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Complete Your Church Cleaning List Faster and Easier
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Complete Your Church Cleaning List Faster and Easier

Complete Your Church Cleaning List Faster and Easier

In 2022, it was estimated that roughly 20% of the U.S. population attended church or synagogue on a weekly basis. That’s around 60,000,000 people across the country! Churches and other places of worship experience a substantial amount of foot traffic each week, and they present unique challenges regarding maintenance and sanitation.

Intelligent Design Manufacturing (IDM) offers a variety of floor-cleaning solutions that are designed to help cleaning crews complete their work more effectively and efficiently in church settings. 

IDM offers manual and automatic cleaning equipment to support jobs of different scales, so teams can customize their cleaning arsenal to meet the unique specifications of each place of worship.

Let’s explore some common challenges facing church cleaning crews. We’ll also discuss why our product line should be part of your church cleaning list to help cleaning crews tackle these challenges head-on.

Your Church Cleaning List: The Challenges

Places of worship play an integral role in the lives of millions of Americans, so it’s vital that these spaces are meticulously maintained. All commercial cleaning jobs come with their own unique set of challenges, but contractors tasked with maintaining church buildings are likely to encounter a handful of job-specific hurdles that must be overcome. 

Here are a few of the most pressing challenges that cleaning crews face when cleaning a church.

1. Heavy Foot Traffic

The operations of many churches and places of worship are not limited to Saturday and Sunday services. Many churches hold multiple services each weekend, and various groups meet for services, classes, and special programming throughout the rest of the week.

With this consistent flow of people in and out of churches, church cleaning crews must develop highly efficient cleaning and disinfecting routines. This effort can keep church facilities in the best possible condition on Sunday mornings and beyond.

2. Diverse Populations

Churches are unique in that they serve people from all walks of life rather than appealing to one particular age group or demographic. Subsequently, churches must be cleaned and maintained to promote the health and safety of people of many different ages and physical abilities.

As a result, cleaning crews must ensure that floors and other surfaces are thoroughly disinfected and free from any debris that could prove hazardous to everyone from young children to elderly churchgoers.

3. Multi-Functionality 

Many churches play a special role in their communities by offering events and access beyond traditional weekend services. For example, some churches host festivals and sporting events that bring in the larger community.

As a result, church complexes tend to include several different kinds of spaces that may present their own specific maintenance needs. Having the right tools for the job helps ensure that on-site facilities such as daycare centers and gymnasiums are ready for use.

Can Churches Be Cleaned More Efficiently?

With the right equipment, cleaning crews can complete their church cleaning checklist more quickly, efficiently, and safely. IDM’s line of advanced cleaning solutions was designed with the commercial cleaning process in mind and features a variety of tools capable of tackling messes of all shapes and sizes.

Whether your team is tasked with daily, weekly, or monthly cleaning tasks, IDM has a machine or tool that can help you complete regular cleaning jobs with ease. 

IDM’s Floor Cleaning Solutions 

The average cleaning job requires crews to sweep, mop, dust, and clean a variety of finished and even unfinished surfaces. Many church facilities feature several different types of flooring surfaces that all require specialized attention.

Some crews may find it difficult or unduly time-consuming to manually mop the floor in each area of a church complex for several different reasons. That’s why IDM has cultivated a selection of automatic floor scrubbers that streamline the floor-cleaning process.

Floor Scrubbing Options

Floor scrubbing machines automate the standard floor cleaning process to cut back on worker strain and reduce cleaning time. Automatic floor scrubbers distribute water and cleaning solution onto a flooring surface, use a variety of scrub brushes to lift up dirt and debris, and then vacuum the dirty water into the machine to leave behind a sparkling clean floor.

Professionals can choose from a few different kinds of floor scrubbers depending on the size and scale of their cleaning task. IDM’s floor scrubber line includes: 

  • Manual Floor Scrubbers: These machines are small but mighty. They can be manually pushed throughout a space and are designed for maximum maneuverability around tight corners. IDM’s manual micro scrubbers are fully battery-powered, so you can clean unencumbered by power cords and other power sources.
  • Walk-Behind Scrubbers: These machines operate similarly to manual floor scrubbers but are self-propelled and can run autonomously throughout a job site. IDM’s walk-behind floor scrubbers allow crews to “set it and forget it” so they can fully focus their attention on other cleaning tasks to clean churches more efficiently. 
  • Ride-On Scrubbers: IDM’s most heavy-duty floor scrubbers are riding floor scrubbers designed to be driven throughout large-scale spaces. IDM’s riding scrubbers are big enough to tackle large commercial cleaning jobs, but small enough to fit through doorways, hallways, and elevators.
  • Additional Solutions from IDM

    IDM also offers a full line of cleaning tools and accessories to help crews accomplish their daily cleaning tasks more effectively. For example, cleaning crews can use IDM’s microfiber cleaning cloths to easily clean the doors, light switches, and other high-touch surfaces within a church complex.

    IDM’s microfiber cleaning cloths, dusters, and mops are GBAC STAR registered to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Professional cleaning teams can rest assured that when they wipe and clean a surface, they are thoroughly removing germs, bacteria, and other contaminants.

    Complete Your Church Cleaning List with Equipment and Tools

    IDM’s cleaning solutions are designed with the needs of modern cleaning crews in mind. From riding floor scrubbers to microfiber cleaning cloths, IDM has exactly what you need to get the job done right the first time.

    Learn more about our advanced solutions for commercial cleaning crews. Reach out today to speak with a member of our team. Let’s discuss the equipment and tools that will complete your church cleaning list and increase the efficiency of your operations.



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