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Upright Floor Scrubber vs. Buffer: What's the Difference?
Upright Floor Scrubber vs. Buffer: What's the Difference? - Intelligent Design Manufacturing

Upright Floor Scrubber vs. Buffer: What's the Difference?

What consistent issues do schools, manufacturing facilities, and restaurants need to solve? They all experience a high level of daily foot traffic that can take its toll on their floors:

  • Kids running, spilling, and tracking in dirt.
  • Forklift tires and work boots covered in grease.
  • Food and beverages mixing with the soles of patrons’ shoes.

These situations from various industries can contribute to spaces that look unprofessional and can become a safety hazard if neglected. And traditional cleaning solutions don’t always get the job done.

So how can your company quickly and efficiently clean such large areas while doing away with unwanted downtime? An upright floor scrubber, or autoscrubber, is the equipment you need.

You might not be familiar with this type of equipment, and you may be more familiar with a buffer or other types of cleaning solutions such as the standard mop and bucket. Let’s take a closer look at some key differences.

Why Replace the Mop and Bucket?

The humble mop has been the industry standard for years. But it requires considerable manual labor and time to adequately clean up dirt and dust accumulating during a typical day.

Mops also rely on a bucket of soapy water that can quickly become filthy with deposits wiped around the floor. Grease and oils can adhere to the mop’s fibers or permeate the water receptacle, which often leads to the mop spreading more dirt than it’s picking up.

Add to this the fact that one has to rely on evaporation to dry the floors, and you’re looking at a less-than-ideal cleaning situation for the modern high-traffic workspace.

Why Not Buff?

If your company wants to upgrade its cleaning processes, why not get a buffer to take care of those large expanses of polished concrete or tile? Why invest in an upright floor scrubber? The answer is simple: increased efficiency and sanitation.

While traditional buffers leave floors with a high polish, they often miss some of the dust and particulate matter that accumulates in facilities with constant use. Take a close look, and you’ll see specks of dirt and footprints encased in a layer of clear coat on top of the original surface.

To get everything cleaned up and polished, janitorial workers must bring out the mop and bucket before they start buffing. This activity tacks on an extra physical step and adds to the drying time. In comparison, a scrubber can wash, polish, and dry all in one sweep, getting your facility back to work-ready almost immediately.

In addition, each environment calls for different machinery. A buffer might not be up to par in high-traffic areas where cleanliness is critical, like schools, hospitals, and scientific labs. There needs to be more than a shiny walkway; the floor needs to be thoroughly sanitized.

Upright floor scrubbers offer top-tier efficiency and can significantly reduce the time it takes to clean up. Where a buffer only polishes the existing finish and often requires a long dry time, a scrubber can provide a superior clean without leaving the floor damp, thus preventing bacteria or particles from spreading.

The Advantages are Clear to Invest in an Upright Floor Scrubber

Not yet convinced? Take a look at these additional reasons to elevate your cleaning power with a floor scrubber.

Physical Benefits

Several simultaneous actions occur as the operator steers the floor scrubber, creating tremendous efficiencies.

1. A liquid cleaning agent and water are deposited on the floor to begin the process.

2. The brush, which is attached to a rotating head, scrubs in a circular motion to quickly and effectively get rid of dirt and grime that has built up throughout the day.

3. The unit’s vacuum and squeegee system push the wastewater away from the newly-clean surface.

4. The unit sucks up the dirty water into a tank that is emptied at the end of the cycle.

All of this happens automatically as the scrubber travels along. Users only need to aim the machine at the grimy area, and the internal components take care of the hard work!

Working Smarter

As technology improves, it’s counterproductive to rely on old cleaning methods. After all, sanitation is necessary but not always the most luxurious of tasks.

Intelligent Design Manufacturing (IDM) has cornered the market on practicality and ease of use regarding floor scrubbers. Our line of cleaning machines makes it simple for janitorial professionals to wash and dry dirty floors in various spaces.

The X-Scrub Mini and the X-Scrub Max 20 offer unmatched reliability for companies looking to improve the cleanliness of their spaces and streamline workflow.

Learn More About the X-Scrub Series

IDM offers a robust line of floor scrubbers perfect for getting the job done. Find out more about the three options in our X-Scrub product line.

X-Scrub Mini

If maneuverability in small spaces is at the top of your list, the X-Scrub Mini might be just the ticket. With the same cleaning abilities as its larger cousin, the Mini offers a swivel head that can steer around obstacles like exercise equipment, cubicles, and bathroom fixtures while still being easy enough for one person to operate.

Its 90-minute runtime is perfect for smaller spaces like gyms or restaurants, and the unit transitions seamlessly from tile to polished concrete or epoxy floors.

X-Scrub Pro

Built for heavy-duty industrial purposes, the X-Scrub Pro gets the job done in tough environments. This floor scrubber deposits clean water every time and can be used with various interchangeable brushes:

  • Soft brushes for finished floors.
  • Aggressive brushes for restorations.
  • Daily brushes for everyday clean-up jobs.

The X-Scrub Pro runs on a 36V lithium battery with a 60-minute run time. It’s durable, easy to haul, and can maneuver into difficult places, allowing you to increase cleaning power with less effort.

X-Scrub Max 20

The X-Scrub Max 20 is a robust walk-behind scrubber ready for use in airports, schools, BSCs, and warehouses. Its 20” cleaning path can make short work of wide walkways, loading areas, and floors with high foot traffic.

A single battery charge results in 4.5 hours of runtime. The matching 15-gallon solution and recovery tanks work together to clear and clean any type of hard surface the operator might encounter.

Benefits of Our Floor Scrubbers

While other scrubbers and buffers on the market run off direct power or even a propane engine, the scrubbers in the X-Scrub line operate autonomously with their easily-rechargeable batteries.

There’s no chance of running over a cord and getting it caught in the machinery. Also, no performance strength is lost using onboard power versus a cumbersome wall plug.

Furthermore, IDM has made it easy for filters, squeegees, and blades to be maintained, cleaned, and replaced when needed, making our floor scrubbers productive for years to come.

Schedule a Demo of our Floor Scrubbers

If your janitorial team is ready to upgrade their processes and ensure maximum cleanliness in your workspaces, get in touch with IDM to schedule a demonstration!

Both the X-Scrub Max 20 and X-Scrub Mini are available to evaluate. Our representatives will be happy to answer any questions you have about upkeep, performance, and pricing.

Contact us today to see which upright floor scrubber is best for your surfaces. It’s time to elevate your cleaning power!



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