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Benefits of Using a Commercial Stone Cleaner
Benefits of Using a Commercial Stone Cleaner - Intelligent Design Manufacturing

Benefits of Using a Commercial Stone Cleaner

Stone floors can be a beautiful addition to commercial spaces and help make a positive impression on first-time and repeat visitors.

Stone floors are relatively easy to clean and don’t require substantial ongoing maintenance. However, it’s crucial for business service contractors (BSCs) to periodically grind and polish a company’s stone floors to keep them looking shiny and new.

Commercial stone cleaning equipment can help contractors clean and polish stone surfaces more quickly and effectively. High-quality stone cleaning machines improve efficiency, can help cut costs, and extend the life of stone floors.

Let’s look at some benefits of investing in a commercial stone cleaner for polishable stone floors.

What is a Commercial Stone Cleaner?

Most businesses will want to have their stone floors cleaned and polished regularly to ensure their floors look great, particularly if they are located in high-traffic areas.

This cleaning and polishing process can be completed with the help of a stone cleaning machine. A stone cleaning machine is a grinding/polishing machine designed to resurface stone floors with ease. Stone cleaning machines harness the strength of diamonds and use rotating abrasive pads to essentially grind down a floor surface and add a glossy sheen.

Wet and dry grinding systems are available to tackle specific jobs depending on a business’s specific style of stone flooring. Stone cleaning machines also come in a range of sizes that contractors can select from based on the dimensions of the space they need to service.

How Do Stone Cleaning Machines Work?

A stone cleaner uses multiple rotating heads with diamond pads affixed to them to polish a stone floor. Diamonds are recognized as being the hardest surface on earth, which means they can easily grind down a wide range of flooring surfaces like marble, granite, and limestone.

The same process can be used for grinding and polishing concrete floors, which are notoriously heavy-duty.

Why Use a Commercial Stone Cleaner?

Professional-grade stone cleaners can be used on many different surfaces in various industries to improve the appearance of even well-worn stone floors. Here are some other benefits of using a high-power stone cleaning machine.

1. Improved Efficiency

Attempting to maintain stone flooring surfaces with traditional cleaning methods alone often comes up short.

Consider, for example, the challenges posed by maintaining stone tile. Contractors and other cleaning professionals must not only use grout cleaner and other products to maintain the appearance of grout lines, but they must also consider the appearance and durability of the stone tiles themselves.

In practice, it could take a professional crew several hours to clean all these components by hand, especially in a large space. Switching to a commercial cleaning machine can save valuable time and reduce the physical labor required by these large-scale cleaning projects.

2. Lower Costs

Stone cleaning machines are essentially a one-time expense that pays for itself over time. These machines can cut back on labor costs substantially and reduce the amount of time that it takes to complete a job overall.

Some models of stone cleaning machines are also easy to transport, which means it’s only necessary to purchase one machine for any given location. These stone cleaning machines can also be used on multiple styles of flooring, so one purchase can address multiple needs simultaneously.

3. Fewer Safety Risks

Ill-maintained floors pose many safety risks for modern business owners and their patrons. Staying on top of floor maintenance can help safeguard against safety hazards that may otherwise open businesses to potentially costly legal liabilities.

Consider Commercial Stone Cleaners from IDM

Intelligent Design Manufacturing (IDM) is a trusted provider of industrial-strength cleaning machines and products that are designed to tackle professional jobs of all shapes and sizes.

IDM currently offers three concrete grinder machines that can be used by building service contractors to easily and effectively polish and deep clean concrete, granite, limestone, and other natural stone surfaces.

IDM’s stone cleaners are built to last and designed with quick-change diamond holders for improved efficiency. Our machines use metal bond diamonds, transition diamonds, and resin polishing diamonds so service contractors can make quick work of polishing stone floors to a pristine finish.

Our grinders and polishers are also equipped with dust shrouds and vacuum hoses to better control dust and cut back on post-grinding clean-up.

Let’s dig a little deeper into the specifications of each stone cleaner and discuss how they can be used effectively in commercial spaces.

Mustang 22

The Mustang 22 is a single-phase planetary grinder that is designed to cover a 22” path. The Mustang 22 is a great stone cleaner option for open and confined spaces thanks to its dust control capabilities and ergonomic design.

Its detachable head and large wheels make it easy to transport, and its compact control panel and adjustable handlebar make it extremely easy to use. The Mustang 22 also features a water tank that allows the machine to be used for both wet and dry grinding.

Mustang 27

The Mustang 27 is equipped with all of the advanced features of the Mustang 22, but this model is a three-phase planetary grinder. It features a stainless steel water tank and is designed to cover a 27” path.

This model also includes a USB port for additional utility and boasts 3 multi-function grinding/polishing heads for versatility.

Mustang 20

The Mustang 20 is a dual-phase planetary grinder that covers a 20” path. The more compact nature of this model makes it easy to work with in confined spaces, but its dust control capabilities and high capacity nature help to ensure it remains suitable for large, open areas.

The Mustang 20 is easy to transport, making it a great option for commercial spaces with multiple levels and/or buildings. This unit also features a stainless steel water tank and is capable of completing both wet and dry grinding projects. See it in action!

IDM Manufactures Stone Cleaning Machines You Can Trust

Each of our commercial stone cleaner machines is built with quality in mind. Their durable construction and relatively limited maintenance requirements make them a cost-effective solution for professionals tasked with maintaining stone floors for commercial businesses.

IDM’s grinders and polishers boast multi-functionality that makes them capable of completing a wide range of jobs and tasks without compromising effectiveness or efficiency. Furthermore, our stone cleaners come with a one-year warranty, so business owners can quickly request assistance should any issues arise during operation.

If you’re interested in learning more about IDM’s professional-grade stone cleaners, reach out today to schedule a demo. See these high-powered machines in action in your space.



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