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Our Intelligent Cleaning Equipment Supports All Businesses
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Our Intelligent Cleaning Equipment Supports All Businesses - Intelligent Design Manufacturing

Our Intelligent Cleaning Equipment Supports All Businesses

Keeping your facility clean is a full-time job. The last thing you need is to be dealing with messes and bad tools. The thing is, big-box store solutions are more for consumers, but most commercial-grade cleaning machines are bulky and cost-prohibitive.

The good news is that you can clean smarter with the Intelligent Design Manufacturing (IDM) line of intelligent cleaning equipment. At IDM, we truly offer something for every type of commercial and industrial cleaning need.

Whether you clean schools or manage the cleaning process for a large facility, our commercial equipment line can support your cleaning needs.


IDM’s line of intelligent cleaning equipment includes over a dozen solutions for your business. Let’s take a closer look at our four core product categories, which are as follows.


Looking for auto scrubbers? The X-Scrub line of IDM floor scrubbers is designed to clean any hard floor surface.

Every X-Scrub machine is cordless, which maximizes its versatility, and each machine features a solution and recovery tank for fresh cleaning every time.

Our X-Scrub line includes the following options:

  • X-Scrub Mini
  • X-Scrub Pro
  • X-Scrub 20
  • X-Scrub Max 20
  • X-Scrub Rider 28
  • X-Scrub Rider 32
  • X-Scrub Rider 36

Each X-Scrub device works with multiple brush pads. Some of these include the following:

  • Daily-use pads
  • Routine cleaning brushes
  • Heavy-duty brushes
  • Refinishing brushes

IDM’s X-Scrub line is here to replace your old mop and bucket while allowing you to achieve a high level of cleanliness.

– We recommend taking a look at our videos to see the X-Scrub productions in action. 


Concrete floors are common in industrial settings such as warehouses and manufacturing buildings. To keep these spaces in tip-top shape, you need a robust concrete grinder.

IDM’s Mustang concrete grinders and polishers can remove old layers of concrete and leave behind a polished look. Whether you want to leave your concrete floors unfinished or want to prep them for a fresh coat of epoxy, our Mustang machines are up to the task.

Currently, we offer three sizes of Mustnag concrete grinders:

  • MUSTANG 20
  • MUSTANG 22
  • MUSTANG 27

The Mustang 20 can target hard-to-reach areas, making it an excellent option for smaller facilities. The Mustang 27 has a 27” grinding path, so it can handle the toughest jobs. Finally, the Mustang 22 is a good fit for mid-sized facilities.


IDM’s CHAMP line includes two industrial wet/dry vacuums. The CHAMP line of industrial-grade wet/dry vacuums packs a major punch in a compact design, which makes the two models easy to maneuver and store. 

Our most compact option is the CHAMP20WVC, which has a 20-gallon capacity. But, don’t let its size fool you, as this machine has a powerful vacuum motor and tool kits for every type of job.

If you are looking for something even more capable, our CHAMP23DMFMS is the option for you. Its 23-gallon capacity and 30” front mount squeegee are perfect for cleaning up spills, drawing in extra moisture, and picking up debris. 


Mr. Scraper is IDM’s concrete scraper attachment for coated floors. Available in either a 15” or 17” diameter, Mr. Scraper can help you boost the efficiency of your next concrete clean-up job. 

Both Mr. Scraper 15 and Mr. Scraper 17 feature an aluminum plate and industrial bolt threads. Their carbide scraper blades and steel brackets provide even and efficient performance. 


Keeping your business clean doesn’t have to be a time-consuming process. With IDM’s intelligent cleaning equipment, you can take the hassle out of your daily floor cleaning routine. 

From our X-Scrub Mini to our heavy-duty, ride-on scrubbers, we have the tools you need to keep your floors clean. Schedule a demo today to see our machines in action for yourself.



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