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Use this 2 Brush Floor Scrubber to Keep the Warehouse Clean
IDM’s X-Scrub Pro with a clean warehouse floor in the background.

Use this 2 Brush Floor Scrubber to Keep the Warehouse Clean

Does your team regularly clean large warehouses that require extra care and a reliable sanitation method? Could your routine use better efficiency, improved results, and an all-around boost in everyday operations? A 2 brush floor scrubber from Intelligent Design Manufacturing could be just the ticket!

The X-Scrub Pro is one of our signature floor scrubbers that can help your team make quick work of the many messes inherent in a bustling warehouse. Learn how your cleaning crew can use our powerful autoscrubber. We’ll also explain the benefits of using this machine to tackle the unique areas of a warehouse.

Why Do You Need an Autoscrubber?

An autoscrubber is the most effective way to clean a variety of warehouse spaces with ease while maintaining sanitary conditions over a wide area.

Utilizing a cordless design that is easily pushed from room to room, these multi-function machines push cleaning liquid and water out through a swiftly rotating brush. The brush scrubs all kinds of surfaces to a lustrous sheen.

During regular use, any dirt, grime, and gray water are sucked back up into the machine. The result is no lingering residue or dampness that might attract mildew or take forever to dry.

A quick pass through each area of the warehouse with an autoscrubber can do everything a mop could do and more in a fraction of the time!

Use a 2 Brush Floor Scrubber for Various Warehouse Aspects

Warehouses present a unique set of problems when it comes to keeping workspaces clean. Not only are these large spaces home to a vast array of materials and objects, but they’re also constantly in use.

Loading in and loading out with carts, trucks, and forklifts, workers consistently traverse the flooring surfaces that companies rely on to support their daily operations. Consider the types of space that can be cleaned more efficiently using a floor scrubber with two scrub brushes.

Loading Bay

Undoubtedly the most active area in a warehouse is the loading bay, where trucks are constantly bringing in and taking out products.

Hand trucks, dollies, forklifts, and all manner of equipment must be able to move freely in this space. Workers must rely on clean floors that are free of slippery spills or damp areas that might slow down the process or present safety hazards.

Storage Areas

The long aisles of storage shelving are the heart of a warehouse facility. Organized for quick access and stability, these concrete corridors need to be free of obstructions that could hinder last-minute orders, rush jobs, and daily sorting.

Cleaning up skids from machinery, accidental spills, or errant leaks helps to ensure smooth operations no matter what timetable is being followed.


Often relegated to side rooms or smaller areas within the overall warehouse, the offices are no less important than the rest of the facility. Often staffed by people working at a desk as well as out on the floor, these key centers need to be clean so that important paperwork and logistics don’t fall prey to the grime of engine grease and daily dirt.

Restrooms & Breakrooms

Having clean facilities for your employees should be a top priority for any warehouse operator. Making sure they can rest and recuperate during breaks will lead to increased productivity and efficiency.

Cleaning around toilets, vending machines, and kitchen appliances allows for a more sanitary experience and lets the workers know their efforts are valued.

When you’re in charge of cleaning all of these areas, it’s difficult to imagine using a mop and bucket or some other outdated technique. New, fast-paced industrial spaces require better machines and more effective methods to ensure everything is up to par.

The X-Scrub Pro: a Purposeful 2 Brush Floor Scrubber

When you need a robust combination of maneuverability and power, the X-Scrub Pro is the obvious choice. Its dual brush design offers unmatched cleaning power that pushes through dirt and grime with precision and ease.

The X-Scrub Pro utilizes a variety of brushes that are easy to install and use on different surfaces.

  • Soft brushes quickly clean finished floors.
  • More aggressive brushes make restorations quick and effective.
  • Daily brushes and pads allow for routine cleaning in a fraction of the time vs. traditional methods.

In a warehouse environment, the X-Scrub Pro offers increased profitability and efficiency by decreasing the required effort to clean warehouse surfaces. Its ability to switch seamlessly from concrete in the loading bay to tile in the bathroom to epoxy-coated coverings in the office environment proves that this autoscrubber is a cleaning crew’s best friend.

On top of all this, our machine is extremely easy to use, transport, clean, and service, which makes it a stellar choice for any custodial crew looking to upgrade their equipment and routine.

- Check out this video of the X-Scrub Pro in action!

Schedule a Demonstration of the X-Scrub Pro

Interested to hear more about how our 2 brush floor scrubber fits perfectly into your team’s cleaning routine? Schedule a demonstration today. Our customer service team is waiting to hear from you.



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