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Concrete Floor Grinders: What BSCs Need to Know
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Concrete Floor Grinders: What BSCs Need to Know - Intelligent Design Manufacturing

Concrete Floor Grinders: What BSCs Need to Know

When it comes to floor cleaning, building service contractors (BSCs) have to deal with a lot. Whether they’re buffing, scrubbing, or polishing, they need to make sure they use the right tool for the job. Nowhere is this more important than when it comes to concrete grinding.

Probably one of the most intensive tasks taken on by BSCs is grinding down hard surfaces using concrete floor grinders. Proper surface preparation requires physical strength, knowledge of the space, and the specific needs of the job.

Using the right machine for this activity can significantly cut down on the stress and effort needed while also promising better results more quickly and efficiently.

Intelligent Design Manufacturing (IDM) offers a complete selection of concrete grinders and polishers in our Mustang line. These products emphasize ease of use and mobility so workers can get more done in less time.


Many different types of spaces rely on concrete since it’s a durable, hard surface that can withstand virtually anything. However, concrete is not completely indestructible, and even the most perfectly poured slab will need retouching and reworking over time.

The different kinds of wear and tear that exist in commercial and industrial settings need to be addressed effectively no matter where your cleaning job takes you.


When it comes to vast expanses of concrete, warehouses have the market cornered. These large spaces rely on an even, smooth surface that can stand up to heavy traffic and daily abuse. 

When floors get chipped, become uneven, or need their epoxy coating reworked, a concrete grinder can take care of the issues immediately. By regularly maintaining long aisles and loading docks, cleaning crews can help ensure a safe environment in warehouses and enhance the productivity of the entire crew.


The manufacturing process often results in a build-up of debris, stains, and particulates that can damage even the toughest floors over time. Plus, the precision required in many aspects of these processes makes it crucial to care for facilities.

A compact grinder with dust management measures in place can clear the way for new machinery installations, repair areas damaged over time, and get the concrete floors ready by the next shift.


When thinking about grinding concrete, a hospital might not be the first place that comes to mind. However, there are many areas in medical facilities that rely on smooth, even floors to support the constant flow of people and wheeled gurneys.

Divots and uneven surfaces can result in accidents and unnecessary jostling of patients and machinery. On top of this, extended noise and dust are a big negative, so having a tool that can quickly and efficiently grind or polish is paramount.


Mixing endurance and aesthetic appeal, commercial areas like retail stores and dining establishments present a specific set of issues for BSCs that need to take care of concrete issues.

Sometimes these places of business are located in renovated buildings that need to be reworked before they are ready for the public. Other times safety concerns that come about from uneven surfaces, cracks, or divots need to be taken care of quickly before the area is opened to customers.

Creating a clean, eye-catching space while also allowing for the long-lasting qualities of concrete flooring to be fully utilized is key to working in these areas. 


A concrete grinding and polishing machine is a versatile tool that is usually employed in heavy-duty cleaning projects to prepare, polish, and restore concrete surfaces. By using abrasive discs or pads, this type of machine can easily get rid of imperfections and old coatings of epoxy or paint, plus address unevenness due to settling or high traffic.

The basic principle of a concrete grinder is that rotating discs with a diamond coating are spun at high speeds to chip away evenly at hard materials.

The discs are available in varying levels of coarseness, which allows the operator to do everything from coarse removal to fine polishing with the same machine.

Using a vacuum system or water during this process can help to minimize dust creation and keep the discs spinning smoothly.


A trio of concrete floor grinders from IDM delivers top-quality results in performance, portability, and power. The Mustang line features some of the best advancements in grinder technology. 

Highlighting ease of use and made with BSCs in mind, our set of machines can tackle any space where concrete needs serious maintenance or a fine polish.


The Mustang 22 is a floor grinder and planetary polisher with a 22-inch path. It’s ideal for cleaning crews that need a wet and dry concrete grinding solution. The polycarbonate water tank and compact construction make it the lightest of IDM’s grinders, so it’s extra easy to move around.


The robust Mustang 27 is the flagship grinder from IDM and features a switchable single-phase / three-phase grinder that can be used in both open and confined spaces.

It features an adjustable handle, adjustable iron weight, and even a USB port for easy charging on the go. Its three grinding heads and 13/15 horsepower motor make it the most powerful unit on the market.


Designed for small spaces and hard-to-reach areas, the Mustang 20 is a compact powerhouse. It can be used for wet and dry grinding and is especially operator-friendly due to its easy-to-use control panel.

Thanks to its larger wheels, this machine can be transported to any location by a single crew member to get the job done polishing concrete.

No matter what type of space your cleaning crew is tackling, the Mustang grinders promise a level of satisfaction you’ve come to expect from all of IDM’s machines. When you stack up all of the benefits, the choice is clear.

– We recommend watching this video of the Mustang 20 to see the machine in action.


Would you like to learn more about the Mustang line of concrete floor grinders for your cleaning crew? Contact our team to schedule a consultation. We are confident our machines are the right fit for your team.

Our team will be happy to walk you through everything you need to know to start using these machines as part of your concrete floor cleaning routine.



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