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The Best Way to Clean Restaurant Tile Floors
The Best Way to Clean Restaurant Tile Floors - Intelligent Design Manufacturing

The Best Way to Clean Restaurant Tile Floors

Are you tired of dealing with dirty mops and slippery floors in your restaurant? You are in the right place.

Don’t waste another day cleaning your kitchen floors with a dingy mop and warm water. You can replace this old-school approach with the X-Scrub Mini.

Developed by Intelligent Design Manufacturing, the X-Scrub Mini is the best way to clean restaurant tile floors. It is small enough to clean all of the hard-to-reach corners of your restaurant. But don’t worry; it packs plenty of punch, too.

Explore everything that is wrong with traditional floor cleaning and learn about all that our floor scrubber has to offer.

Why Mops Just Don’t Cut It

Like many restaurant owners, you probably rely on your in-house team to keep your floors clean. This approach makes financial sense, as professional cleaning services can be costly. But is a mop and bucket really the best way to clean your tile floors? Not even close.

Cleaning floors the old-fashioned way is unfavorable for the following reasons.


In a fast-paced commercial kitchen, every second counts. That’s why you and your crew need to complete every task with a sense of urgency. Unfortunately, that’s just not possible with a mop and bucket.

Cleaning up even a small mess takes time you can’t spare. In the meantime, important side work will go unfinished. If your doors have already opened, your customers will be neglected. This situation can lead to frustration and damage your brand’s reputation.

The inefficiency of mopping impacts not only patrons but also crew members. Your staff will have to stay later to complete their closing tasks, causing frustration and contributing to turnover. It will also increase your overhead as you pay additional labor hours each week.


When your team mops, they mostly just push dirty water around the floor. Sure, they may clean up visible messes, but what sort of germs are getting left behind?

Mopping undermines restaurant safety and can expose patrons to harmful bacteria. It can also leave behind layers of grease, leading to slippery floors and workplace accidents.

Even a simple slip can severely injure one of your crew members. One incident can increase your insurance costs and lead to a civil suit. If a patron slips and falls, the repercussions could be more severe.


Mopping doesn’t get the job done. A mop will struggle to break up tough stains and leave behind residue. Over time, your restaurant flooring will appear dingy and gross, even if your crew has just cleaned it.

Patrons examine every aspect of your restaurant, including your floors. If your floors look unclean, customers may be hesitant to dine with you.

Tedious to Use

Mopping is a tedious, time-consuming task. The last thing your crew wants to do after a long shift is scrub the floor with a mop.

Working in a restaurant can be stressful enough. That’s why you should do whatever you can to make life easier for your crew.

One way to do that is by upgrading to the X-Scrub Mini. Our powerful scrubber will cut down on cleaning time and can be operated with minimal effort.

What Makes the X-Scrub Mini the Best Way to Clean Restaurant Tile Floors?

The easy answer is “everything!” The X-Scrub Mini is the ideal solution for restaurants. It is more cost-effective than a professional cleaning service but works far better than a dirty mop.

With the X-Scrub Mini, your crew can realize a much better cleaning experience taking care of your tile floors.

Clean Floors with Less Effort

Everything about mopping is tedious. Prepping the bucket, wringing out the mop, and dragging it across the floor take time and effort. Some of your crew may even decide to cut corners to avoid the headache.

The X-Scrub Mini is easy and user-friendly. Setting it up and operating it is a breeze. To use the X-Scrub Mini, your crew simply needs to:

  • Fill the cleaning solution tank
  • Roll it to the area they need to clean
  • Activate the scrubber
  • Push it over the floors
  • Empty the reservoir

That’s it. The X-Scrub Mini provides the elbow grease while your crew effortlessly cleans your floors.

Stop Waiting on Floors to Dry

Waiting on floors to air-dry is one of the most tedious aspects of mopping. Productivity grinds to a halt, and no one can get anything done.

The X-Scrub Mini eliminates this headache via its powerful vacuum. After the device applies a cleaning solution to your floor, the vacuum sucks in excess moisture. This process reduces drying time and helps your crew get more done.

Get into Hard-to-Reach Spots

Your restaurant floor is littered with obstacles and hard-to-reach spaces. Mopping around tables, chairs, and equipment is tough. Your staff likely has to move furniture around every night to thoroughly clean the floors.

The X-Scrub Mini makes this challenge a distant memory. It is compact enough to maneuver around tight corners and spaces. Your crew can easily clean every square foot of your flooring. They can reach under tables, around equipment, and behind doors. The result is a clean, pristine-looking floor.

Support Health and Safety

The X-Scrub Mini does not push around dirty mop water. Instead, it continuously applies a fresh cleaning solution to the floor. Next, the solution is agitated with powerful scrubbers, which break up any messes. Finally, the vacuum draws in excess liquid to expedite drying time.

The X-Scrub Mini can help you comply with health and safety requirements. It leaves behind virtually no residue. And it can be paired with a wide range of cleaning solutions. As a result, it is perfect for tackling your biggest messes, including layers of grease.

Replace the Old Mop and Bucket

Our versatile scrubber is a great investment for your business:

  • Boasts a low cost of ownership and a long service life.
  • Backed by a great factory warranty
  • Stop wasting money on mopheads and buckets.

Our scrubber can further decrease costs by reducing your cleaning solution consumption: it sprays exactly the right amount of cleaning product during each pass to minimize waste.

Clean Faster

The best part about the X-Scrub Mini is that it helps your crew clean faster. You can cut cleanup time significantly. In turn, your crew will finish their shifts earlier and be able to recharge for the next day.

Enabling your crew to clean faster will also benefit your bottom line. You will incur lower labor expenses and free up cash that you can reinvest in your business.

Ready to Learn More? Schedule a Demo of the X-Scrub Mini

The X-Scrub Mini is the best way to clean restaurant tile floors. With this easy-to-use scrubber, you can deep clean your space in a flash, promote patron safety, and free up more time to interact with your customers. And it will leave your floors looking great, too.

Once you see our product in action, you’ll never go back to the old mop and bucket. What are you waiting for? Schedule your demo of the X-Scrub Mini today.



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