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Can You Use an Epoxy Floor Scrubber in a Hospital?
Can You Use an Epoxy Floor Scrubber in a Hospital? - Intelligent Design Manufacturing

Can You Use an Epoxy Floor Scrubber in a Hospital?

Bulky, ride-on floor scrubber machines are a common sight in the average hospital. Despite their size, these devices can gently clean many different floor surfaces. But are they really the best option for your hospital? Probably not.

Instead, consider investing in a robust epoxy floor scrubber like the X-Scrub Mini from Intelligent Design Manufacturing (IDM). The X-Scrub Mini can clean epoxy floors and just about any other hard floor surface in your facility, and it’s far more agile than any behemoth ride-on machine.

Let’s explore the benefits of using our floor scrubber on epoxy floors in hospitals to keep your surfaces spotless and sanitary.

Benefits of Epoxy Floors in Hospitals

Epoxy floors have long been a favorite flooring option in healthcare settings around the globe. That’s because they provide these benefits.


As you know, hospitals are high-foot-traffic areas. Less durable flooring options like vinyl simply can’t keep up with the demands of your average hospital. While tile can, it’s typically more costly than epoxy. Maintaining tile floors also requires extra effort.

Epoxy offers great durability and is relatively easy to maintain, provided you have the right tools. If you attempt to clean your epoxy floors with an old mop and bucket or an underpowered scrubber, they’ll come out looking dingy. Conversely, the X-Scrub Mini will leave your floors looking brand-new every time.

Resistant to Bacteria and Germs

Epoxy floors are extremely resistant to bacteria and germs. That’s why they should be installed wherever cleanliness is critical. In addition to hospitals, epoxy floors could be a good match for:

  • Surgical centers
  • Laboratories
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Office buildings
  • Showrooms

By pairing the right cleaning products with a great scrubber, you can effortlessly sanitize epoxy floors. The germ-resistant nature of epoxy will help you keep your patients and their loved ones safe. You can also decrease the risk of surface-borne illnesses spreading amongst your staff by routinely sanitizing your epoxy floors.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Although epoxy floors are somewhat simplistic, they’re generally quite pleasing to the eye. Patients expect to find a clean, sanitized environment when they enter a hospital. Epoxy floors help you meet client expectations and create a positive image for your hospital.

With that said, it’s critical that you appropriately maintain your epoxy floors. The X-Scrub Mini is the best tool for making your epoxy floors look great.

Amplify Floor Cleanliness with the X-Scrub Mini

The X-Scrub Mini is IDM’s most compact, versatile epoxy floor scrubber. It’s a great match for hospital settings for many reasons. Its exceptional features include the following.

Lightweight Housing

The X-Scrub Mini features a lightweight plastic housing. It also has high-quality wheels, enabling cleaning crews to maneuver it effortlessly around your facility.

Our scrubber is light and compact, making it easy to store, clean, and use. It will take up minimal space in your cleaning closets, leaving plenty of room for other supplies.

Don’t let the lightweight housing fool you, though — our scrubber is tough enough for even the dirtiest and most-used hospital settings.

The X-Scrub Mini was built to last and boasts a low-maintenance design. Cumulatively, these factors decrease your cost of ownership and ensure that your scrubber will be operational when you need it most.

Cordless Design

For years, compact floor scrubber machines had one major downfall: they relied on a 50–100-foot cord for power. Constantly toting around and rolling up a 100-foot extension cord is anything but efficient, and having a cord draped across the floor creates a serious trip hazard.

The X-Scrub Mini solves all these hassles with its cordless design. Our robust scrubber is powered by a rechargeable battery. Its 36-volt, 5.2-amp battery provides 90 minutes of cleaning time on a single charge.

Thanks to its battery-powered design, the X-Scrub Mini can easily be moved from area to area in seconds. That means your team will no longer have to waste time wrapping up a bulky cord.

Swiveling Scrubber Head

Perhaps the biggest downside of ride-on machines is that they can’t maneuver around tight corners. If you want to clean your entire floor surface, your team has to move furniture or switch to a traditional mop and bucket. Both options waste precious time and make cleaning your floors a tedious endeavor.

To solve these headaches, IDM equipped the X-Scrub Mini with a 360-degree swiveling scrubber head. This feature allows the user to pivot around chairs, tables, beds, and equipment with ease.


Along with being easy to use, the X-Scrub Mini is also incredibly efficient. It has an 11-inch scrubber head that will leave a trail of spotless floors in its wake. Your team can quickly use our scrubber to clean even the toughest messes.

Replacing your outdated cleaning equipment with a set of X-Scrub Mini floor scrubbers can significantly increase your cleaning crew’s efficiency. As a result, they’ll save hours every week, and your floors will be cleaner than ever.

Ready to Learn More? Book a Demo with IDM Today

Intelligent Design Manufacturing’s X-Scrub Mini is the ideal epoxy floor scrubber for your hospital. It’s lightweight, easy to use, and packs plenty of punch to take on hospital-grade challenges.

But don’t just take our word for it. Schedule a demo today to see the X-Scrub Mini in action. Once you have it as part of your floor cleaning routine, you’ll know it’s the best epoxy floor scrubber for medical facilities.



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