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The Best Commercial HEPA Vacuum is Available Through IDM
The HEPA Dual Motor Vacuum by Intelligent Design Manufacturing.

The Best Commercial HEPA Vacuum is Available Through IDM

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses and organizations have become more mindful of how to maintain sanitary environments. To clean large spaces effectively, cleaning crews need to upgrade their tools.

Before COVID, many building service contractors (BSCs) and cleaning crews already used powerful floor cleaners to help remove dirt and debris from hard surfaces. Carpet cleaning tools, however, fell behind.

To help foster better cleanliness in retail spaces, Intelligent Design Manufacturing (IDM) created the best commercial HEPA vacuum on the market. Known as the HEPA Upright Vacuum, it can deep-clean carpets and capture airborne germs that are hidden from the naked eye.

Here is everything you need to know about our commercial grade upright vacuum.

What Is a HEPA Vacuum?

A HEPA vacuum is a special device that uses a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter. These HEPA media filters remove 99.7% of particles in the air that are at least 0.3 microns in diameter.

Standard vacuums use a standard filter, and they are not sealed. When they suck in dirt from the carpet, some materials are disbursed throughout the room. Unfortunately, this can contribute to the spread of allergens and bacteria.

On the other hand, HEPA vacuums are sealed, meaning air can only pass through the filter and nowhere else. As it does, the HEPA filter grabs any potentially harmful pollutants and sends them to a vacuum bag. The bag and collection area are sealed, too, so particles are blocked from escaping once filtered out of the air.

Why Commercial Cleaning Crews Need a HEPA Vacuum

If you have been using a standard handheld vacuum for years, you may wonder if you need to upgrade to a HEPA vacuum system. The answer is a resounding yes. Every cleaning crew and BSC should use a HEPA vacuum because of these reasons.

Clients Expect It

Today, clients want to know that you are doing everything you can to keep them safe. Using a HEPA vacuum will help you come through for them. You can give carpeted areas a better clean and provide your customers with peace of mind.

Upgrading to a HEPA system is also a great way to discern yourself from competitors. You can use your new vacuum to win over more accounts and build your business.

HEPA Vacuums May Reduce the Spread of Disease

HEPA vacuums allow for a cleaner environment in buildings. When paired with other cleaning practices, a HEPA vacuum may be able to help reduce the spread of illnesses. As such, they are great for K-12 schools, colleges, and office spaces.

To get the most benefits from these filters, make sure to invest in a genuine HEPA vacuum. There are many so-called HEPA filters out there that can be used with standard vacuums. Even though these filters can trap more debris than standard filters, the entire system is not sealed. That means it cannot capture as many contaminants as the IDM HEPA Upright Vacuum.

Upgrading Your Equipment Can Save You Time

With a powerful HEPA vacuum, you can save your cleaning crew a great amount of time. The IDM HEPA Upright Vacuum has two powerful motors that can pick up dirt and debris in fewer passes.

Thanks to its lightweight design, cleaning crew members will be able to easily handle each area in just one pass and move on to the next. They will no longer have to backtrack or go over an area multiple times, cutting down on cleaning time and effort.

What Makes Our HEPA Upright Vacuum the Best Option?

From its handle to its powerful brushes, the HEPA Upright Vacuum is designed with the end user in mind. It is user-friendly, well-built, and able to take on tough messes.

Some of the key features of our commercial upright vacuum cleaner include the following.

An Intuitive Design

The HEPA Upright Vacuum was purpose-built to meet the needs of BSCs. With it, contractors and cleaning crews can achieve a HEPA standard of cleanliness. The vacuum is also powerful and easily movable. You’ll save time and effort thanks to its wide cleaning path.

Furthermore, the HEPA Upright Vacuum is also designed with storage in mind. When locked in the upright position, our vacuum has a minimal footprint. As such, it can easily be stored in a cleaning closet or parked in the corner of a room. It can also be stowed and hauled on a cleaning van with ease.

Durable Construction

The IDM HEPA Upright Vacuum is built to last. It features strong housing that can stand up against daily use. Even its internal parts are just as robust and designed to provide hours of reliable service for large capacity cleaning jobs.

We also designed the HEPA Upright Vacuum to be easy to clean. Within minutes, a team member can swap out the filter, empty the bag, and get the vacuum ready to go again. By making upkeep easier and overbuilding our vacuum, we can ensure that you will enjoy a low cost of ownership.

Industrial Cleaning Capabilities

The HEPA Upright Vacuum was mainly built for use in large commercial settings. It features true HEPA filtration capacities, as well as a sealed exhaust and debris-capture bag.

The vacuum boasts dual motors and several onboard tools that you can use to clean baseboards. The included tools can also be used to clean surfaces above floor level, such as seats or countertops.

The HEPA Upright Vacuum also has a long cord, which ensures that your team can cover a large area before they need to reposition the machine. Like the rest of its features, the vacuum cord promotes faster cleaning and makes it much more convenient for your team.

Where Can the IDM HEPA Upright Vacuum Be Used?

A HEPA upright vacuum can be used in any building with carpeted areas, such as the following.

K-12 Educational Settings

The HEPA Upright Vacuum from IDM is the perfect addition to any cleaning program in an educational setting. It is powerful enough to quickly capture dirt and debris from high-traffic areas like the main office or classrooms. It also lowers the risk of airborne spread among students and faculty.


College campuses are known for their heavy foot traffic both during the day and through the evening. To avoid disrupting night courses, cleaning crews must be able to clean campus spaces between sessions efficiently.

The HEPA Upright Vacuum can help BSCs quickly complete their daily cleaning tasks while capturing possibly harmful pollutants in the air, improving air quality in critical spaces.

Corporations with Carpeted Offices

Businesses can also use our HEPA Upright Vacuum to create a cleaner, safer space for their employees. Promoting a clean workspace can help reduce the number of times employees call out and maximize their productivity.

Schedule a Demo of the Best Commercial HEPA vacuum

The HEPA Upright Vacuum from IDM is the best commercial HEPA vacuum on the market. But don’t just take our word for it.Schedule a demo to see the capabilities of our new vacuum for yourself. We would be glad to show you how your cleaning crew can achieve a more thorough clean.



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