Scrubber Battery Operated for Your Crew
A Walk Behind Floor Scrubber Battery Operated for Your Crew - Intelligent Design Manufacturing

A Walk Behind Floor Scrubber Battery Operated for Your Crew

Cleaning industrial floors is no small task, no matter how big your team is. High-traffic spaces require particular attention to detail and often involve intensive ongoing maintenance efforts. In addition to being ineffective, many traditional floor cleaning methods can be unduly physically taxing and compromise the health and well-being of your team.

Building service contractors who often find themselves responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of large industrial spaces will want to consider investing in advanced forms of cleaning technology in order to develop a more sustainable approach and deliver more consistent results.

A walk behind floor scrubber battery operated for your cleaning crew has the potential to revolutionize the way your team tackles large-scale cleaning projects without compromising on health, safety, or efficiency. Learn more about this type of floor scrubber and the power of our X-Scrub Max 20 machine!

What is a Walk Behind Floor Scrubber Battery Operated?

Floor scrubbers dispense water from a solution tank to a bristle scrub brush or floor pad. These brushes and pads rotate at a high rate of speed to scrub soil and other contaminants off numerous types of floor surfaces.

We value these machines because they also feature wet vacuum components that suck up all dirty water from the floor and into the machine’s recovery tanks to avoid cross-contamination.

Some floor scrubbing machines are manually operated and pushed throughout a space. These machines are generally great for small and mid-sized spaces and tend to deliver effective, consistent results. Smaller models of manual floor scrubbers are capable of reaching tight spots and navigating sharp turns and corners within a space in order to avoid leaving any part of the floor untouched.

Larger projects, however, may be better served by automatic floor scrubbers. An automatic floor scrubber is often referred to as a “walk-behind” floor scrubber because it is self-propelled and allows a user to simply walk behind it during operation.

These machines are a remarkable asset for teams tasked with maintaining large industrial spaces. They require less hands-on labor from team members, helping reduce crew burnout and ensure a more consistent final result time and time again.

Some walk-behind floor scrubbers are battery powered, which means they can move freely within a space without being confined by cumbersome power cords or other attachments.

Where Can You Use a Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber?

Floor scrubbing machines are well-suited for a variety of spaces and projects. But it’s important to consider the needs presented by a specific location to identify the kind of floor scrubber that’s right for you.

Let’s take a look at some of the industrial spaces where contractors may wish to use a walk-behind floor scrubber.

Manufacturing Facilities

Manufacturing facilities present unique sets of needs when it comes to their maintenance. While these locations are generally closed to the outside public, they still experience high foot traffic and other wear and tear.

These spaces are often large in scale and may even consist of multiple buildings or levels, meaning any cleaning equipment must be easily transportable from place to place.


Warehouses can be particularly challenging to clean because they often house lots of materials that may take up a substantial amount of space. Bulky, manual equipment may not be up to the task of cleaning around these materials, thus leaving large portions of the space unattended.

A walk-behind floor scrubber with a consistent cleaning path can help to cut back on these oversights and deliver a more comprehensive clean, even in tight spaces.

Food Manufacturing Facilities

Food manufacturing plants are held to a uniquely high standard of cleanliness. For this reason, outdated cleaning methods are not likely to suffice.

  • Traditional mops and buckets often deliver subpar results and may actually contribute to additional contamination.
  • Dirty mop water contains a wide variety of bacteria and other environmental hazards that are merely pushed around by old mop heads.
  • A floor scrubber is much better suited for cleaning food-handling facilities.

A floor scrubber helps eliminates contaminated water immediately after use rather than repeatedly using the same dirty cleaning solution throughout an entire space.

Distribution Centers

Distribution Centers (DCs) benefit significantly from more intensive cleaning methods due to the amount of traffic they see on a daily basis. Inventory in these centers often moves in and out of the space rapidly.

Furthermore, inventory is often moved within a space on a daily basis, which can result in damaged, worn-down floors. Because these facilities often require a large labor force, it’s especially critical that contractors adequately maintain the floors within these spaces to help cut back on the potential for health and safety violations.

Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities of all shapes and sizes must achieve high levels of cleanliness and sanitation. These spaces often experience incredibly high levels of foot traffic from visitors and staff members alike.

With so many people coming in and out, it’s critical to adequately clean the floors in healthcare facilities to maintain the required levels of cleanliness. Furthermore, many healthcare facilities are comprised of multiple large buildings, so it’s crucial to invest in floor-cleaning equipment that can tackle large-scale projects without wasting time or resources.

What is the Best Battery-Operated Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber?

Suppose you’re looking for a walk-behind floor scrubber to help you achieve more effective, consistent results in large industrial spaces. In that case, you can turn to the professionals at Intelligent Design Manufacturing.

IDM has developed a diverse line of professional-grade floor-scrubbing machines that are designed to meet the unique needs presented by industrial spaces.

We want to particularly point out the X-Scrub Max 20. This walk-behind floor scrubber was designed to help cleaning crews scale their efforts and deliver more dependable results.

  • The X-Scrub Max 20 is self-propelled, battery-operated, and boasts a 20-inch cleaning path.
  • This standout machine can run for over four hours on one charge.
  • No more worries about stopping short due to a limiting power cord or low-capacity battery pack.
  • The Max 20 requires minimal intervention during operation and very little ongoing maintenance to perform at its peak efficiency.
  • This machine is also energy and water efficient, helping to reduce operating costs and deliver a more sustainable clean.

Tailor-Made Cleaning Solutions from IDM

The team at IDM is dedicated to manufacturing cleaning equipment that will save professionals time and money while helping them prioritize the health and safety of their team. Our revolutionary floor scrubbers can support the unique needs of industrial cleaning crews who are tasked with maintaining the kinds of facilities many Americans utilize on a daily basis.

If you’re interested in learning more about the X-Scrub Max 20, reach out today to speak with a member of our team. We would be happy to share with you some of the ways this incredible machine can help you scale up your cleaning efforts. Now is the time to schedule a demo of our walk behind floor scrubber battery operated for purpose in your space.



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