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The Lightweight Floor Scrubber You Need for Your Business
The Lightweight Floor Scrubber You Need for Your Business - Intelligent Design Manufacturing

The Lightweight Floor Scrubber You Need for Your Business

Are you tired of wasting countless work hours cleaning grout in and around your property? It’s time to invest in a lightweight floor scrubber capable of removing dirt and grime from the floors of your small business.

Intelligent Design Manufacturing (IDM) developed a powerful floor scrubber, the X-Scrub Mini, which can blast away dirt and grime, helping you maintain safe working conditions and save time.

The X-Scrub Mini is robust, compact, and easy to use. It provides a constant stream of clean, fresh water. Its scrubbers break up any larger debris, leaving your floors looking as good as new. On top of that, the system’s powerful vacuum quickly absorbs any leftover moisture and residue.

Is our floor scrubber right for your business? Join us as we dive into the biggest floor-cleaning challenges you can overcome by incorporating the X-Scrub Mini into your cleaning schedule.

Small Business Floor Cleaning Challenges by Sector

Keeping floors clean is a typical problem that workers encounter in virtually every industry. But these sectors face the most significant obstacles in maintaining clean floors.


Oil, fuel, grease, and similar chemical compounds are commonplace in a manufacturing facility. Unfortunately, these substances are some of the toughest to clean up, especially when taking the manual mop-and-bucket approach.

The X-Scrub Mini can clean up even the toughest of debris. It constantly applies fresh water during each pass to break down sticky substances like oil and grease. The device’s powerful vacuum can quickly absorb excess water, leaving behind a clean and almost completely dry surface.

Corporate Offices

Looks matter in any corporate setting, so the last thing that executive leaders want their clients or vendors to see is a filthy, grimy floor. Standard mopping involves cleaning a vast area with the same bucket of dirty water. As a result, the process is far from clean or efficient.

On the other hand, the X-Scrub Mini can quickly and efficiently clean entire floors, resulting in a shiny, clean, and dirt-free surface that would make any image-conscious executive proud.


When parents send their children to school, they expect them to be cared for in a safe and sanitary environment.

School sanitation has become more critical than ever due to recent health concerns during the COVID era. School districts must rethink how they clean every surface to keep students safe and satisfy concerned parents.

However, schools are notoriously understaffed. So how can school personnel manage to clean better without placing excess demands on their existing staff?

The X-Scrub Mini is part of the solution. With the X-Scrub Mini, janitorial staff can clean far more effectively and efficiently, giving them more time to tackle other, more significant sanitation tasks.

Community Centers

The biggest floor-cleaning challenge community centers face is foot traffic. These facilities attract dozens, if not hundreds, of visitors daily. Each of those visitors dirty floors by dragging in soil, grime, and mud.

Community center staff members need a way to efficiently clean the floors to keep the facility looking great day in and day out. Old-school mopping practices won’t cut it anymore, but most facilities have neither the budget nor the staff needed to operate a big, bulky floor cleaner.

Enter the X-Scrub Mini. Given its compact stature and easy-to-operate nature, the device can easily be stored in a utility closet when not in use. It is far more cost-effective than a ride-on floor cleaner and more efficient enough to leave floors spotless.


One of the chief concerns for a restaurant is sanitation. Managers and owners must ensure that their floors are kept clean and free from bacteria to provide a safe eating environment for their guests. Additionally, restaurants must keep floors clean to maintain an inviting aesthetic.

Food waste can be especially tedious to clean up. After all, it can get everywhere, including in those tough-to-reach nooks and tile crevices. Mops just aren’t enough to get into those hard-to-reach areas, and ride-on floor cleaners are too bulky and cumbersome for use in a restaurant.

The X-Scrub Mini serves as a perfect happy medium. It is a great lightweight tool that is compact enough to reach tough-to-clean areas and powerful enough to eliminate caked-on food debris.


Retailers have to be able to clean up spills and messes fast. The longer a spill is left unattended, the higher the risk of injury to a customer or employee. And if an injury occurs, the business could face a major lawsuit.

A micro auto-scrubber like the X-Scrub Mini allows a single associate to work out any spill quickly. From drinks dropped by customers to jars of sauces knocked over by associates, this auto-scrubber can tackle any mess.


Organizations in the healthcare sector need a compact auto-scrubber that can get into tight spaces in patient rooms, hallways, and corridors. Without such a device, dangerous germs and bacteria can accumulate and endanger patients, especially those immunocompromised. Mop buckets full of dirty water do nothing but spread those germs around.

Therefore, healthcare organizations should check out the X-Scrub Mini floor cleaner. It can reach tight spaces, eliminate germs, and leave pristine floors.

The Benefits of IDM’s Lightweight Floor Scrubbers

Our X-Scrub Mini can solve the floor-cleaning challenges of any business. By investing in our compact yet powerful auto-scrubber, your company can realize several distinct advantages.

Save Time

The number of labor hours your business wastes on mopping could be 5, 10, or even 20 hours each week. Imagine how much more productive your staff could be if you cut that time in half!

With the X-Scrub Mini, your team can ditch the mop and dirty water bucket. They can clean your floors faster than ever while eradicating dirt, grime, or grease.

Reduce Manual Effort

Mopping is not just inefficient – it can also be tedious and frustrating. But the X-Scrub Mini does the hard work for you. Its powerful brush head and vacuum have the power to break up set in dirt. What does this mean? Just about any staff member can effectively clean your floors with minimal physical exertion.

Improve Cleanliness

One of the biggest perks of investing in our lightweight floor scrubber is that you can make your business cleaner. Improving cleanliness will enhance the customer experience by making the interior of your business more aesthetically appealing. It will also promote employee and customer wellness, which is great for business.

Your staff and customers deserve the best, which is why we recommend maintaining your floors with the X-Scrub Mini.

Why the X-Scrub Mini Is the Best Power Scrubber

If you want to keep your floors sparkling clean, you need to check out the X-Scrub Mini. The cordless scrubbers are compact, powerful, and user-friendly. This tool is perfect for cleaning the floor in any small business, regardless of your industry.

If you want to learn more about the X-Scrub Mini, check out our informative videos. You can also book a free demo to see the power of our lightweight floor scrubber for yourself!



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