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Find the Best Bathroom Tile Scrubber for Your Restaurant
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Find the Best Bathroom Tile Scrubber for Your Restaurant

Find the Best Bathroom Tile Scrubber for Your Restaurant

Managing a restaurant comes with its own set of challenges. Keeping your bathroom’s tile floors clean is certainly one of them. The cleanliness of your bathroom tile will leave a lasting impression on customers, employees, and health inspectors, so it’s critical to maintain the condition of floors at all times.

To succeed, you’ll need the best bathroom tile scrubber on the market. The question is, how do you find the right machine that can handle tile floors? There are so many options in the market, which can make it tough to find the right scrubber for your restaurant.

This guide will help you cut through the noise and take the hassle out of cleaning bathroom tiles in your restaurant.

Understand Your Needs to Select the Best Bathroom Tile Scrubber

First things first when determining which bathroom tile scrubber to select. You need to understand the specific needs of your restaurant’s bathroom situation. Consider factors like:

  • The size of the space
  • The type of tiles
  • Grout color and size
  • Foot traffic
  • Frequency of cleaning

The size of your restaurant – and specifically the size of the bathroom – makes a huge impact on scrubber choice. Are you running a small cafe with a pair of single-person bathrooms? A micro scrubber will do the trick.

Alternatively, are you managing a huge diner with two very large bathrooms? You’ll need a bigger tile scrubber.

Pro Tip: You can also think through other areas in the restaurant where you may benefit from having access to a tile floor scrubber. If you have tile floors in an entrance area, the kitchen, or somewhere else, you’ll want to invest in a scrubber that can handle those spaces, too.

Types of Tile Scrubbers for the Job

Once you have a feel for your needs, it’s time to weigh your options. Here are the common types of tile scrubbers you’ll encounter.

Manual Tile Scrubbers

These are the most basic options. They’re cheap and simple to use. There is one downside, though — you’ll need plenty of elbow grease.

If your restaurant’s bathroom is smaller, a manual tile scrubber might be a practical choice. However, a power scrubber will provide a much better clean. 

Corded Tile Scrubbers

Corded tile scrubbers provide the elbow grease. They can break up tough grease, dirt, and grime. The downside is you’ll have to lug around a 50–100 foot extension cord. That will become cumbersome in a hurry.

Battery-Powered Scrubbers

Battery-powered scrubbers are the best and most versatile option. You can take your scrubber anywhere, clean up messes in a flash, and save time. Whether you need to address a spill or clean every inch of your bathroom, a battery-powered scrubber can accommodate you.

Features to Look For in a Battery-Powered Scrubber

When on the hunt for a bathroom tile scrubber, be mindful of the following factors that are baked into a battery-powered scrubber.


Durability is key in a commercial setting. You want a scrubber that can withstand regular use without breaking down.

Ease of Use

The best scrubbers are easy to operate. Complex machines lead to wasted time or improper cleaning. Comparatively, a battery–powered scrubber has intelligent controls that enable proper use.


You will want to invest in scrubbers with different brush heads or settings. This will allow you to clean different tile surfaces with ease.

Strong Battery Life

Battery-powered models offer superior convenience. They provide enough cleaning time to get through all of your cleaning tasks. After all, you don’t want your scrubber to stop working halfway through a cleaning session. 

Preferred Noise Level

You probably handle most of your cleaning after hours. But if you need to clean up a mess on a tile surface while people are at the restaurant, you don’t want to make a lot of noise. A quieter machine will be less disruptive to your patrons, supporting the customer experience.

Worthwhile Expense

A battery-powered commercial cleaning unit is a great investment. A quality scrubber can improve cleaning efficiency and extend the life of your floors, helping you avoid costly replacements.

Partner with IDM for a Better Clean

IDM offers the best bathroom tile scrubber machines for restaurants. Our battery-powered floor scrubbing units are ready to go to work for you on Day 1.

Not sure which unit is right for your restaurant? Book a demo today to see our machines in action. Plus, our cleaning experts are ready to answer your questions. Let’s identify the right solution for your restaurant business.



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