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Eliminate Gunk with This Tool to Clean Baseboards
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Eliminate Gunk with This Tool to Clean Baseboards

Eliminate Gunk with This Tool to Clean Baseboards

In commercial, educational, and office settings, maintaining a clean and tidy environment is crucial for creating a positive impression on clients. Building service contractors (BSCs) also know how important it is to create a healthy workspace for employees and foster a healthy learning environment for students.

Often overlooked in routine cleaning, baseboards play a significant role in the overall cleanliness of a space. BSCs need access to the best cleaning tools to ensure that gunk is removed as part of the cleaning job.

By utilizing the right tool to clean baseboards – like the variety of microfiber mops available from Intelligent Design Manufacturing – you can be certain that your team is doing the utmost for the well-being of clients, workers, and students.

Benefits of Cleaning Floor Baseboards

Baseboards can attract a significant amount of dust and dirt over time. Having a tool to clean these floor areas is imperative for these reasons.

1. Client Impressions

In commercial settings, first impressions matter. Clean baseboards contribute to a well-maintained and professional appearance, leaving a positive impression on clients and visitors.

A tidy environment reflects a commitment to excellence and attention to detail, enhancing the overall reputation of the business you are serving.

2. Employee Productivity

For office settings, a clean and organized workspace directly impacts employee productivity and morale. Dust-free baseboards create a healthier indoor air quality, promoting a comfortable and focused atmosphere for workers.

A clean office environment can also reduce the risk of allergies and respiratory issues, leading to increased employee satisfaction and performance for your clients.

3. Student Well-Being

In educational settings, a clean and hygienic environment is crucial for the well-being of students. Regular cleaning of baseboards helps control allergens and dust, contributing to a healthier learning space.

Additionally, a well-maintained environment fosters a positive attitude toward education, creating a conducive atmosphere for students to thrive academically.

The Value of Microfiber Mops for Superior Clean

Microfiber mops are highly effective in cleaning baseboards due to their ability to trap dust and dirt particles efficiently.

To clean baseboards using a microfiber mop, dampen the mop with a mild cleaning solution and gently run it along the baseboards, paying special attention to corners and edges.

Microfiber mops are preferable because they pick up dirt effectively and leave surfaces dry quickly, preventing slips or accidents.

Types of Mops Available from IDM

When considering efficiency and ease of use, microfiber mops from IDM are at the top of the list. Not only do we have our own proprietary mop systems, but we also make microfiber pads for other systems so you can upgrade your existing equipment.

Microfiber Pocket Mops

For daily cleaning, check out the Premium Looped Microfiber Mesh Pocket Mop. Using the exclusive CPI Wave microfiber material and other patented technology, this handy addition to your toolkit will have your baseboards clean in no time. Simply pair it with a traditional dust mop frame and extendable handle to get going.

Microfiber TAB Mops

With the same ease-of-use and quality materials as the Premium Pocket Mop, the Premium Looped Microfiber TAB Mop takes advantage of the CPI TAB system for easy swapping when you need to change heads quickly and efficiently.

When short on time, use our 360 swivel TAB Frame. You can easily switch to a clean mop with a foot pedal for touch-free operation and simple changeouts.

Microfiber TUBE Mops

Need a little more cleaning power? Grab our Premium Microfiber Tube Mop. This unit is available in three sizes and combines the usefulness of a traditional wet mop with the dirt-trapping properties of microfiber.

Microfiber Hook & Loops Mops

Finally, if your team uses hook and loop fasteners on their mop heads, we have you covered! The Premium Looped Microfiber Hook & Loop Mop is available in several colors and comes in an 18-inch version with the same CPI WAVE microfiber technology as the rest of our lines. 

When it’s time to change out the microfiber, simply rip it off and swap it out. It’s that easy to adjust to the next job.

Need a Tool to Clean Baseboards? Talk to IDM

Incorporating microfiber mops and dusting brushes into the cleaning routine of commercial, educational, and office settings is essential for maintaining clean baseboards.

By prioritizing the cleanliness of baseboards, your company can demonstrate a commitment to creating a welcoming and healthy environment. You will contribute to the success and well-being of your clients by protecting the individuals who occupy these spaces.

Want to learn more about our array of microfiber mops and discover the right tool to clean baseboards? Get in touch with the IDM customer service team today. Let’s find the perfect fit for your team’s cleaning needs to get rid of gunk.



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