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Support Your Church Cleaning Needs with Floor Scrubbers
Squeaky clean church floor.

Support Your Church Cleaning Needs with Floor Scrubbers

It is estimated that roughly 20% of people in the United States attend a church service every week. The makeup of church congregations is constantly changing, as are the needs of church leaders and their teams.

With so many people devoting so much of their time to the church, it’s crucial that church facilities are effectively maintained to support the wide-ranging needs of first-time visitors and long-time attendees.

Cleaning crews tasked with maintaining church buildings often face a number of challenges due to the sheer number of spaces on a church campus. To deliver an effective clean throughout every inch of a church, crews must invest in the right equipment and establish intensive protocols for maximum efficiency.

Let’s review some of the common challenges facing church cleaning crews and explore some of the cleaning solutions that can help to tackle these hurdles.

What are Some Common Church Cleaning Needs?

With so many different facilities and far-ranging attendee ages, there are a number of different daily and weekly church cleaning needs that church cleaning crews must effectively address. Some standard church cleaning requirements include the following.

Polishing Concrete

The United States is home to almost 2,000 megachurches, many of which consist of several different buildings and kinds of facilities.

Many of these churches feature spaces like multi-purpose and recreation rooms, as well as parking facilities and carports whose concrete flooring surfaces require periodic polishing in order to remain attractive and hazard-free.

Concrete floors are highly durable and can stand up to long-term heavy foot traffic, but they must be carefully maintained with the help of a high-quality concrete grinder and polisher to remain in good condition.

Vacuuming Floors

Classrooms and office spaces may also be found on church property, and these spaces require their own unique maintenance approaches. Carpeted rooms like offices, hallways, and even sanctuaries must be thoroughly vacuumed in order to remain free of contaminants and allergens that may negatively impact a church’s youngest and oldest attendees.

An effective HEPA vacuum cleaner is an excellent tool for tackling these spaces, as it will not only remove surface-level contaminants but will filter out microscopic particulates that build up over time for a truly deep clean.

Deep Cleaning Hard Surfaces

Many types of hard flooring surfaces can be found throughout a church complex. Hallways, restrooms, gymnasiums, and other areas may feature floors crafted from wood, epoxy, LVT, tile, and more.

Each of these surfaces requires unique floor cleaning approaches that must be carefully completed to safeguard against potentially dangerous damage and wear and tear.

Traditionally, many of these surfaces would be cleaned with run-of-the-mill cleaning supplies like brooms and mops. However, these outdated cleaning tasks can be highly labor intensive and fail to adequately clean and disinfect the intended surface.

What is the Best Way to Clean Church Floors?

Rather than continue to rely upon subpar cleaning equipment, church cleaning crews should consider using advanced cleaning technologies in their daily cleaning process.

Intelligent Design Manufacturing (IDM) is a leading provider of professional cleaning equipment that makes it possible for users to replace sweeping and mopping with a more 21st-century solution.

Our high-capacity floor scrubbers are ideal for churches, as they are available in a range of sizes and styles for every type of church campus. For example, our X-Scrub floor scrubbers are capable of effectively cleaning multiple floor surfaces. Cleaning teams can pare down their supply of cleaning equipment and easily transport machines from location to location.

The X-Scrub Line at a Glance

The X-Scrub line of floor scrubbers was specially developed to support the needs of commercial cleaning services.

IDM’s floor scrubbers dispense water and cleaning solutions onto an intended floor surface and use a variety of scrub brushes to deliver a deep clean without leaving spots behind. The dirty water is then vacuumed up into a separate water tank in order to prevent cross-contamination and stop the spread of dangerous bacteria.

Some of the most popular X-Scrub products include:

Find Your Ideal IDM Solution

Our X-Scrub floor scrubbers and other cleaning solutions are designed to help you more effectively tackle your church cleaning checklist.

In addition to helping crews clean more quickly and efficiently, IDM’s cleaning products are also tailor-made to deliver a more comprehensive, sanitary clean – no dirty mop water required.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to implement IDM’s products into your daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning process, reach out today to speak with a member of our team.

We’d be happy to help you determine which solutions would best support the needs of your visitors, members, and maintenance team.



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