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What Are the Different Commercial Floor Scrubber Pads?
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What Are the Different Commercial Floor Scrubber Pads?

What Are the Different Commercial Floor Scrubber Pads?

A battery-powered floor scrubber can revolutionize the way your team cleans floors. Intelligent Design Manufacturing’s (IDM) line of floor scrubbers is the best of the best. They are user-friendly, powerful, and built to last.

However, choosing the right scrubber is only half the battle. You also need to select the ideal commercial floor scrubber pads to get the job done. The good news is that we offer an entire line of pads for your new scrubber.

What’s the difference between the types of floor pads? Join us as we run through your options so you can achieve a superior clean with IDM.

How Often Should I Swap My Floor Pads?

Before we get into the types of floor pads, let’s recap basic pad maintenance. Generally, you need to swap out your pads every 30 days. However, this only applies to daily-use pads.

If you use resurfacing pads, you may need to swap them after a single job. You should make this decision on a case-by-case basis.

For instance, if you resurface a small bathroom, the resurfacing pads should have plenty of useful life. On the other hand, if you resurface a whole warehouse, you should obtain new ones for the next job.

How Do Floor Pads Work?

IDM’s machines are built with the end-user in mind. That’s why many of our machines accommodate different types of floor pads. Our X-Scrub Pro is the most versatile. It has dual 8.5” pad drivers and can be paired with more than a dozen different pads.

Our other models can accommodate different pad types, too. However, the X-Scrub Pro offers the most options.

Swapping pads is quick and easy. You can change out the pads on your IDM scrubber in just a few minutes and get back to cleaning. Fortunately, we have pads for every type of cleaning job:

  • Need a soft, daily-use brush? We have you covered.
  • Need to resurface concrete? There’s a floor pad for that.

At IDM, we have thought of everything so you can get more out of your commercial scrubber. Now, let’s get into our pad selection.

6 Types of Commercial Floor Scrubber Pads

IDM is all about empowering our clients. We enable you to succeed at tasks, save time, and reduce cleaning costs. We do that by providing you with many different scrubber and cleaning pad options, including the following.

1. Daily Cleaning Pads

Daily cleaning pads are used for routine cleaning. These soft, absorbent pads break up dirt and agitate the cleaning solution. They also absorb water to expedite cleaning times.

Daily-use pads generally need to be swapped every 30 days. However, if you are cleaning a larger area, you’ll need to replace them more often.

Use the eye test. If your pads look worn down, swap them out. Don’t worry; we’ve made them affordable so you can keep cleaning costs down. They’re easy to replace, too, so you can spend less time on maintenance and get back to your cleaning tasks. 

2. Scrubber Pads

Scrubber pads are our most popular pads. These pads are used for routine cleaning tasks. Our standard option is the soft red cleaning pad

The red cleaning pad is soft and minimally abrasive. It is good for tasks like cleaning bathroom floors. It also buffs your floor, leaving behind a shiny appearance. 

We offer several variations of scrubber pads, including:

  • Blue Scrubber Pads
  • Beige Poly Thermal Scrubber Pads
  • Maroon FPP Dry Strip Abrader Pads
  • Green Scrubber Pads
  • Black Deep Scrubber Pads

Blue scrubber pads are our most basic and economical option. They have a soft feel and are safe for virtually any hard floor. Whether you need to clean hardwood, tile, or vinyl, our blue pads are up to the task.

Our beige poly thermal pads are even softer than our blue pads and just as cost-effective. They are best for light messes and dirt. We recommend these for low-traffic areas and routine cleaning of new floors.

Our green scrubber pads are another variant of scrubber pads. They have a slightly different texture than the blue and beige pads. Their unique surface makes them great for getting hard-to-reach areas like baseboards and narrow grout lines.

Need to tackle a big mess? Our black deep scrubber pads are a great choice. They have a coarse design but are still soft enough to protect the finish on your floors.

More importantly, these pads can tackle tough messes, like grime, grease, and set-in dirt. They are popular in educational settings, restaurants, and industrial buildings. 

We also offer maroon abrader pads. These pads are perfect for light resurfacing and getting rid of stains. They gently remove sealers and stains so you can restore that like-new appearance. 

3. Duala Clean and Shine Pads

One of our newer options is Duala Clean & Shine pads. Designed to be run at low speed, these pads clean and buff simultaneously. They are a great time-saving tool so you can get through daily cleaning tasks quickly.

Designed specifically for the X-Scrub Pro floor scrubber, Duala pads are great for use in:

  • Healthcare facilities
  • Schools
  • Restaurants
  • Cafeterias
  • Bathrooms

These are do-it-all pads that can handle nearly any floor surface. They are best suited for commercial and business settings. If you need to clean an industrial floor, we suggest a tougher pad, like the black deep scrubbers. 

Regardless, the Duala Clean & Shine pads are a great addition to your cleaning arsenal. If you work in multiple environments, make sure you have Duala pads on hand. 

4. Grit Pads

Grit pads are exclusive to the X-Scrub Pro. Grit pads are exactly what they sound like. These pads have a rough texture to break up tough stains and prep floors for resurfacing. We offer five different grit options, including:

  • 8000 grit
  • 3000 grit
  • 1500 grit
  • 800 grit
  • 400 grit

Our grit scale is just like the one used for sandpaper and other abrasives. The higher the number, the more fine the abrasive surface. The 8000-grit pad is used for fine polishing, whereas the 400-grit takes away larger chunks of material. 

Typically, you’ll start with a coarser grit (lower number), and you’ll work your way to finer grit pads.

Not sure where to begin with the selection of scrubber pads? Contact our customer support team to chat about your floor cleaning needs. We’ll help you choose the right grit pads for your project.

5. Soft Bristle Brushes

Soft bristle brushes are a great, reusable scrubber pad alternative. These brushes have long bundles of bristles and can reach between grout lines to provide a deeper clean. 

The brushes can be run at any speed. Use a lower speed setting for gentle cleaning and high speeds to tackle tough messes.

Are you concerned about the condition of floor surfaces? You can rest assured the bristles are soft to protect the floor’s finish. 

With proper care, these brushes can last for months or even longer. It all comes down to how you care for them and how often you use them. Either way, they offer tremendous value.

Our soft bristle brushes are a great replacement for manual floor scrub brushes. You can eliminate unnecessary efforts and let our machines go to work. All your team has to do is steer the machine.

6. Restoration Brushes

Need a tougher material to support cleaning projects? That’s where our restoration brushes come into the mix. These brushes are built for the X-Scrub Pro, our most powerful machine. 

We have two different types of restoration brushes – 120 grit and 180 grit:

  • The 180-grit brushes have coarse bristles designed to prepare floors for resurfacing. They are suitable for concrete and epoxy floors.
  • Our 120-grit brushes are our most rugged option. They can remove epoxy, sealant, and even stains caused by oil and grease. 

Choosing the Right Pads for Your Operation

Choosing the right commercial floor scrubber pads doesn’t have to be a hard decision. When ordering your floor pads, there are several factors to consider.

Floor Type

First, consider what types of floors your team will be cleaning. Our machines can handle any hard surface. However, it’s important that you choose a pad suited for your floors.

Daily cleaning pads are safe for any floor surface – as are our soft scrubbers. However, the grit pads and black deep scrubbers are not recommended for some floor types, like hardwood. 

Surface Area

Next, consider how much area you’ll be cleaning each day. Our daily cleaning pads are great for everyday use. However, if you need to clean large areas daily, you may want a longer-lasting option. The goal is to choose a pad that will hold up and keep your costs down.

Traffic Volume

Traffic volume also plays a huge role in your decision. Daily pads will work fine if you clean a low-traffic area that typically does not accumulate much dirt.

However, if you are cleaning a restaurant, busy bathroom, or school, you’ll probably face tougher messes. This situation likely means you’ll need a tougher pad. For the most part, our red and blue scrubber pads will do the trick. But if the area is very messy, you’ll need the deep scrub pads.


Finally, consider your goal. For routine cleans, our daily pads and economical scrubbers will work. However, you’ll need a grit brush or resurfacing pad when you need to resurface your floor. It’s all about what you hope to achieve during the cleaning process.

Check Out IDM Selection Today

Now that you know how to choose the right commercial floor scrubber pads, it’s time to select the appropriate pads.

Our team can help you identify the pads that fit your typical flooring needs and goals. Talk to our experts today to ensure your team has what they need to complete the job with less effort.



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