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The Best Power Scrubber for Tile Floors is Ready for Use
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The Best Power Scrubber for Tile Floors is Ready for Use

The Best Power Scrubber for Tile Floors is Ready for Use

Building service contractors (BSCs) face a constant battle to balance the need for speed with customers’ sky-high expectations. While you need to clean fast, you also need to ensure their tile floors are spotless. Juggling these two at-odds responsibilities can be tough. Or, at least, it used to be.

Thanks to the best power scrubber for tile floors on the market, you can take the hassle out of cleaning tile and grout. The X-Scrub Pro from Intelligent Design Manufacturing (IDM) is an all-in-one floor scrubber that is strong, compact, and efficient.

Join us as we dive into the X-Scrub Pro and additional floor scrubbers from IDM. We’ll also provide tips for selecting the ideal scrubber for your needs.

Choosing the Perfect Power Scrubber

The X-Scrub Pro is the best floor scrubber for most applications. But IDM has lots of other scrubbers, including:

  • X-Scrub Max 20
  • X-Scrub Rider 20
  • X-Scrub Rider 28
  • X-Scrub Rider 36

For many BSCs, the X-Scrub Pro is the top all-around option. However, when selecting the ideal floor scrubber, we suggest that you consider the following factors.


Size and design are key considerations when selecting a floor scrubbing machine. You want a machine that’s just right. You don’t want to use a bulky machine that can’t penetrate tight spots. But you don’t want it to be too small to handle larger areas. 

IDM makes it easy to find the size of scrubber you need. The X-Scrub Pro has a 17" cleaning path and a pair of 8.5" brush heads. 

Each other scrubber’s number denotes the width of its cleaning path. For instance, the Max 20 has a 20" cleaning path, and so does the Rider 20. The Rider 36 is our largest scrubber with a three-foot wide cleaning path.

Brush Options

The type of brush a power scrubber wields is crucial. Tiles demand brushes that are tough on dirt but won’t scratch surfaces. For this reason, we believe the best power scrubbers have interchangeable brushes.

Every IDM machine can accommodate different cleaning brushes:

  • Our budget-friendly daily cleaning pads are great for routine cleaning.
  • Our more aggressive options can take on the toughest messes.
  • The X-Scrub Pro even has refinishing brushes.

You can use these brushes to prepare concrete floors for resurfacing. Talk about options!

Tank Capacity

When your cleaning crew is on the clock, you can’t afford to stop every few minutes to refill your solution tanks. IDM machines have large solution and recovery tanks so that you can clean surfaces longer without interruption.

Also, our machines don’t reuse dirty water. With each pass, they spray down fresh cleaning solution. Then, the powerful scrubbing brushes go to work on tile surfaces. Finally, the machine vacuums up excess fluid, capturing it in the recovery tank. 

Our approach produces more sanitary surfaces, and IDM machines reduce drying times. 

Battery Life

Are you still lugging around hundreds of feet of extension cord? If so, it’s time for an upgrade. 

Our machines use cutting-edge lithium-ion battery technology, providing hours of cleaning power on a single charge. You can clean longer and get through even the biggest jobs.

Since our machines are cordless, you can easily transition from area to area. Cordless tile cleaning is the key to better efficiency. 

Ease of Use

Adding a new power scrubber to your arsenal shouldn’t involve a steep learning curve. With IDM, it won’t. The X-Scrub Pro has intuitive controls that your crew can learn in minutes. 

Every IDM scrubber was designed with the user in mind. They feature large controls and diagrams demonstrating the function of each button. 

Water Efficiency

A cleaning solution is expensive. With IDM scrubbers, you can reduce cleaning supply waste and save money.

Our machines don’t just cut down on cleaning solution waste; they also optimize water usage. To reduce environmental impact and maximize cleaning efficiency, IDM scrubbers are the perfect addition to your tile cleaning tool kit.

These machines are built differently, as each IDM machine is finely tuned to spray just the right amount of water with each pass.

Why Is the X-Scrub Pro the Best Power Scrubber for Tile Floors?

Any IDM power scrubber can help you boost efficiency and clean tile better. But we want to take a closer look at why the X-Scrub Pro is the right choice for BSCs.

The Pro is a walk-behind scrubber with a 17" cleaning path. It has large solution and recovery tanks, as well as a powerful battery. Most importantly, it can clean just about any hard floor surface.

  • Want to perform a routine tile cleaning? Pop on some daily-use pads and get the job done in no time.
  • Need to get rid of set-in grime and dirt? Switch to the Pro’s aggressive brushes and erase that mess in a flash.

The Pro is compact enough to store in your van, service truck, or the on-site cleaning closet. And it is mighty enough for all sorts of messes. Clean anywhere, save time, and wow your customers with the X-Scrub Pro.

Why BSCs Love the X-Scrub Pro

Building service contractors are always looking for ways to be more efficient. When speed is the name of the game, the X-Scrub Pro is the clear choice. But that’s not the only thing that it brings to the table. BSCs turn to the X-Scrub Pro for the following reasons.

Powered by a Rechargeable Battery

Wireless power scrubbers are much more versatile than corded options. The X-Scrub Pro is cordless, which means that you can ditch those extension cords for good. The Pro offers 60 minutes of run time on just one charge.

Need more cleaning time? You can keep extra chargers and batteries on hand to take on those larger jobs. Swapping the battery takes seconds, which means you can get back to cleaning in no time.

Equipped With Extension Handles

The X-Scrub Pro has extendable handles, which you can adjust for users of various sizes. Its fast-change system allows you to change the handle height in seconds. The extension handles ensure that every crew member can use the X-Scrub Pro.

Designed With Replaceable Brush Heads

One of the biggest perks of the X-Scrub Pro is its replaceable brush heads. The Pro has a pair of 8.5" brush platforms. These platforms can accommodate a wide range of different brushes.

Our standard brushes are soft daily-use cleaning pads. Use these pads for day-to-day upkeep of various flooring surfaces, including:

  • Tile
  • Epoxy
  • LVT

Want something a bit more gentle? We provide soft brushes for finished surfaces. These brushes can gently remove dirt and debris without damaging the high-end tile in key areas. 

The X-Scrub Pro can also accommodate aggressive resurfacing brushes. These brushes can remove epoxy or get rid of imperfections on concrete. No matter what job lies ahead, the Pro is up to the task.

Capable of Cleaning Hard-to-Reach Areas

The X-Scrub Pro has a 17" wide cleaning surface. However, unlike traditional scrubbers, it has two floating brush platforms instead of a single brush head. This design makes it more maneuverable.

You can turn on a dime and navigate tight corners. Small enough to reach tight spaces and strong enough for any mess, the Pro is your all-in-one cleaning solution.

The compact design of the Pro makes it easy to store and transport, too. You can easily fit it in your service vehicle after the job is over or store it in a utility closet. Every aspect of the Pro was designed with versatility and user-friendliness in mind.

Designed With Innovative Technology

The X-Scrub Pro is one of the most advanced power scrubbers on the market. From the control panel to the brushes, the Pro is loaded with advanced features designed to make your life easier.

Your crew can easily adjust the water flow and brush speed based on cleaning needs. If they need to pause their work, they can activate the Pro’s parking brake and lock the wheels in place.

The Pro also has a built-in retractable hose. Your crew can use the hose to empty dirty water directly into a drain. That’s right – they won’t have to lug around a heavy recovery tank to empty the scrubber.

Our auto scrubber also has independent floating brush platforms. These platforms automatically adjust to uneven surfaces to ensure a consistent clean.

Our brush platforms even have magnetic connection systems. You can use this feature to swap brush heads in seconds.

Strong Enough to Destroy Dirt and Grime

Most power scrubbers force you to choose between power and versatility, but not the X-Scrub Pro. The Pro packs the punch of a larger power scrubber but offers the convenience of a compact device.

The Pro also has a 19" squeegee. The squeegee funnels excess water into the vacuum, ensuring shorter drying times.

Whether you need to handle deep cleaning or get rid of set-in messes, the Pro is up to the task. It cleans fast, reduces drying times, and leaves behind a spotless floor in its wake. 

Ready to Learn More About Our Powerful Tile Floor Scrubber?

Your search for the best power scrubber for tile floors is over. The X-Scrub Pro is compact, versatile, and mighty enough to tackle virtually any cleaning job. This machine is ideal for removing stubborn messes and reducing total cleaning time.

But don’t just take our word for it. Book a free demo and see the X-Scrub Pro in action. Plus, we can tell you more about our full selection of floor-cleaning machines that make BSCs the champions of cleaning.



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